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Best of Halifax

Best Radio Show

Gold Winner Information Morning, CBC 90.5 FM

Silver Winner BJ and the Q Morning Crew, Q104, 104.3 FM

Bronze Winner Weekend Mornings, CBC 90.5 FM

It’s a big win for the morning show, which saw a historic turnover this year as longtime host Don Connolly retired and Portia Clark flew back into town as his replacement. “I’m loving the job,” says Clark. “Even the hours aren’t so bad as long as I get my daily nap.” Though Connolly left an indelible legacy, his departure only goes to show that Information Morning has always been a collaboration. From fellow host Louise Renault—who Clark thanks for “making the mornings enjoyable”—to the producers and story chasers who handle the lion’s share of putting the show together, Information Morning remains a team effort. A very successful, beloved team effort.

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