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  • Former Coast art director Kate O’Connor finally convinced Santa to trade in that tired red suit for a much spiffier green one. Find more of her colourful O’Connor illos at
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  • Dec 6-12, 2007
  • Vol. 15, No. 28

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  • On the move

    Watch Montréal Danse roll: Their new show has contemporary dance and hip-hop fans bouncing in their seats.
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  • Smoke break

    One year after its sell-out debut at the Atlantic Film Festival, A Bug and a Bag of Weed rolls into theatres.
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  • WE3

    Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely

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Love the way we bitch

  • Customer ..... What?

    This goes out to the 2 staff working @ the mall, Friday June 22 in the A.M. I walked around your store 3 times, waiting for someone to speak to me.... You walked directly in my path TWICE! I looked at you, smiled, and you just kept walking!!! Did you kno
  • Barren Barrington

    Sam's is gone. Dooley's is gone. Government wants to spread its ugly sprawl there amid the sub shops and used book stores. Our downtown is a fucking disgrace. Punctuated by bums on every corner, Barrington Street has all the appeal of downtown Detroit
  • To a lazy cop

    When I first saw you, you were ticketing some poor old woman for jay-walking. Then you see me and decide to pull me over. While you are ticketing me for some asinine mistake, a girl rides by on her bike not wearing a helmet. You yell at her and make her
  • Make Me Puke

    So MacIsaac gets married with his and his mugs on the front page of the Daily Snooze. Am I offended because he's smooching his boyo? Naw, I'm too civilized for that. What offends me is that he should receive so much attention from the media after the dis
  • Nacho Nacho Man

    To a certain lunch dive downtown - don't let your menu read that nachos are your specialty, pal, then serve me up eight soggy nachos and two fucking tons of cheese that could clog the arteries of every doctor in HRM. If you do the math, you'd discover i
  • Land of the walking idiots

    I applaud walking, really i do. however, when someone is in a car at an intersection, why must the vast majority of the walking population insist on crossing the street in front of the car, and not behind it ? is it that difficult to comprehend that you
  • Rotary Idiot

    Last night, some dick comes screaming through the Armdale rotary in his gleaming SUV, laying on the horn until he exited towards Spryfield. Everyone else had to scream to a halt to let this impatient, reckless bastard zoom thru. Travelling thru the rot
  • Why bother taking reservations???

    I called a moving company on May 24th to book a truck for my move on July 1st. I made a reservation for a 10’ truck from 9am June 30th to July 2nd at 9am. I was assured that there would be a truck available for that time period, although they could not p
  • Go ! Let's goooooo!

  • Grind guide

    To the popular amphibious tour guide with the high-decibel, blaring loudspeaker and the downtown route, advising tourists to visit Starbucks and Second Cup for their coffee fix: Why don’t you support local cafes? Haligonians care so much about supporting
  • Viewing Displeasure

    To the group of guys sitting behind us in the park lane theater showing 'Distrubia.' Do you think you're so special that you can have no consideration of others? I didn't pay nine bucks to listen to the idiotic and disrespectful comments of jack-offs all
  • You're not good enough

    To my TL ( Team Leader = "supervisor") that thinks that a coaching session is to rip ppl up. For all those that know what its like to work in a call center, its bad enough you get flack from the customers not happy with the service, but to have a TL sit
  • Cube van crow

    Listen Arseholes. When I put the old stove and other things to the curb in Highfield Park, it's one thing to pick it clean and take the stove, so moron, assuming you can read, don't toss what you don't want, or can't make a buck off, back in my da
  • Corporate charity

    Standing b4 the cash register at, name the store kent sears zellers superstore etc. I pay for my purchase and am asked if I wish to donate a dollar 4 whatever worthy charity they name. Heres the problem , I give my hard earned cash to the big corporat
  • Eggplanted

    To the Jerks who live upstairs at 6065 south st. What the F is wrong with you? Saturday night you sounded like bunch of apes yelling at people walking under your balcony. I am a student too AND I can probably drink you dandies under the table, but I w
  • street dumb

    All right, so it's an easy fight to pick, but I'm only swinging back here; enough with the faux slacker "appeal" of those back-to-school ads by, for example, phone companies. Why is it that an advertising wanker who, typically, works a desk 9-5, lives i
  • Art Supply Store

    I usually shop at Loomis but today I was near another art supply store and thought I would check it out. This was my first and last time. The employees were rude and seemed very unhappy, cranky and unwilling to help. Also, most items were priced higher t
  • Reality checkout

    Hey Lady.. Ya you, the one with the plastic helmet head of hairspray and sour look on your face, harassing the produce department guy with: You only have RED tomatoes? ..this store sucks, I'm sorry.. I know its not your fault, but honestly. Do you have
  • Ticked off at Transit

    I am sick and tired of the crappy transit system in Halifax. Every morning I choose to use a more environmentally friendly transportation to work. Although, I am usually late because of it. I transfer buses at scotia square, and they are supposed to co
  • Employers Pay attention!!!!

    I would just like to know when it became acceptable for employers to expect their employees to put in 110% effort while being paid casual wages ( or NON- DECENT wages) with NO benefits what so ever. Or they make the employees pay partial to have benefi
  • Knock down, drag out

    We were having a smoke outside of a bar on Spring Garden and this A.H. asks for a smoke and we didn’t have any more, so we told him, “Sorry, we don’t have one.” Then he walks away but comes back and knocks my guy out cold. Lots of people were standing cl
  • No cry zone

    Thanks to the bitch that fired me because I had been crying all morning over family issues—I told you I couldn’t come to work, and you said I was not professional because of that. Well, you were not professional in the way you fired me, so don’t even go
  • Masked cowards

    This ones to all these "masked" thugs running around the city with bandanas over their faces. What the fuck is wrong with you? Do you think your tough? Are you scared to show your face in public because you owe your crack dealer money? As if violence was
  • Pothole from Hell

    To the grand canyon of a pothole next to the construction site on South Street marked with a "bump" sign and to the city who has never fixed it. Thanks a fuckin lot for the uninvited rim job you performed on my tire. You busted my hubcab and dented my fr
  • Conspiracy

    Recently I have been reading about the 911 conspiracy as well as the moon landing conspiracy but here is one I bet you will all be shocked and awed to read. I have figured out that our whole being on the planet Earth is one large government conspiracy!!!
  • Aggressive Panhandlers

    Rattlin' cups aside, this city should have a law controlling aggressive panhandlers like the dude that cruises the Rainne Drive/North Park Street every supper hour. This mother walks right up to your frigging car, looking for Aqua Velvet money - that's
  • Van driver

    To the Dude Driving the Van in Burnside.No I wasn't checking you out....I was tryin gto tell you that tossing you disgusting cigarrette butt out of the window was one of the most nauseating displays of littering ever...I wish I was a cop because I woul
  • You're Not David Beckham

    To all those idiots that have nothing better to do than hang out in groups and randomly kick at people's backs - I hope you rot in Hell.I was on the 7 Robie Friday Nov. 2nd shortly after 5pm - and I saw one guy take a kick at a young man who was with hi
  • Pizza Corner car jumper w/cowboy boots.

