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Vincat are out of this world

Coming all the way from Victoria, but sounding like they're coming from Mars, Vincat are proud to release their brand new outer spaced themed CD, Inner Space at Gus' Pub on Thursday, May 22 (10pm, with Mardeen, The First Aid Kit, Tarzan Daniel and The Hit List). Not content to just release a single concept CD (and some really stellar press photos to go along with it, I might add), Vincat say that this album is the first in a trilogy of themed albums. In fact, they are recording the second as we speak. The theme of that little gem is planet Earth, and the band are recording it on the road during this tour: outside, along the side of the highway, in living rooms, in the woods, etc. Their claim, "What better way to get some genuine earthly vibes then to record songs while traveling across the Earth?" Good point. If they manage to capture the essence of a Northern Quebec rest stop, I will be floored. Check out their blog for more laffs and pics.

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