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  • May 15-21, 2008
  • Vol. 15, No. 51

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  • Savage Love

    Ewww - don't call it manpussy!

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  • Tedd Robinson's solo flight
  • Dance
  • Tedd Robinson's solo flight

    Acclaimed contemporary dancer chooses Halifax as the location for his final solo performance. Meredith Dault says goodbye, but not forever.
  • Top Sayles
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  • Top Sayles

    The king of American indie filmmaking, John Sayles, says that making his movies is tougher than it was 20 years ago.


  • Date night
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  • Date night

    Mark it on your calendar: dd/mm/yyyy brings their spaz-math rock back to Halifax.

Love the way we bitch


    So I am sure you are all aware of our Premier's statements on how ALL of the gas tax dollars are spent on road repair, right?Well according to The Canadian Taxpayers Federation only Manitoba and Saskatchewan put all of their gas taxes to the roads.I
  • cyborgs

    I think those bluetooth earphone things are so stupid looking! Everyone looks like a stupid cyborg now. A ranting skitzo cyborg.They don't look cool and I heard they actually promote fungus growth. I will never go on a date with a cyborg!
  • thanks for the birthday wishes

    Thank you so much for scheduling your wedding on my birthday. I understand it is your day and I am slowly getting over it. However, could your wedding be any tackier? Could you be anymore incondierate? Not only is the wedding dinner a buffet (yes- I have
  • toto, i don't think we're in canada anymore...

    i grew up in a house with very strict tv rules, so my crew were the good old kids of degrassi st. the kids were wholesome, yet realistic, and they all reportedly styled themselves before every show, just to add extra authenticity. they tackled issues tha
  • Idiot + Cellphone + car = Almost Dead Motorcycle Rider

    To the middle eastern dude pulling out of your cousin's pizza place on lacewood drive the other day in your black 1993-1995 Honda Civic Coupe, spiked hair and sunglasses worth more than the car:You were on your cell phone, you cut me off while I was dr
  • Turning left on a one way, ONTO a one way is OK!!

    To any and all of you who find it necessary to sit in a left lane with your left blinker on blocking those behind you, it is legal to make a left turn onto a one way street in the left direction! A good example is when on Hollis st. going South, you may
  • Sweet or Sweat

    Runners run past meWafting odors lingeringstomach starts to turn
  • hey big spender.

    I HATE it when people go on and on about how they have absolutely NO money that they are quote: SO POOR - then go out the the bar, out to eat or buy a new something or other. Seriously people it's getting so old. No one cares how so-called "poor" you ar
  • Cold as the day I was born

    What the hell. I'm setting up to eat a cheeseburger from a local purveyor of frozen goods (the one on the corner of South park and Spring Garden) and lo and behold it isn't a cheeseburger but the abortion of a piece of meat that might be cat or dog...not
  • Nosy Co-Workers

    I am sick and tired of my nosy co-workers...If I am talking to another co-worker or friend what gives you the right to come over and join in on the conversation?? Or what gives you the right to invite yourself along when you hear we are chatting about go
  • Walmart

    Scott, stop consuming and you wouldn't need to stand in line. Greedy North American
  • Music???

    im a local musician, and im so sick of hearing everybody saying that Halifax is where its at in the music dept., we have hardly any venues left at all, and it seems the only people who come to shows are the musicians themselves, come on people come suppo
  • SkateBoarding In Freddy ILLEGAL!!

    I was watching the news this morning and saw a story about a man in Fredericton who is going to jail for 5 days due to tickets he got for skateboarding.Skateboarding is apparently illegal in NB according to bi-law and this is the mode of transportation
  • Mr. Perfect

    You find a new way to call me stupid everyday. And I guess I am cause I'm still with you.
  • Dear HRM

    Please. Either enforce the no smoking in public places bylaw, or put the fucking ashtrays back. Did you really think that smokers were going to say, "Oh. There's no appropriate receptacle here in which to deposite my butt when I have finished enjoying
  • service please

    What happened to the service in stores around here anyway?I went to a drugstore, spent 30 seconds picking out my item, 5 minutes in line waiting to pay for (while 4 out of 6 cash registers are unmanned, and two employees are wandering around the store
  • Ballet Slippers aren't Streetwear

    Please stop wearing ballet slippers as outdoor shoes. I know they're in fashion right now, but get a brain!You're obviously not a ballerina. You look ridiculous.Besides looking ridiculous, unless you're supporting your metatarsal arch in each ste
  • Whoring out for ice cream

