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Best Artist / Band To Enjoy Quietly

Ghost Bees

This week the Ghost Bees are on their way to London and Manchester, after a brief European tour that took the twin-sister duo to such enviable locales as Paris, Cologne and Trier, Germany. No doubt the French and German audiences ate up every second of Romi and Sari Lightman’s songs---there’s something very continental about their debut album Tasseomancy, which has roots in eastern European folk music and traditions. “It’s nice to know people are willing to listen to us quietly, especially after touring through Europe, where our non-German lyrics are generally lost in translation,” the twins write. “We’ve been channelling the ancestors here, and playing in beautiful theatres, tiny galleries and graveyards. We visited the Black Forest in Bavaria, where most of the traditional German fairy tales are situated. We have also been drinking lots of wine: it is good for you here.” Ghost Bees would like to thank Haligonians for keeping the “shhhhh” meter down: “It’s so nice to have a room full of people sitting cross-legged on the floor and listening to your music. Tonight, we had a gentle crowd of Germans doing the same, and it made us feel like we were at home.”

First runner up: Husband & Knife
Second runner up: Jenn Grant
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