    Yeah, thanks for jumping on my car asshole. My car was on Blowers St. last Saturday Feb 18th. You left a big fucking dent on the roof of my black Honda Civic. If anyone knows who did it, please let me know, I want to kick their ass. Suspect left their c
  • Identification Please

    If you are 19 and go out to drink in Halifax, take your goddamn ID. If a bartender asks for it, just show it. Don't be annoyed, or insulted, or outraged. "Oh my god I have'nt been asked for so long!" Then the server looks at your ID and it says 1987.Give
  • Magnetic rage

    Look, everyone has the right to express their own political beliefs, be they liberal or conservative, communist or socialist, etc. But if I see one more of those fucking "Support Our Troops" magnets I am going to pull my hair out. Those magnets were orig
  • Creeps on Dartmouth Waterfront

    To the creeps who now inhabit the waterfront park by the Dartmouth Ferry Terminal: Why can't you be human beings and let people walk in peace, secure in the notion that they are not being cruised? Do you think it's attractive to a stranger to see you sta
  • Bottled rage

    To the scavenger outside my window early Tuesday morning: I don't reallly give a shit if you want to paw through the garbage for my apartment building, but do you have to do it at 6AM??? Most people, unlike you, have jobs that they have to go to, and my
  • ASSaults

    Why is it that every spring there has to be violent attacks by groups of guys in cars??? You know why? Because of their no good parents who by them the car and give them the money to do whatever they want. Forget tracking down these punks, let's get the
  • rain on our parade

    I'm a fan of the city spreading some holiday cheer with festivities like the Parade of Lights that recently took place. However, as a resident of downtown and someone who takes pride in this city, I was disheartened to see the level of garbage left by f
  • Deceipt at its finest

    I'm going to be as polite about this as possible, as I don't want to stoop to your low low level. This poor excuse of a gym has made me realize there is a reason why we have alternatives. Don't waste your money. I should have known this privately run “
  • Did you call?

    Hey you with the blue hoodie & puffy eyes on the 52 from Highfield Park on Friday...cut up your weed elsewhere! Kids ride that bus. And so do I. And I have no interest in your drug habits, nor does the majority of the city. It isn't cool, and it isn't le
  • Tall shits

    During the Tall Ships, I was kicked off the waterfront for busking. I was told I had to pay $2,000 to perform. Why does the Waterfront Commission stifle local talent? The official performers, whether at Tall Ships or Buskers, are mostly imported. No, I d
  • Hit-and-Run

    To the souless, heartless bastard in his Smart car who hit the dog on the corner of Windsor and Charles Monday evening, it would've been an accident. What made you a despicable coward was the fact you drove away. Karma's a bitch, my friend, and someday
  • Phoque off

    Why do news shows think that people want to see baby seals getting clubbed on ice floes? They never say: You may not want your children to watch the following...Why are seals different than dogs, cats, other animals? It's enough that I have to see peop
  • Late show

    To the rude asshole-ette in the Oxford Theatre last Wednesday, thanks so much for ruining my (and everyone else's) viewing by coming in 25 minutes late for the movie and whining loudly about how there are no seats left. And sorry my bag was on the seat y
  • Insulation sucks

    So, the insulation sucks cause i hear everything from my neighbours downstairs, i am sure they can hear me too, my tap leaks, my doorbell doesn't work, there are mice here!,my heat is broken, my bathroom is moldy. I have called several times and still no
  • Cell Phones

    People I have four words for you...PUT DOWN THE PHONE. Excessive cell phone use is literally ruining our social fabric. Remember 10 years ago when we all just walked around, taking in our environment, talking to the people we were actually with, paying a
  • Green Losers

    OK Green Party, WTF is up with your candidates for the last election anyway? I for one, wanted to vote for you but after checking out the available crop of potential people to send to the legislature, ended up only losing a lot of respect for the party.
  • Sidewalk hogs

    I have never had a problem with people standing on the sideway smoking but when they look at you as you are walking by and don't move, that upsets me. Have you ever tried walking down Ochteloney in the morning and there are at least three or four people
  • VG Transition Unit for the Elderly

    There's no way that these poor seniors should be living with such poor air quality, filthy laundry and rusty equipment - isn't hospital food punishment enough for these poor individuals? What a horrible way to treat people who have paid taxes for 50+ y
  • poo police

    To the small group of asshole dog owners who insist on NOT cleaning up after their pets. I really appreciate having to scrap dog shite from the soles of my 19 month old son's boots after a visit to the playground. To those of you who visit Conrose Park
  • Pay me!

    Yeah, I quit. Because you lied to me about the job when you hired me. But I showed up for work and worked, you have to pay me! It's only 200 bucks. But that's my 200 bucks. So just because you "can't find my cheque" or it's apparently "lost in the mail"
  • Double standard

    To the HRM Council: If I'm not mistaken, isn't it the responsiblity of the "property owner's" to remove graffitti from their property within 24 hrs? I drive to work everyday on the Bicentenial Hwy and the same GIANT piece of graffitti has been on the Ex
  • Rock beefs

    I attended concert on the hill, and while I thought it was a great concert, I had some beefs about the layout. First of all, the stage was facing the concession area, and not the hill which is where most people were sitting. That made no sense!Second, a
  • walking on broken glass

    To those of you who feel compelled to smash beer bottles on our sidewalks and streets what is your deal, what are you thinking? My dog hates you right now. Are you fucked or just plain stupid. Leave it on the stoop and someone will recycle it for you ign
  • teh intrwebs

    ...theres some thing in us it dont have no aint us but yet its in us. Its looking out thru our eye hoals....I cud feal it in the guts and barrils of me. You try to make your self 1 with some thing or some body but try as you wil the 2ness of
  • Guns N' Roses Security

    On Monday night, around 9000 GN'R fans flooded the metro centre for what had to be the best rock show to hit this city in over decade. Granted, Axl is notorious for finding ways of bringing out the worst in a crowd, but this was an extremely well-behaved
  • I.D. but no service?

    On our way to see the Beginners play, my friends and I decided to go for a pre show Beer at a local smoking bar. We go there all the time because we are gross and still smoke. Imagine our surprise when one of us got ID'd, showed her perfectly valid Nova
  • I need my licence

    I really, really love it when: I am trying to catch the bus that will take me to work when all of a sudden it pulls away from the curb after I have been not just walking but really running fast flailing my arms in the air like a maniac while people on t
  • Hey, Shithead!

    I can't count the number of times other so-called drivers have cut me off or screamed in front of me without so much as a glance in my direction. Maybe they think if they don't look at me, I'll disappear out of their tunnel vision. Only by the grace of
  • Dent Monger

    To all of the BRAINLESS assholes who don't know how to get out of their car in a parking lot without flinging their door into the car that is adjacent- YOU SUCK! What the hell is wrong with you??? My friends make fun of me for my obsession with parking
  • Taxi cab confession

    To the drunk girls on Windsor Street, 12:30am on Saturday standing in the middle of the road: Oh, you party with the big kids now? Cars without cab lights are NOT cabs. You don’t need to stand in the middle of the road pissing off drivers to prove how co
  • Leggo my preggo

    This is to the bitch who left the nasty note on my car when I was at the grocery store last week. I am 12 weeks pregnant with TWINS and I am SICK. I park in the “expectant mothers parking” space and drag my ass into the store to find ginger ale and popsi
  • Bend Over For Another Tax Grab

    Have you seen the changes in the provincial Motor Vehicle Inspection Act? With all the new additional checks, one out of every two cars is going to fail. A friend of mine proved this point when he brought in his eight month old car. Yep, it failed be
  • The Traffic Bitch

    Twice this week I had the pleasure of being stuck on the Magazine Hill and ended up being late for work. Twice!I refuse to leave home any earlier to get work based on the chance that there may be an accident. It is getting ridiculous. Why, why, why is
  • Barrington Street Bums

    Why do businesses allow bums to stand right in their entrances? Barrington Street is a prime example. Who wants to go into a place with some lazy prick rattling a fucking cup under your nose? Isn't there a loitering law in this backwater burg? It's pret
  • Eggs-cellent

    This bitch is not for the kid who threw the egg through the only open window on bus and hit the only passenger (me) that night. Kids are stupid, and that was pretty good aim. No, this Bitch is for today, three weeks after the egg, when I was riding the b

    To all of you morons that are driving while talking on your handheld cell phones, you are the dumbest people ever!!! Do you realize that it totally affects your driving? I counted over 20 people driving last night that were talking on their handheld pho
  • Lights out

