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  • Apr 17-23, 2008
  • Vol. 15, No. 47

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  • Sew Cool
  • Visual Art
  • Sew Cool

    Blythe Church sculpts retro-inspired objects such as record players and Nintendo games out of felt.

Food + Drink

Love the way we bitch

  • What happened to Razzy's???

    What happened to Razzy's on Gottingen??? I loved their food, They were my pizza place of choice and now they are gone gone gone...
  • advice

    less a bitch more a question?advice on meeting people (friends) in halifax when you don't drink and are shy?take the question for what it is please
  • Fast Ferry to nowhere

    Well what do you know, city hall has committed another $30 million for something other than real rapid transit, this time the Fast Ferry proposal. Why City Hall thinks this is a good idea escapes me entirely.Even if they had spent the $30 million on mo
  • Your ass is glass

    I'm sure a few of you are farmiliar with the guy who stands on the corner of Almon and Robie selling random junk. I passed this asshole the other night as he was moving his shit, and about every 5 seconds he'd drop a crate of glassware, leaving piles of
  • "CUZ"

    im sick of people calling me "cuz" im not your cousin...what ever happened to man ,or dude???As a young african canadian male i am constantly surrounded by stereotypes...I DONT STEAL , IM NOT RELATED TO YOU , AND I LOVE PEARL JAM!!!!!
  • Re: Bug-eyed Freaks

    Have you read up on the ozone layer recently? I personally wear my 'bug-eyed' sunglasses to protect as much of my face as I can. I hope yours burns off.

    "Standers to the right, walkers to the left". It's like driving...slow traffic keep right. I never understood why people's legs stopped working when they stepped upon one of those devices.
  • Democracy 250 Bullshit

    Isn't it just fucking grand how the taxpayers of this province have to foot the enormous bill to keep two former premiers employed? All the press, all the pomp, all the ceremony, that's biggggggg bucks paid out at our expense. Who's going to stop that g
  • Bitch Bitch

    You saw me pulling into my driveway on South Park Street while your dog was taking a major crap on my front lawn. You couldn't get away fast enough. When I yelled down the sidewalk you said you were going to the corner store for a bag. Suprisingly you di
  • Mad Bus Drivers

    This is a bus driver ..not sure the route name as I am new to the city..but he was doing the South Park/Inglis Corner route when I saw him..there was a guy RUNNING for the bus..really running..bus went by him heading toward bus stop..the driver MUST hav
  • Stanfield Airport Vision?

    Does a vision for how the Stanfield Airport exist? Over the past number of years we have witnessed a constant renovation and refurbishment project which in my view has done little to improve the ‘look’ of the airport either inside or out and minimal to t
  • Service Canada Scam

    So I get invited to a summer job interview with Service Canada, scheduled smack in the middle of my heavy university exam schedule. I'm told to be ready to make a 5 minute presentation. I travel to Halifax between exams for the interview. The first quest

    you know that a certain chocolate factory left HRM for warmer climates - coincidentally - a certain branded group of movie theatres only offers one brand of chocolate products for sale at their food counters -kind of insulting don't you think? ? ?
  • Little Deaf Bald guy on the 51 Burnside

    I am sick and tired of your behaviour, your a full grown man with no social skills, yes i relize you can not hear 100% but that is not an excuse your you pushing people to be the first person on the bus or to have your specific seat on the bus. The way y
  • I really don't like Ellen Page

    Yes, I finally said it: I really don't like Ellen Page! She's annoying and not nearly as funny or cool as most people say she is. Really overrated, and those quirky little sayings she says aren't that unique or clever or funny either... especially in J
  • Bring it

    For the prick who just called and said that our food was so bad that he was going to come to the store and beat me to death: come on over, you gutless puke. I'll pay for your bus fare, prick.

    why is it so fucking $expensive$ to live in halifax?! goddamn GREEDY landlords & PARASITIC management companies are GOUGING people here!!
  • to the bum that couldn't see the help wanted ad!

    this guy on barrington street was bumming for money in front of Timmy's with a help wanted sign for part time and full time is a fucking clue for you! go in the door, up to the cash ask for an application, fill it out!! get a fucking job sto
  • Worse than Bad

