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Best Artist / Band To Enjoy Quietly

Jenn Grant

Last year belonged to Jenn Grant. Fans love her, critics adore her---one Sun Media writer even pondered, “one can’t help but wonder where the 26-year-old art school grad has been all our lives.” In fact, there’s so much love under the moon, music critics awarded Grant the CBC Galaxie’s Rising Star, beating out The New Pornographers and Stars among others, along with Halinominees Wintersleep and Joel Plaskett Emergency. But nothing could beat “the biggest mom beating breast cancer while we lived together like gypsies in a one-bedroom palace, then when she was better, moving in with my best friend Lori and being able to write and tour in support of Orchestra for the Moon.” Grant also counts her memorable CD-release party at her old high school, Queen Elizabeth, and her tour supporting fellow Galaxie nominees The Weakerthans as extra-special. “I’ve been a fan of John ’s lyrical writing for years and it was great to get to know their music from side stage every night. I don’t think as a band we missed anything; we were always cheering them on and having a great time. It was a real honour to get to play with them. We also had some very special nights playing with The Great Lake Swimmers. I can barely listen to them without crying!” Grant, still busy playing shows and supporting the album, is back in town (for now) and full of hometown thanks. “CBC has also been so great this year, as have been all the people who have played music with me and help me put on shows and my musician friends who are always inspiring me to write music that can stand next to theirs. I’ve had a really strong support network in Halifax and am glad this place is here for me to come home to.”

First runner up: Jill Barber

Second runner up: Old Man Luedecke

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