    To the assholes who’ve destroyed the Christmas lights outside my house: MERRY FUCKING CHRISTMAS. I originally used glass lights; you fucked them up to the sound of “pop pop pop” on the pavement. I purchased LED lights and they were torn down and destroye
  • Quiet campaign

    To all you obnoxious south ender university students: You can shove your anti-litter, get-to-know-our-neighbours bullshit PR pamphlets (which are floating around Fenwick Street as I write this) up your collective noisy asses. You want to be my conscienti
  • BF

    is it just me or is Bruce Frisko's hair is getting out of control?l!!! It seems as if he spent an hour in a wind tunnel before live at 5. As well as the hair, I am sure that he is totally drunk when on air. cheers to that!Thank god for people like Fris
  • To the crazy bitch at the Mumford bus terminal

    I'm sorry that you found my holding the door open for whoever was coming behind me so offensive, you dumb bitch. The next time I see you I'll remember to be as impolite as possible.
  • Denied pie

    I am so mad at all those people who ruined ordering pizza if you live in the north end! I guess my pizza place of choice must’ve had too many bad experiences down here, ’cause I can’t get them to deliver to me on Gottingen. I hate being lumped into a cat
  • If it’s too loud…

    I’m so fed up with grey power. These old fucks take up way too much space and their demands are out of control. I couldn’t believe it when I moved here and was told by the landlord that there’s a by-law that restricts noise after 9:30pm on weekdays and 7
  • Sobey's under 20 Speedy check out

    FLAG ALL OVER THIS PLAY:under 20 is a medium grocery order not a speedy checkout stop. I'm calling shenanigans on this deal right now at Sobey's Windsor St. That and fire Isiah (Knicks head coach)
  • Tit-Head Tailgaters

    To the dumb twat who drives up my ass on the Prospect Road every morning - what is your goddamn problem? Morning after morning, you're on my fucking bumper with a pained look on your face, like I'm the cause of all your fucking problems. My cruise cont
  • Dems fightin’ words

    I’m wondering if I’m the only one who is starting to get scared of being downtown in Halifax at night. I know way too many people who have been jumped and beaten by groups of 5 to10 people. And for what? The assailants don’t even bother to steal anything
  • Suburban Wannabe Gangsters

    To the two guys in the bright blue PT Cruiser on Dublin and Almon, late Sunday night, who tried to get fresh with me while I was innocently biking home: get a life. I'm not sure what you were trying to prove in half-assedly trying to door me, and then ge
  • Cab Stiffers

    To the young couple that grabbed a cab on the evening of Saturday, Feb.25th. I happened to grab that same cab about an hour after you and had a little chat with the nice cabbie...and as far as i'm concerned you should be ashamed of yourselves! He proceed
  • Toilet Mannerw

    To ANY guy who pisses all over a public toilet seat. CLEAN IT UP!!!! i am NOT your fuckin father, or your nursemaid. its not my job to wipe your piss off so i can use the john. i feel bad for anyone who has to live with a man who cant aim for a hole a fo
  • Sign Wrecker

    To the loser last Thursday night at 7pm who was walking with his 2 friends and decided to put on a little show by ripping the "Home for Sale" sign out of the earth in front of my home. You're lucky you ran like a little bitch when I ran out onto the st
  • Taking turns

    To the cab driver (Yellow Cab number 958) who pulled a U-turn right in front of me on Quinpool to go downtown while he had a passenger in the backseat: You suck. I almost hit you and would have killed your passenger. U-turns are ILLEGAL in Nova Scotia an
  • Tired of @#$%

    Do @#$%ing folks @#$%ing think @#$%ing adding "@#$% "before @#$%ing every @#$%ing word @#$%ing adds @#$%ing clarity? @#$%ing no? @#$%, then @#$%ing why the @#$% do I @#$%ing hear "@#$%ing" so @#$%ing much on the @#$%ing sidewalk in @#$%ing broad @#$%ing
  • Classic Rock

    I've figured it out: we have so many classic rock stations since the beneficent radio conglomerates don't want us, a have-not province, to spend our money on good/ current/ local music. Thank God the Q or Hal never tried to promote any concerts at Stage
  • Season’s beatings

    To the bastard who kicked me in the back at the grocery store on Dec. 3: The cameras don’t show me bumping you with my cart, but they have a real good picture of your ugly mug kicking me in the back. I hope I see you again so I can give you your Christma
  • Uninformed drivers

    To the old geezer in the cute little red sports car on University Avenue. Learn the rules of the road! Bicycles have as much right on the streets as you. It is not only impolite, it is rude and stupid to swear and honk your cute-little-horn at bicyclist
  • Challenge

    Ok, so I challenge this bitch session! Why continue to bitch? Why not balance the universe with a little nonbitchiness. Let me begin what hopefully will catch on. I would like to express gratitude to the people who work at the Clayton Park vet hospital.
  • Shoot, coward, you are only going to kill a man

    A giant FUCK YOU to all those kids out there acting and dressing like thugs and gangsters. You look foolish and you don't scare anyone. The only reason why people may cross the street when you come is to save you the embarrassment.Your redneck and yup
  • bike it or not #2

    I just had a great laugh reading over the comments on a bitch I posted a while back titled “bike It or not” (Nov 2.) Obviously some of the folks commenting lack critical thinking skills and did not get the basic meaning (perhaps I was too fictitious).
  • Crazy thug type Cop

    OK....To the officer that assaulted me on pizza corner...saturday thanx giving have created a mess for yourself as i have a lawyer and witness's and you and the police force are being sued...and I am charging you in criminal court as well
  • Attempted suicide prevention

    Has anyone else noticed the cow-catchers they've put up recently on the MacDonald bridge? One can only assume this is an effort to prevent suicide jumpers.Now, I have nothing against this. Those things look very difficult and painful to climb over and I
  • Sick Fuck

    To the sick fuck who beat that kitten to death, you ought to have a club taken to you. And to the mother of the sick fuck who's defense is that "everyone in Spryfield does it"; your kid is going to grow up to be a fucking serial killer and if this doesn'
  • Parking Pettiness

    Dear Sobey's on Queen St: I wasn't aware every single parking space in your lot was used and someone wanted the space I usually park my bike in (where I can conveniently keep an eye on it from my apartment) overnight. If you're going to sic the parking n
  • Get a job hood rat

    To the no good greasers who decided to steal my girlfriends tips - what gives you the right? It's not your money, you have not earned it. You are the lowest of the scum in this city and I hope you choke on whatever dick wad warez you so desperately neede
  • Piss-Poor Patch

    Anybody who has driven by the Travellers Motel on the Bedford Highway has experienced the violent turbulence when you drive over that terrible patch-job the workers did after doing pipework under the road. Way to go, you lazy bastards! That's a busy st
  • Violent city

    WTF is going on lately downtown? It wasn't that long ago that I was regularly hitting bars on Argyle, etc and outside fo a few pretty minor scuffles and a few isolated fights, it was pretty tame but fun. Now the city seems to be experiencing a rash of
  • Freedom of speech?

    The other day I was on the number 80 Sackville bus and I just happened to strike up a conversation with the driver about Sunday shopping and all of it's repercussions. Anyways there was this woman sitting nearby and she started up on the topic as well wi
  • movie madness

    Hi. I am the mother of that ten year old that made you feel un-comfortable at the movie, Snakes on a Plane. How do I know? I just know. I share costody of my son with his Dad. He and his Family are loving people, they just share different values than me
  • Keep The Pride

    For a week every July, I feel am proud to witness all the progression our city makes to involve queer folks in the community. It seems, however, that this is the only time we Haligonians want to show our pride. Part of the reason our city is so damn clos
  • Cherry Poppin'

    So, it's like being touched for the very first time--lugging my fucking groceries home from you, Quinpool Superstore. You super-suck with those ghetto-ass, thin plastic bags you hawk. I'm a damn student who lives more than ten blocks away and no buses go
  • Waking strife

    To the bikers who hang out at Bearly’s: It may come as a shock to you that people actually live near your favourite haunt, and actually sleep at 1:30am on Wednesdays, when you decide to sit outside and rev your bikes for 10 minutes. If you’re looking to
  • grocery store cashiers

    You know who you are. Yes, the ones that don't say hello or even acknowledge me, the customer. I only have a few items (that's why I'm in the express lane) and I'm not causing you any problems or giving attitude. I'm just wondering why you don't even
  • Tough crowd

    Had a great time at the Stones concert on Saturday, but it would have been better if some of you assholes had learned some outdoor concert etiquette and didn’t push your way past us right up to the front of the crowd—you know who you are, especially the
  • Lacewood is NOT the center of the universe...

