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Best of Halifax

Best Food Truck

The Food Wolf

Lenny Mullins
Gold winner, The Food Wolf.

Gold Winner The Food Wolf

Silver Winner Habaneros Gecko Bus

Bronze Winner The Nomad Gourmet

This is a food truck that foodies make a point of stalking, and with just cause. The Food Wolf takes your favourite snack foods and reinvents them with a fusion flare—think jerk chicken tacos, Korean-inspired hotdogs, Chinese meatloaf sandwiches or pork belly with Mexican beans. These are the kind of flavours that’ll have your tummy howling for more. The menu here is constantly changing and so is its location, so if following your snout isn’t working, use those social media skills to track The Food Wolf down. And because we understand this serious craving we’ll get you started—follow @thefoodwolf, now.

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