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Best Food Truck

Ol' School Donuts

Best Food Truck
lenny mullins

Gold Winner Ol' School Donuts

Silver Winner Gecko Bus

Bronze Winner Bud the Spud

The food truck scene tapered off a little in 2018, but the strong survived and then some. The seemingly always lined-up Ol’ School—a family-run business, with Noah Connolly, who started on his doughnut journey as a grade 11 student back in 2013, at the helm—kept busy hitting its usual spots and special events, serving scores of mini doughnuts dressed in various toppings. On top of that, the Ol’ School fleet added a bright blue sibling bus to the mix, which doled out hard ice creams, handmade waffle cones and, of course, baked good toppings all summer long. With this decisive win, the Connollys take home a third consecutive gold for their sweet treats.

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