    Know what's worse than letting your dog crap and not picking it up? Picking it up and then throwing the plastic bag on the side of the road. At least when it's out of the bad it has a chance to get washed away after a while. Your poop-soup bags will b
  • Spare a bottle

    fuck you coast...a couple years ago you were printing articles shitting on people for collecting recyclables (the people who keep bottle depot's ,like the one I work at in buisness) And now your trying to advocate for sqeegie kids , at least bottle bums
  • Love's a Bitch

    So yeah, he had some fun, we came from different economic situations and we didn't let it hold it us apart. You left me, and any reason will do, hell, it's better than cheating on guys like you used to. But frankly it's bullshit. If you REALLY wanted a r
  • "green" buses busted

    I practically choked on my toast when I saw a certain bus tour company had an ad in your Green publication.They are the WORST when it comes to HOURS AND HOURS of needless idling and their drivers either shrug you off or are really rude if you ask them a
  • The Coast

    Is there a bundle of THE COAST's feature stories?I mean, I would want to get one, if it is free.I learned a lot from it. It is mind boggling how Community Services can take children away for no reasons, drugged, and give up on them.
  • The Seal Hunt

    I work for tourism NS and I LOVE MY JOB, but, I hate the mis-informed Americans (in general) that call me to bitch about NS and clubbing the seals, first off if they did their reasearch they would see that the hunt is actually in NFLD and we have harbour
  • landlords in this city are pretty scummy

    things have been broken where i live since September,oh and I rent, not own,but nobody will fix them!it's gotten to the point where I don't even ask anymorei just except shitnessoh halifax!

    I found a bunch of keys in the middle of the crosswalk near Quinpool road yesterday around 4:30pm.please leave a message here if you think these are your's. You must identify them.
  • the shoe just don't fit

    To the shoe...fuck you!!!...the seahorse lives on!!!!And as for VS the beer baron...asshole!!!
  • Bobby Who?

    Why is it that people can go to the moon, but nobody can come up with a better model for the standard bobby-pin? The plastic on the ends fall off after a few uses, and then I'm left with a goddamned sharp metal tip that feels like knives being jabbed
  • Tire store

    Fuck you tire store. Putting crappy Irving Oil and not the good stuff in my baby. I require more than just oil. I require liquid engineering.
  • Unfair

    I was born a female, my mom was born a female, my grandma was born a female and so on.Being female has a lot of positives, but one of the negatives is menstruation. For generations, females have had to either make or buy their sanitary pads.I understa
  • Fuck you grey cubicle

    It seems the corporate way is to downsize and herd us into cubicles. Attach your headset and develop soul cancer. I had ideas once, and I know they didn't look like this.
  • My Boyfriend Has...

    A prosthetic leg and refuses to use handicap parking seating etc...SO MY BITCH is to the a**holes on Metro Transit buses who REFUSE to give up their seats to the elderly and or man has a physical disability but will still give up his sea
  • No More Sex Ed For Me

    To all the people who think that's it's perfectly okay to talk about your sex life and your drinking habits in the middle of class:Some of us are actually there to learn! We aren't in high school anymore, and quite frankly, don't care if your boyfriend
  • HRM Leaf Dump

    Last fall city workers blew leaves off my street (and several others in the area) in piles by the curbs. There they sat for weeks until the snow came and snowplows pushed them onto the sidewalks and lawns with the snow. Now there are many mounds of wet,
  • I still love H.E.R.

    I was excited to see an interview with a local Hiphop artist I had heard of, Littles The General.I was so disappointed when i read " Selling crack was getting me in too much trouble, so I thought I could make money Rappin"Good for you!I'm glad tha
  • Lower the Freak Flag

    Last weeks cover was the best you guys have ever had (Anne of PEI), and I don't even like the artist's style. Which made this weeks cover a stark contrast(dark too, you can barely see any of the image on the print version) what with that trio of ladies f
  • How True

    Doctors are men who prescribe medicines of which they know little to cure diseases of which they know less, in human beings of which they know nothing. Voltaire
  • art no goer's

    does anyone go to the galleries anymore. fuck i mean there people making the effort .and you just sit home and watch your tv's or steal movies should be ashamed you have all become thumb sucking drooler s.
  • No games, but look what you have...

