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Best Manicure / Pedicure

The Summit Day Spa

With multiple victories in both these categories behind them, Summit continues to earn the love. “I think it’s the service that comes from the staff training,” says owner Susan Alward, of what’s special at Summit. That training can be a many month regime, depending on the previous experience of the esthetician, and deals in both technique and in product knowledge, to not only give the client the best manicure/pedicure/wax/skincare treatment possible, but to answer any questions that may come up, and recommend other possible procedures. Summit also does permanent hair removal, LED therapy, eye peels, chemical peels, hot stone massage, aromatherapy and other skincare therapies. 5657 Spring Garden, 423-3888

1st Runner-up: Spirit Spa, 5150 Salter Street, 431-8100

2nd Runner-up: Interlude, 1919 Upper Water Street, 469-2700

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