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Best of Halifax

Best Manicure / Pedicure

Best Manicure / Pedicure

Gold Winner Spirit Spa, downtown

Silver Winner Remedy Facial Bar & Spa

Bronze Winner The Ten Spot

“We’re known for our nail services,” Jocelyn Melanson, director of human resources and talent development at Spirit Spa says. “We have very deluxe pedicures that are thorough and use luxe products. The service runs for 75 minutes.” That mega-shot of glamourous self-care is a reason why people keep coming back to Spirit, Melanson adds—and is probably why it’s nabbed the Best Mani/Pedi award for five years now. Another reason? The buffing and polishing is also the site for some serious bonding. “It’s also a great spot to have side-by-side treatments, like mothers and daughters or even bridal parties coming in to get these services done together,” she says.

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