    I love hearing that everyone here thinks this guy that has done a great service by exposing how the money was spent on the games bid.Has anyone that has commented on the games ever lived in a city that bid for games and won the games? Not likely. Bef
  • Local Radio stations truck driver needs to learn a thing or two

    To the chubby douchbag driving the oversized Black Phallic- wagon truck with your Radio station's Yellow logo all over it (hmmmm think "IBM ..." ) who cut directly in front of my little car at a green light at the corner of Inglis and Tower ...I didnt
  • How's a guy supposed to find a decent woman?

    men are from mars, women are from venus, I'm tired of being treated like scum cause I have a penis. Let me tell all you women out there who think they are god's little gift to this earth, grow the fuck up! Most guys could give a shit if you wear makeup,
  • The MORONS on Windsor & Connaught

    I am TIRED of the idiots at the lights at the corner of Windsor and Connaught who don't look at the traffic lights to see that I have the right away as I cross the street with the little green man there, they might have the green to go, but I HAVE THE RI
  • Lineup Parasite

    Lastnight i had to run a quick arrand a certain 'Drug Mart'. I found what i needed in a matter of seconds, and got in line just as quickly. I'd have been out the door and on my way back home just as quick if it hadn't been for the bag of shit in front of
  • Smelly as Shit Dude in the Elevator

    Enough about smoking outside already. It isn't a tenth as offensive as being stuck in an elevator with a dude drenched in whore lure (aftershave). You could almost see the waves of stink surrounding him like a fucking halo. You might entice Pepe LePew
  • appalled

    Reality TV...loud music blaring from people's headphones...loud cell-phone conversations in public places...conversations held at the top of the lungs...Remember when people kept things private? When did we start to believe that everybody else wants to
  • Move it or lose it!

    Why is it that when a bus has no seats available, people insist on crowding at the front of the bus instead of moving to the back to make more room for people that have yet to get on. It's not like they put those "Move to rear, use rear door" signs up in
  • Pushed to the brink

    Hey Cab companies; go take a flying fuck. Every night after the bar I call you, tell you my name and where I am, and then your disgruntled dispatchers hang up on me mid-sentance as I ask how long I should expect to wait. On the oft chance you don't hang
  • We are not Borg

    Please take off your handsfree telephone thing when you are in public, (i.e. in a restaurant.) You look ridiculous.
  • why are so women so damned sexist?

    It seems like we have come a long way towards gender equality, but a few things really stick out for me.This if for the bitch that stood me up a few weeks ago, and women who think like her. We had plans to go out for a few drinks. I showed up at the ba
  • Stranger danger

    It's really startin' to bug me how close minded some people are now-a-days. When you and your fiends are walking down the street having a PRIVATE converstion, and some slack-jawed thumb sucker on the street decideds to put his two cents in. I mean, I'm a
  • One Finger Salute!

    Fuck you Grey Ford pick-up. Fuck you.Yeah, ok, so we are at the green light and that clear left turn has you at a standstill. One polite beep - Nothing. Two polite beeps - Nothing. On the THIRD fucking beep you decide to take the turn and whilst doing s
  • Gross Dog Owners

    To the disgusting young couple walking their long haired Collie/Shephard cross on the Commons Wednesday morning at 9:30 am. PICK UP YOUR DOG SHIT. This is why you will ruin the priviledge of taking animals onto the Commons for all those responsible pet o
  • Take a hint

    I work with you and that's where our relationship begins and ends. What annoys the shit out of me is how you 'tag' along after me or our other co-workers on breaks and lunch without asking whether you can or not. Look, you're a nice guy for a Bible thu
  • Armed Boyscouts Myth

    I've heard a lot of people saying with Hillier retiring, that he transformed the CF from peacekeepers to a fighting force. HELLO?!? The whole point of any military is to be able, in a crude sense, to go kill people and break there stuff if the governmen
  • Leave the squijiers alone!

    To the lady at the robie street intersection sunday afternoon at approx. 2:00pm, do you really think it was necessary to be that rude and ignorant to the squiziers trying to wash your windshield? Its completely up to you whether or not you give them mon


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  • Barrington Street fades

    Halifax's downtown retail core used to be Barrington Street. But businesses are closing at an alarming rate, leaving papered-over windows, an abandoned street-scape and a sense of despair.
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    Tear-jerking sentimentality aside, the Olympics are all about 

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