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Best Artist / Band To Enjoy Quietly

Jenn Grant

We catch up with Jenn Grant on a sunny day, walking her cute-as-sin puppy Charlie on the Common. It's a perfect city scene from your favourite female solo artist, who was busy "planting roots in Halifax" last year. Homeownership certainly agrees with Grant, who spent a lot of time touring in 2009---including her first western headlining shows supporting the gorgeous Echoes, her second album and her first on Toronto label Six Shooter. "If I was here renting a little room, I'd be less happy," she says.

But even when Grant's away, she leaves a little bit of herself behind in those charming commercials supporting the IWK, where she used to work with their Choices youth residential program. As an artist, Grant is asked to participate in a lot of charity events, but this is a cause near and dear to the big heart of this former special-needs-camp counsellor.

Enjoy quietly first runner-up: Amelia Curran

Enjoy quietly second runner-up: Crissi Cochrane

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