    To all the arseholes living on Lacewood Drive who leave the ass-ends of their vehicles sticking out over the sidewalk: FUCK YOU. Who the fuck do you think you are? Do you not realize how many people walk up and down that street and who use wheelchairs?
  • Dead wrong’d

    This goes out to the thieves who thought that the Barrington Street burial grounds would be a good place to stash their shit. As if stealing from people who have never wronged you isn’t bad enough, you’re going to use this consecrated holy ground to stas
  • To Mr OR Ms "Plant a Garden"

    I am assuming that your inspirational quotes so lovely spray painted all over the city are an attempt to either make some positive cosmetic changes or to in some way help the environment. I hope the irony hasn't been lost on you. The designs you painte
  • parking tickets

    I am getting tired of waking up to a piece of white paper on my windshield saying I owe $25 because some asshole thinks my wheels aren't cut to his preference or $50 for parking over 2 hours when I clearly have a residential parking pass on the fucking w
  • Judgment call

    To the sanctimonious “Thou shalt not shop on the Sabbath” taxi lady: What’s with the lecture about this being “God’s country” and the sneering, “Are you from Ontario? I thought so...” attitude when we asked for a taxi to a department store on Sunday morn
  • Car theft

    To the jackasses that put a rock through my window and stole my cellphone and iPod out of my car - I hope you cut yourself on the window, like I did. I also hope you enjoy the big bucks you'll get trying to pawn a 2 year old iPod with laser engraved nam
  • Cuts like a knife

    This goes out to every person who cuts in a line. Or stands in a convenience store buying lotto tickets for 20 fucking minutes. or doesnt thank a person who holds a door open for you, or makes NO effort to make passing someone easier on a crowded sidewal
  • Plea coat

    To the person who took my bright blue winter coat and pink zip-up from the coat check at Reflections on Saturday night: Could you please bring it back to the bar? I know you might love those articles of clothing, but I REALLY LOVE them a lot more and rea
  • Hicks be gone.

    I live across the street from a "hotel" of sorts for people coming in from outside of the city to get medical treatment. The "hotel" is on South Park Street and is designed for people who can't afford a regular hotel. My bitch is that every day I look
  • Stupid Pit Bull Owner

    Whyohfucking why did CTV's Steve Smurfy have to show seemingly endless footage of that blubbering moron from Truro who DID NOT HAVE THE GOOD SENSE TO MUZZLE HER BEAST IN A PUBLIC PLACE! I love dogs too but a RESPONSIBLE owner would not take a dog's goo
  • Below me

    I live in a crappy Halifax apartment and I can’t fucking stand the people that live above me! They are so loud all the time, it’s like they have no respect for anyone else in this building, like, oh, I don’t, for example. Why do you throw bookc
  • Non-smokers (and militant ex smokers) just don't get it.

    Okay, there is this ad about a kid who's father died as a result of smoking. It is supposed to get you to quit smoking. My girlfriend is a smoker, and I quit recently. We both had the exact same response to the ad. I need a smoke. I didn't give in to it,
  • Definitely More Than 15% Enraged

    To all of you people who don't tip in restaurants, or don't tip a full fifteen percent : What. The. Fuck. Is Wrong With You? Seriously. Are you all fucking stupid? Can you count? Oh, you can? Well then, let me think, hmm, oh yes, I think I know what the
  • I hope you have a guardian angel

    To the elderly lady who was crossing against all of the traffic lights on Sunday on Spring Garden road- PLEASE TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF WHILE CROSSING THE ROAD. I yelled at you to look out as you crossed twice while the lights were red. I just hope for your
  • Lottery Jerks

    People checking their lottery tickets at corner stores....check them and move on. If you win $10, well bully for you but don't keep standing there continuously buying new tickets and then checking them again! Some of us just want to pay for our coffe
  • No scents/or little scents is good sense

    What exactly is with women/men that like to really lather themselves up with cheap smelling perfume? Is that you don't bathe regularly or are you trying to mask cigarette smoke. You don't smell good and I'd much rather smell cigarette smoke than that oth
  • stupid "intellectuals"

    They exist in every single classroom, anywhere. These are the students who sit in lecture or tutorial and always have something to say and DON'T SHUT UP. You're always interrupting and more than half of what you say is wrong, irrelevant and stupid. You m
  • Cat hit and run

    Hey you. That's right, the asshole who ran over a woman's cat on Sunday February 26 at about noon on Chebucto Road, just in front of the Bluenose Dry Cleaners. You ran the cat down, slowed down in front of the Ultramar, and then DROVE AWAY. The cat's own
  • Stool sample

    To the two dumb fucks (guy and girl) with the cart who decided to swipe our stools off our deck on Charles Street just after 11 on October 11th: You were seen. You’re lucky I was just getting out of the shower because I would have come out and knocked yo
  • Youth Violence

    Great - now you can't walk anywhere in Halifax without feeling like some group of psycho kids is going to beat you senseless FOR NO REASON other than their perverted sense of entertainment. Come on, you stupid government cunts, put in some legislation
  • Sick of Transit Strikes

    I just found out that the Transit Workers Union will be holding a strike vote in August because talks broke off with the city....NICE! That's 3 that I've had to go through since moving here. I'm sick of it and don't know quite where to direct my frustrat
  • Unpleasant park

    First off, to the guys who warned us away from the Park Patrol Nazi, thanks! Now, on to the matter at hand: To the Point Pleasant Park Patrol Nazi, a big fuck you! A $250 fine for cycling on the wrong day of the week? You’d’ve got a false name and addres

  • Make a Change, Keep Your Change!

    Attention Haligonians:"Spare any change?" Yes we have all heard that one, and I have gladly contributed to those who just seem a little more down on their luck. As for the rest of you, particularly the ones who can brag aloud how they sat on a corner an
  • Super-a-hole at the Joe Howe Superstore

    Hey bud I hope you are reading this. Last night I was leaving the Superstore on Joe Howe and you were standing behind a lady at the bank machine. I said, "excuse me" because I was trying to be polite and didn't want to bump you. You said, "Why what did y
  • Welfare Whores

    To my ex-friend who has been sucking off the welfare tit for 10 years - thanks for using my hard earned tax money so you can drink and smoke your brains out while sitting on your lazy ass. Food isn't even a priority for you, just getting wasted. I tried
  • Fucking angry 2 wheeler

    TO THE ANONYMOUS ASSHOLE WHO WAS THREATENING US CYCLISTS: IT IS FUCKIN' ASSHOLES LIKE YOU THAT TOOK THIS 23 year old's life:check out the blog:, this guy never fufilled his dream of getting from San Di
  • Sit and spin

    Every morning I get on the bus at the same time and every morning that bus is crowded with the same people. I get on, say excuse me and end up more or less sitting in the bus driver’s lap because there is no room anywhere. Or IS there no room? Indeed, th
  • Stone-cold assholes

    To the fucking knobs that knocked down the tombstones in Mount Olivet Cemetery last week ---what purpose did that serve, you goddamn little maggots? Thanks for knocking over my grandparents’ stone. I am completely distressed over this. Honestly, what kin
  • Pub Crawl Scam

    So there’s gonna be a pub crawl on Feb 9th and I couldn’t help but wonder “$20 per person? Is that all? Why which lovely charity will be accepting this money so we can make it into the Guiness Book of World Records?” I emailed the organizers of this and
  • Slow the truck down!

