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Maria Taylor
(Saddle Creek)
Maria Taylor’s first solo outing does nothing to dull the shine on Saddle Creek, the Omaha label reaching early-’90s Sub Pop proportions. On a break from her day job as half of Azure Ray, Taylor offers 10 pretty, electronic-brushed pop songs perfect for scoring daydreams. She never does better than lead track “Leap Year,” with its judicious use of keyboards and her own breathy backing vocals. A gorgeous ode to a relationship delayed by distance, Taylor promises to save all her money for a plane ticket. “I’ll wait for you,” she promises, then tacks on a warning touched by lust: “But please come soon.” The prodigial lisp of Conor Oberst shows up on “Song Beneath the Song,” but even that’s low on the highlight reel. Yep, Maria Taylor is that fucking good.
—Tara Thorne

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