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Best Artist / Band To Enjoy Quietly

Best Artist / Band To Enjoy Quietly
Chelle Wooten

Gold Winner Quiet Parade

Silver Winner David Myles

Bronze Winner Ria Mae

Fittingly, Trevor Murphy, the creative force behind Quiet Parade, has to step outside of the hushed halls of a library before we talk. His goal for the band this year is clear: more collaboration. “I was always wary of falling into the trap of being a solo guy with a backing band,” says Murphy. “I wanted everyone to be part of the process.” Murphy also wants to find venues appropriate for his contemplative music, something that emphasizes listening over “blowing your face off.” “I want to take it out of the late-night bar thing to more of an early evening thing, a have-a-glass-of-wine-and-sit-down venue.” Get into it on April 7, at 1313 Hollis, where Murphy’s label, Acadian Embassy, puts on a showcase featuring Quiet Parade, Kuato and Rain Over St. Ambrose.

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