    I'm sick and tired of all you idiots that speed down city streets. There are pedestrians everywhere, and sooner or later, you going to kill one of us. How would you live with yourself if you hit a little girl or a puppy or something? On a street like Joe
  • Freedom of speech my ass.

    What happened to the days of the good old constitution? Where someone had the freedom to say what they want, when they want? Well, To the teacher who told me I wasn't allowed to use the word "Fruit" in school. I say, you should go back to school, and lea
  • Dog Lover

    Let me just say...I love dogs. I would have one if my apartment would allow it. But what is it with people bringing their dogs everywhere?? I work retail and I have dogs in my store all the time! If they're small and in a bag thats one thing...but if
  • Cell Phone + Inattention = Asshole Drivers

    That's fucking it. I've had it with you dumb twats who blab on their cells while driving. I don't know how many times I've been nearly smashed into because of these inattentive, moronic drivers. Listen up, shitheads, you can't drive a 2000 pound plu
  • Young Mouth Pieces!

    To the 2 young college guys that thought you could intimidate the poor looking Urkel kid after the bars on saturday night. What were you thinking? There was two of you and one of him and you bump into him on purpose and then sit there and make him look l
  • Big babies

    I really, really hate it when men refer to taking care of their OWN children as "babysitting". Babysitting, guys, is when you take care of SOMEONE ELSE'S children. When you take care of your own children, that's called "parenting", and it doesn't end
  • Death from above

    I have a message for the inconsiderate, incoherent and incredibly intoxicated imbeciles who were on Church Street on Saturday night: The next time I hear that kind of blatant disregard for those of us who aren’t drunken testosterone-laden fuckwits, I wil
  • Your bike was stolen, get over it

    I have read the coast since you started (thank you) and every three months or so we get some sort of whiney "my-bike-was-stolen-and-I'm-a-poor-student-who-has-no-other-way-to-get-to-school/work blah blah blah" rant. please stop. We get it. Having your bi
  • Mic Mac Mall Shoppers

    To the nieve/money hungry couple that were shopping at mic mac mall,complaining about store security who apprehended a shoplifter,your no better then the shoplifter,trying to get something for free those guys treated him with respect till he decided to r
  • Disgusted with youth crime and crime in general

    All we hear about in the news lately is how youth crime is on the rise. On Monday night a man on the way to the forum to play hockey was attacked by four youths with snowballs and swung his hockey stick at them to defend himself. As if that wasn't bad
  • The 9/11 Truth

    To all you dip shits who think I'm a crazy fuckin' nutt job for believing 9/11 was an inside job.... FUCK YOU.. I bet you don't even remeber the 3rd tower, WTC7, that fell that day do you??? I bet you think jet fuel is more then just Kerosene and can bur
  • Human Stinkbombs

    I work in an office tower and I can't tell you how many times I've been trapped in the elevator with someone drenched in perfume. No, no light dab behind the wrists or behind the ears for these gals. They insist on being human Pepe LePews, without a tho
  • Cocksucker cops.

    To the cocksucker cop who called me a cunt and then threw me in the paddy wagon Saturday night because I told him to stop standing around with his thumb up his ass and oh I don't know...maybe go out to Spryfield and solve a murder - you can hold your hea
  • Why this name/title?

    I think I'm probably going to get Flamed on this (?), but here goes...This site could be called "Rants" or "Fulminations" or "Bugged By" or "Pissed Off With" etc.- I'm no writer but I bet there's lots of cool, pithy title-options out there.Let's see.
  • Rude NSCC Student & Teacher

    To the class in room 4334 who came in for your class starting at 12:30, a little patience and common courtesy would be appreciated in the future.As you probably know, school is no picnic and we were using the last few minutes left from our lab class to
  • shitting in your litterbox

    I'm a driver. I drive a lot because of my job. I encounter cyclists several times a day, every day. And honestly, people, I have never found them to be that much of an inconvenience. Once in a while, I have to slow down a little, which isn't neccessa
  • Call Chronicle Herald

    There's someone taking our newspaper in the morning - and I want it to stop. It doesn't seem that anybody else orders the paper in our building, except for us and our apartment number is written on it several times.The paper boy/girl throws it outside
  • I Hate Drug Companies

    Thanks for allowing my type 2 diabetes be treated with your fucking heart-attack inducing drug, Avandia. Thanks to the feds for allowing this crap to enter any Canadian's blood stream. Thanks for putting my family thru incredible anxiety because of you
  • Gas regulations

    What's up with the gas prices in this province?!! I travel regularly to NB and they pay close to 10 cents less for the same fuel!!! (105.5 in Moncton)I know they just got a tax break in NB but does it explained this discrepancy alone?. I thought the ga
  • Annoying Room-mate

    Gah! I hate it when my room mate starts talking to him self! he has full blown conversations with himself the annoying bit is hearing the 'hissing' from the wall. Another annoying habit of his is when he does the dishes he just piles them over the dried
  • Stupid new driver!!

    To the idiot who didn't look both ways when pulling onto Skeena drive, you almost took out the front of my car, and also could have hurt YOURSELF, me or my unborn child. LOOK BOTH WAYS, this is something your parents should have taught you when you were
  • no gentlemen

    Where have all the gentlemen of society gone to? A lady and her small son got on the 61 morning bus on Monday and she actually had to ask for a seat for her son. A woman was kind enough to get up. The thing that pisses me the fuck off is there were 4
  • Gross Me Out

    I work in a downtown office building. When I went into my floor's washroom today, some bozo bitch was in a stall, loudly yakking away on her cell. I couldn't frigging believe it.I only wish I could have produced enough stink to melt her goddamn phone
  • Rated “Arrgh!”

    I’m sick and tired of going to restricted movies and seeing little kids there. I saw Snakes on a Plane last night and when I was walking out I saw a 10-year-old. This movie had nudity, lots of swearing and it was very violent. I always feel uncomfortable
  • To the idiots who take the Mom and new baby spots

    To all you jerks who take the spots for new moms and expectant mom spots who aren't pregnant and who don't have babies -thanks a lot - do you have any idea how hard it is to haul you 39 week pregnant body out of the house let alone the car in minus a bij
  • Restaurant Assholes

    On behalf of the server, Here's a big "FUCK YOU" to the assholes at the Mustache on Thursday (January 11). You guys seriously were being jerks. Here is the scenario:Waitress brings over menus.Patrons order drinks.Waitress brings cranberry juice. Sa
  • Buyer Beware

    re: Best of Halifax poll. I can't NOT hold back my fury on the selection of your Best Optician qualifiers... who stuffed the ballot box on this one?? I feel everyone should know this; the bridesmaid in this category, after repeated customer complaints on
  • ScAir Canada

    Last week we attended my daughter's wedding in the USA. Our connecting flight out of Toronto was delayed and then cancelled because of mechanical problems. I'll give the airline credit for having the good sense to cancel the flight. BUT in the shuffle, t
  • Bitch 'bout baby strollers on buses

    Just curious if anyone has any opinions on how safe it is when 2 women get on a metro transit bus and occupy the seats at the front of the bus on opposite sides of the aisle? Basically what you get is an extremely narrow pathway for other passengers to n
  • Fucking Ridiculous

    After seeing a specialist at the QEII yesterday, I was appalled by the droves of students from Citadel Hill descending upon the Summer Savoury cafeteria just before noon. The cocky little bastards even have their own cashier as was pointed out to me by
  • Are we not human? Do we not freeze?