    Seriously, who at Dairy Queen thought their recent television commercial was a good idea? Having a little girl act like a slut, like "shooting fish in a barrel," to get a little boy to buy her ice cream is disgusting. Girls today need to see role model
  • Young offenders

    I saw on the news yesterday that young offenders cannot now be sentenced as adults unless the prosecutor in the case can somehow prove that they should be sentenced as such. Let's say a young offender commits a crime of sufficient seriousness (let's say
  • Bread bag boneheads

    Our building has an annual clean-up of the grounds and pond around it. The one item that we pick up that outnumbers every other cup, can, or piece of garbage, was bread bags. Why would you feed bread to ducks in the first place (they eat bugs and veget
  • lol-lulemon

    I can't believe the atrocious amount of people who waited to buy these ridiculously priced clothes. Especially if you don't practice yoga. Have fun seeing the same apparel on hundreds of other people (who waited in line with you). Also: congrats on your
  • Fuck you Asthma

    Not only do you have to make it hard to breath, but you make me sick. I mean literally sick. I get cold's twice as much as other people, and miss twice as much work. You couldn't have come around when I was young, it had to be later in life huh? jackass.
  • Crosswalk Wars

    Scene:Driving down Spring Garden, with two friends, sunny day.There’s quite a bit of traffic, seeing as it’s almost 4pm. Things were moving pretty slowly.I notice a cop on a bike beside me and make a remark about how it’s “cool” then carry on driving
  • Propaganda Brought To You Prime Time

    I think it's interesting and curious police use tax dollars to develop and deliver a television advertisement encouraging the general public to report illegal tobacco activity witnessed in their communities. I've NEVER seen such a move to battle crime (i
  • don't jaywalk

    if you jaywalk, i'm not stopping, There is a cross walk for a reason, why would you jaywalk when there is a crosswalk 5 feet away? are you really that lazy? common!? i will hit you.
  • Karma gods love ice cream

    I would really like to lash out and go off on the porn star type, blond haired white trash bitch from the DQ in Bayers Lake...but I won't, I will laugh my ass off though. The Karma gods must love ice cream! Friday night, 6pm you were making multiple tr
  • Get that thing off me!

    k, new rule:If your ass doesn't fit in the seat beside me, don't sit there.My thigh may look like a comfortable place to park the result of last weeks Spicy Baconator binge, but seriously lady... thats some nasty shit.And whats worse is you act like y
  • Live in the Now!

    Why is it that people at live events seem to want to stand there with their camera or phone up in the air, trying to photo or film the entire event! What's wrong with just watching anymore and having your memories! Having spent $75 to go watch Canada
  • Bridezilla lives!

    To The worst BRIDEZILLA this city has ever seen.To start with, you have no Friends, you you ask someone who you have known about a year, and you don"t even Hang-out with that person, to be a bridesmaid.So this unfortunate soul has 2 options, say No tha
  • a-hole jaywalkers

    To the two 30-somethings attempting to relive their youth who thought it was funny go run in front of my car at Barrington and Spring Garden in the middle of the afternoon. We had the green light. You did not. There is an etiquette to jaywalking. You do
  • It's Called "The Commons" For a Reason

    To: The punks who camp/hang out in the centre of the Commons. Clean up your goddamn garbage!! I don't care if you sit there all day. I don't care if you sleep there at night. But the piles of trash you leave behind are NOT COOL. You may sleep there somet
  • You might get what you deserve

    To the dumb, DUMB lady on oxford street, crossing at the intersection this morning. Ok, yes, there is a pedestrian crossing signal at that intersection, but JESUS lady, dont hit the button and immediately start to stroll across 4 lanes. youre VERY lucky
  • Shame on HRP

    Shame on Halifax Regional Police for chasing me down the hall at the IWK emergency with a ticket and summons for my 15 yr old daughter. She was being wheeled to the scaning room to have pictures taken of her injuries. The constable was told to make sure
  • Movie Industry Bitches

    Just because a producer/star/starlet just took a bite out of your ass doesn't mean you should come into my place of work and try to tear a strip off my employees; particularly when you refuse to listen to reason. For the record, Blundstone doesn't make a
  • Learn to drive

    Obviously some of you drivers never bothered learning the rules of the road. Or it was your drunk father who taught you to drive. So here goes. . You can not turn left on a non-advance green. If there is no pretty little arrow saying it's okay to go left

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