    Okay so i need to get this out. What the heck was up with the mandatory coat check the other night? Absolutely riduculous insistance by the staff on checking every layer that was remotely coat like. I watched in head shaking absurdity as my buddy had to
  • rubber booted cyclist

    To the female cyclist wearing rubber boots driving westbound on Brunswick st thurs afternoon. Kudos to you driving in the bike lane,however, it was not my fault the was a delivery truck blocking YOUR bike lane and if I had not been paying attention and b
  • Back to scowl

    To the manager with the brown hair at the Dal Health Sciences Bookstore: I saw you “training” (berating) the young Middle Eastern guy behind the counter. You can pretend that “tough love” was all about inspiring your employees to do better, but we both k
  • Calling all idiots

    To all the asshats who complain about telemarketers calling are fucking idiots. For all the whining and complaining you people do you are none to bright. If you don't like being called then ask the company calling you to remove you from their
  • Gym Bandit

    To the piece of shit who stole my jacket, shoes and shirt from the gym on South Park Street. When I graduate from my Masters program in two years, you will still be stealing shit from people who actually WORKED to pay for that stuff. Have fun with your
  • Chicken commotion

    Last week I was in a grocery store wanting to buy Prime boneless/skinless chicken, when to my horror there was an expiry date sticker scratched out with ink, and another sticker put on the package of chicken. Now of course the chicken said "special"...ho
  • Bad tippers

    Is it unknown to humankind that 15% is a standard tip. Listen carefully. To all you cheaply, sheltered, uneducated and "pretentious" ass wipes who like a good high class meal (high class in your twisted world), budget for the damn tip. Your date will ev
  • Washroom losers

    This is to all the losers that feel the need to occupy public washrooms in fast-food places so they can roll joints or snort lines or deal drugs: I wish every last one of you would just do us all a favour, overdose and die already!
  • Why do i have to sign in?

    Why do i have to sign in to make a comment? I've bitched about this before but it was never published. Now that I have signed up and given my email address to you I can now enjoy the hundreds of spam emails a day from companies my name was sold to. Thank
  • I can walk slower

    Newsflash vehicle driving assholes - inching toward me as I'm crossing the street will not make me walk faster. I do not care if you have a green light and are making a right hand turn. I have the little white illuminated man, so go fuck yourself. I'l
  • Save the Historic "X" People

    There are a load of people in this town that need to realise that simply because a construction project is new does not make it a spawn of Satan out to destroy the historic whatever. Things that were constructed in the past are just like things that are
  • The Art of Talking

    Why do people have to yell when they are either talking to each other or on the cell phone, (Especially the guy in Hillside Apartments on South Street) Not everyone wants to hear your conversation. Are you trying to instill in others how important you or
  • Is being a condescending prick the new requirement to bartend?

    The Economy Shoe Shoppe is my favourite bar in all of Halifax. I love it there. I met some friends there last night (Good Friday), who each had a drink, and went into the bar to ask if I could get one for me. I walked up to the bartender, who looked at m
  • How Rude!

    This morning I was waiting at the Lacewood terminal. I had a five minute wait for my bus. So I stood there, eating an apple, looking at the out of service bus at the curb and wondering if it was going to turn into the 16. Then the bus driver changed t
  • 2-Wheeled Road Rager

    On behalf of the *mostly* responsible bike commuters out there I'd like to apologize to anyone (on a bike or in a car) who had the misfortune to encounter a hard-care commuter on an XC race bike this past Tuesday, the 10th. This guy almost slammed into m
  • Pro Walking - Anti Idiot

    I always ALWAYS give pedestrians the right of way. I understand it's cold, it's inconvenient and sometimes makes you late when you don't have wheels. I just recently bought my FIRST car and sympathize COMPLETELY with walkers, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don
  • Ramped up

    For the assholes who keep kicking in the spindles on my wheelchair ramp, fuck you. How very brave of you to pick on a crippled person and my only means into the house. It costs monies to fix them, to buy the spindles as well to hire someone to put them
  • Film Fest Boredom

    First of all, the elephant in the room of the Atlantic Film Fest is the fact that the programming SUCKS. The most boring the world has to offer. I think the film fest staff really needs to get out more to see what's making waves at other festivals. To
  • Policing the supermarket

    What the fuck is up with the HRM police showing up at the Superstore to measure floor area to ensure all floor space is in compliance with legislation? Do we not face a bigger concern with the violence occuring all over this fucking city? This fucking p
  • Musing on communication

    Maybe less of a bitch and more of a musing--I wonder if the powerless rage that results in barely literate curse-filled rants and threats here might actually be channeled into societal good? Perhaps a reasonable face-to-face conversation, where possible,
  • Corner Cons

    I’m sick and tired of walking down Barrington and having a cup of change rattling under my nose at every corner. I have seen a few of these people at the NSLC or the lotto booth in Scotia Square at the end of the day spending the cash on liquor or lotto
  • Where's your Parents?

    Oct. 26 was an inservice day for all the kids...good stuff.To the 5 or 6 little dumb fucks that were riding their bikes among traffic at approximately 5pm along the intersection of Robie St. and Lady Hammond Rd...SHAME ON YOU!!!Not all of you had helme
  • Gnome come home

    To the dirty rotten thief who stole my garden gnome from my backyard on Queen Street...I have a deal for you: I have you on video taking my gnome, so you either bring back the gnome, unharmed, or I will take the tape to the police. You get one chance to
  • litter bugs!

    What the hell is wrong with people? Doesn't anyone give a shit about keeping the city clean? Please have some common sense and throw your shit in the garbage can! I can't believe that I still see people that litter on the streets. Grow up
  • Not So Fantastic

    To the fuckin' 4-5 guys that wouldn't shut the fuck up during Fantastic 4 Rise of the Silver Surfer at Parklane, Sunday afternoon - FUCK YOU.SHUT YOUR FUCKIN' PHONES OFF, don't fuckin' answer your phone and carry on a five minute conversation, and if yo
  • Cream and sugarrrgh!

    To the woman who did not tell her friend to shut the hell up while in line for coffee at the SUB on Friday: Grow a spine. As for the ignorant/immature person with her: Shut up and change your attitude. If I ever hear someone berating service-industry emp
  • Red light Runner

    To the bitch who ran the red light at Windsor and Bayers Road while I was biking through the intersection friday night. Are you fucking blind? The light was red way before you even got to the intersection. You just about killed me you fucking bitch!
  • Don't cross me

    To the fucking imbecile who pedalled off the bike path and across the road just around the blind corner that is the Macdonald Bridge exit down to Barrington: There is a railing along most of that path to prevent people from doing exactly that. When I lo
  • In Honour

    Lots of griping lately of lowering the flag for our fallen heroes. Why should we forget for one second of what they signed up for and what they ended up with? This was peace keeping and ended up with war. We own the government but they seem to have forgo
  • No King's in this palace

    To the 3 drunk loosers and your 2 female companions who acted like total morons at King's Palace on Saturday night around 8pm you need to get some class. Especially you in the pink striped polo shirt. I thought pink was the new "no bully" colour but not
  • Bar Bitch

    Your bar came highly recommended, but WTF was your problem on Wed July 18th? My family was there celebrating my aunts 50th we ate and drank for the whole night. You didnt mind taking our money but you cerainly minded turning the baseball game back on. M
  • Power outrage

    As I write this (9:20 am Thursday) the power in my neighbourhood (Fairview-Main Ave) has been off for 10 hrs. When I called the NSP outage the the message said that power would be restored by 1pm today. Also, the message indicated that it was "animal int
  • Shut the Fuck Up Already

    I applaud the wise decision of the mayor and premier not to get this city in major hock over the 2014 Commonwealth bid. Boo-hoo-hoo, you jerkwad athletes - there's more important issues to address in this city that a bunch of fucking 'games'. As for th
  • Pissing in the Girl's Room

    To the girl who couldn't wait to get into the bathroom stall at a downtown night club last Saturday night (Feb 3). Thanks for pissing all over the floor instead! You couldn't have waited 30 seconds before the next girl left the stall?
  • Punks Not Dead

    Shithead punks that cause mayhem aren't only in the streets of the HRM my friends. What's with the teens down in New Waterford heaving a frozen ice ball at Santa, who happens to be handing out candy to children in a fucking Christmas parade!!! They bru
  • A*%&#ole in the beige sedan

    I bet you thought you were pretty cool cutting off a bus on Robie street on Monday Oct. 30th around 9:40 pm. Did you get a rush? Well, it's only thanks to the driver's skillful braking that we managed not to plow into you. Personally, it would have been
  • Flower pot man

    What the hell was the guy in Truro doing watering plants (the plants at the top of poles) yesterday morning in the pouring rain!!! What a waste of the taxpayers money! I hope the Mayor of Truro reads this !!
  • Ferry terminal jackass

    To the little punk at the Ferry Terminal...I am so glad that you stole my cell phone, and ten dollars.It's not like you can use it, I cancelled it that day you ass. But I did lose my entire 300 number phonebook. Fuck you.You did so while I was raising
  • Disgusted by Animal Cruelty

    On behalf of all the animal lovers out there, I am writing in regards to the piece of crap who decided to mutilate that poor kitten!!! What the hell were you thinking??? This is proof that there should obviously be better screening done on people before
  • Speed Limits

    Seriously people, what the fuck is wrong with you? If the posted speed limit is 70km/h then go 70km/h. NOT FUCKING 40KM/H!! I get that in shitty weather people are gonna drive slower, but this morning the road was fine. Or hey, here's an idea get the fuc
  • Fire beazley!

    I've had enough of police chief Beazley's bullshit excuses about violence in this city... how do we go about getting this man FIRED?!Halifax needs a new police chief, and it can't happen soon enough.
  • Drinking doesn't make you DEAF

    Here we go - Saturday night, had a friend over, played music quietly and had supper and talked until 11pm.Neighbours - there you go with your fuckin' loud music (why didn't it play the whole song? Oh right I think you were downloading it all) until 3AM.
  • The Lovely Transit system in the HRM

    I am very confused by our transit system. Does everyone have a holiday tommorrow? Why are the buses running on a holiday schedule even though half of the HRM still have to work? Are we not important enough to be able to depend upon public transit but
  • A Sad Statement

    What the fuck is wrong with people? A lady passes out in Lr. Sackville a few weeks ago and no one came to her assistance - this week, it was a kid on a schoolbus, pummelled by some little psycho and no one did squat, not even the goddamn asshole bus dri
  • Taxis

    I hate this Taxi company. For a company that's been around for ages and has a near strangle hold on the city they are terrible. Three weeks ago I called for a cab three times over the course of an hour and a half, waited each time and then called agai
  • Prohibition?

    I was greatly disappointed at the Weakerthans concert held at the DAL campus Wednesday. When my ticket was purchase I was told that alcohol would be sold. Upon arrival I find out that as an ADULT I was not able to A. Leave the building once entered. And
  • Broken into and outraged

    To the cock fuck who broke into our place on north park st your a fucking loser. You prob looked at all of our nice things and wished you could legitametley afford these things on your own. Instead you have to be a petty thief who prob stole it for drugs
  • Yard Sale Shysters

    I couldn't believe the number of greedy flea market assholes who swarmed at my yard sale last weekend a FULL HOUR before I opened. You conniving bastards wanted my stuff at half price the asking price when I KNOW FULL WELL YOU'RE GOING TO SELL THEM AT Y
  • hey asshole

    I saw you you piece of crap at Citadel High today. You in that minivan with the stick on the back window. You were not even parked in a parking spot and were honking and hollering at the woman driving the bus for the disabled kids. Almost all of the peop
  • Dear dumpster divers

    All the more power to anyone willing to scrounge for free shit but don't be an asshole, if you jump into a donation bin or knock it over to crawl around in it, fucking put it right-side up when you're done and don't make a mess. a little common courtesy
  • Those on welfare

    A bunch of them moved into the apartment building next to mine. What have I seen so far....people that loiter by their cars all day long/out in the open drug deals...this used to be a "good" building...I'm not a rascist "but" "they" sure as fuck reinforc
  • Spare Change Alley

    How many panhandlers does it take to fill Barrington Street and Spring Garden Road? All of them. Tourist season is upon us and there is nothing more refreshing than being asked for spare change every half block or more. I work on SGR and I am quite fed u
  • To The Experienced Glasses Specialist

    Thanks a lot for fixing my glasses you jerk-off, having me walk out of the store with them in two pieces after you told me they would "definately go back". I left without so much as an appology that October Day, and I am still living with the electrical
  • Lotto Theft

    The reason people who work within organization can't enter contents run by their organization is because if they won it would look fixed. If they not only entered but won 10 times more than they statistically should it would look like the lottery retail
  • Attention all loogie hawkers

    When you’re coughing up a lung and depositing the green goo to the sidewalk.. perhaps you could be so kind as to spit it a few inches further... say off the sidewalk into the grass or street perhaps? We folk who walk .. or should I say tip toe through t
  • Nerves of stealing

    To the shit-eating thief that broke into my car last night on Bellevue Avenue: I hope you spend the money you stole on some shitty acid, have horrible hallucinations and kill yourself. Enjoy the money, you tramp, you got me this time. But ask yourself: w
  • piss off shutter-bugs

    Every Rememberance day I come to Parade Square and see some obnoxious freelance or some amature (NSCAD) photographer in some poor veterans face snapping photos, running around the square like a chicken with their heads cut off.  The thing that pisses me
  • sunday shopping

    It is nauseating having to hear people whine about Sunday shopping 24/7. Just because you work at the grocery store or in Retail you want to cry and moan all day because you may have to work Sunday? Have you ever thought about the people that work at hos
  • To the Fucktard Who Held Hollis St. Hostage on Tuesday

    You fucking handjerk, don't you think the police have better things to do than to deal with your bullshit? You have held Hollis and the surroundinig areas hostage since 9 a.m. and there's no end in sight (it's now 4 p.m.). Thanks for wasting my tax mon
  • I fucking smoke - deal with it.

    As fucking taboo as it has become I will admit without hesitation that I am a smoker, yes that's right I fucking smoke - deal with it. I do not agree with the estrangement that been brought upon smokers, not being able to smoke in any public place, inclu
  • Sicko!

    I just read in the paper about some digusting asshole who castrated a seven week old kitten with a pair of scissors. That kitten ended up dying 4 days later. Who are these people? A grown man mutilated a tiny, defenceless kitten. I think it would fit
  • Roger Ebert Wannabe

    This is to the older dude who works at a certain public library - please don't approach me in the DVD section and hand me some fucking movie I have no interest in, then go on and on and on about how good it is. What you consider a 'work of cinematic art
  • drop off proper or drop out pronto

    To all of the parents, siblings, etc that are pulling over on Bell across from Citadel High to drop your kids off - knock it the fuck off! There is not room for you to pull over there - do you not notice the traffic piling up behind you, swerving into th
  • cell phones in library

    What is with these abortions sitting in the library at MSVU? Every night i am studying, some douche bag is talking on their cell - I want to go over and choke them and tell them to read the effin signs.
  • Give me my fucking change!

    Has anyone else out there experienced this one yet? You pull up to the drive-thru window at Tim Horton's to get your medium double-double for $1.30. You hand the girl a toonie, she hands you your coffee, turns away and arbitrarily decides that your 70 ce
  • My Dead Dog

    To the Person who found a Tellus, Razor phone early Friday morning the 29th, i hope you enjoy your new phone. yes I'm the idiot who lost it, But all the pictures and video of my now, dead dog are on there. You cant even hook it up because you cant turn a
  • Done With Used CD Shops

    Ok that's it: I've had it with the used CD shops in Halifax. I'm trying to decide what I hate more about going to those places: the piss-poor attitude and awful customer service i receive or the way I continually get raped over the cash value of the (qua
  • Blind spot

    Everyday I am almost hit by cars who cannot wait for me to cross the street. I wait for my green light but they cant wait for theirs. So the other day you can understand why I was so annoyed that a car starts honking at me with a rude asshole yelling "go
  • Bus stop smokers

    Alright you smokers, can't you read? The bus shelters are non smoking areas. Why don't you understand that??? Everyday there's one of you that steps into the shelter and lights up. The smoke blows in everyone's faces and next thing you know your selfi
  • Snack attack

    To the carload of brats who threw what appeared to be a half-eaten hamburger at two women walking up Lacewood Drive last Sunday afternoon: I blame your parents. Kids don’t raise themselves. And the fact that you think this was funny is proof that your pa
  • Service This!

    To the patrons of Tim Hortons: I labour daily at a low-paying, insecure job to provide you with your daily fix, served with a smile. We're instructed by the drones at Head Office to make sure that our smiles are sincere, which is especially hard to do
  • Lay Off the Squeegee Kids

    I was reading some of the DN's responses to their article on Squeegee kids (re the new legislation) and was absolutely sickened by some of the nasty responses from people who think their shit doesn't smell. While some of these kids may look scary, I hav
  • Pubs and Washrooms

    Hey All,I was very dissappointed to patronize downtown's local establishments on St. Patty's day and here's why. After a night of drinking beer we did what most Haligonians do, we headed off to Pizza Corner for sustance. While on our search for said
  • Supporting Those Trying To Give Something Back

    Hey, buster, I heard you call me a bitch when you rattled your Timmy's cup under my nose and I didn't give you anything - there's a reason, buttplug. I've seen you several times cursing under your breath when people wouldn't give any change to you. Whi
  • Keep the A/C inside, FFS

    Last weekend was a nice hot one. So hot, in fact, that a certain clothing store and a certain salon on Spring Garden decided to air-condition the sidewalks. What the fuck?!! In this age of environmental degradation and the desperate need for more account
  • bus trouble

    Since relocating to Clayton Park West I find myself on the bus like all the time. And my biggest bitch? Parents or sitters who bring these frigging huge strollers on the bus when they take baby out for the day. I am not staying that you shouldnt be takin
  • Bike Dumper(s)

    To the idiot(s) on Preston St. who decided it would be a good idea to tip over my bike: You owe me a new coat of paint, a new spark plug, new handle grips and new handlebars, not to mention a weekend's worth of labour, a full tank of gas, and another mod
  • so sick of the seal shit

    i'm so damn tired of hearing about the bloody seal hunt. You know.. this is Nova Scotia. You environmentalists and animal activists need to remember that this is a provice which rely on fish. There are too many seals. Period. They do what they do, be dis
  • Pedestrian panic

    To the motley collection of assholes who have nearly ran me over in the Mumford Road crosswalk: slow the fuck down! Wherever the hell you're going isn't half as important as the safety of pedestrians, other drivers or (because I'm feeling generous) yours
  • A haven for US deadbeats

    Why is Nova Scotia so desperate for immigrants that it does not care if new immigrants use their immigration status to evade child support? My ex-husband, who has refused to pay support for our child every time an opportunity presented itself, has come u
  • Beatle battle

    Could someone point me to the bathroom, I think I'm going to be sick. This feeling of nausea seems to come over me when I see another celebrity heading out to protest - of all the things in the world which need protesting - the seal hunt in the gulf of
  • First cut is the deepest

    To the asshole who I “cut off” walking to a bus at Mumford terminal: Fuck You. Oh, I’m soooo sorry I made you have to stop for a whole half a second! Then you have the nerve to get on the bus and shoot your mouth off so loud I can hear you, even while we
  • Waiting in Limbo...

    It's irritating enough to have to wait at the various Superstore parcel pickup areas for sometimes up to fifteen minutes before a clerk will clue in that there's someone there. However, my real beef is with the fucking morons that use that area to wait
  • to all the sh*tty drivers

    For those of you who like to speed up falkland to bauer street and neglect the fact that there is a stop sign .... Use your F*CKING brain!!!! There have been way too many times when I have been walking on that street have been soo close to getting hit be
  • Run Support

    To all my so called “friends” and “family”: What were you up to last Sunday? I’ll tell you one thing you WEREN’T doing: standing at the Bluenose International Marathon finish line where I was dragging my exhausted ass home. This was a BIG ACCOMPLISHMENT
  • Front Doors

    Well, thanks alot to the jack-ass who jammed our front door deadbolt locked. Really, it's not like we need a front door, or that we have 200$ to put down to get a locksmith here. Smart idea, jackass, seriously, you're cool.
  • aging

    why is it so many ads and sales offered to look young younger. yet few actually work. we all age in a most natural way, so enjoy it as an adventure, stop bitching about it , it wont make you look younger.
  • Keep it in your pants

    To the guy getting head behind the dumpster of The Coburg in broad daylight Saturday afternoon: get a fucking room! I'm no prude, but you were in plain sight of a bunch of kids that were playing next door. Not to mention you were getting it on behind a F
  • Public Gardens Vandalism

    Listen up, you little twat flaps who vandalized the Public Gardens - you might think this is all very funny but I'll betcha my left testicle that Karma is gonna bitch slap your thick heads so hard your fucking teeth will fly out of your idiot gobs. It mi
  • More Media Bullshit

    Here's what I read this morning off the mainstream media:COUPLE COMMIT SUICIDE AFTER PET DIES... AIDS VICTIMS FLOCK TO HOLY WATER 'CURE'...MAN WITH DRUG-RESISTANT TB LOCKED UP...And that's the good news....
  • Condeming my own politness

    My apologies go out to everyone on the #1 with me this morning. When that asshole decided to tear down Nova Scotia the way He did I should have been less polite and told Him to get the fuck out of my province. If I had told Him to go screw himself early
  • dumb dumb cabbie

    I was heading to a party that was at a lake so i called a cab to take me to the trail head but the stupid fuck would not take me cuz i did not have an address for him 2 take me toand if that cabbie is reading this FUCK YOU
  • Highway to Hell

    to every stupid, idiotic asshole who drives the circumferential highway on weekday mornings. SLOW the FUCK downwhats wrong with you people? its 80, not 100, not 110 and sure as shit not the 130 im guessing the fucknut i avoided on thursday was doing. A
  • See no evil

    To the jerk who made fun of the man with the bi-focals: He wears them because he is legally blind. That would explain the white cane he uses as well. Just because someone is blind doesn’t mean they are deaf. Keep your mean comments to yourself next time.
  • What the fuck...

    How many fucking cars get broken into in this mother fucking city??? Seriously! You fucking cheap, lazy mother fuckers. Go out and get a fucking job and buy your own shit you jackasses. We all work to get our shit then you lazy pieces of shit get a fu
  • Po-Po Haters

    I really love all these "Fuck Tha Po-lice" things I see scattered throughout the city and all over Facebook. I can't help but notice that most of the people that support this opinion are criminals and are just upset for being punished for their crimes. Y
  • Unqualified

    I'm sorry but your food reviewer Liz Feltham has no idea what she is doing . She bashed the new restaurant syn , which is quickly becoming my new fav restaurant(been there 5 times in 3 months and had greatfood and service every time) . But yet last week
  • Nightmare on Windsor Street

    I have an invitation for the moronic ass who designed the new and improved Windsor street exchange. Please, oh please join me for the ride of your life in my passengers seat as we occupy the far left of the two left hand turning lanes from Windsor street
  • Trucked ‘n fucked

    To a very unreasonable trucking company: in August, you agreed to move our belongings to Ontario for $1,000. On moving day, you show up at 10pm and demand twice that. You tell us WE have to carry everything onto the truck and you’re going to charge us to
  • The Secret

    To all you old looking bags out there: Your wondering why you look wrinkly, fat, and full of varicose veins!? Its because when you were younger you basked in the sun, drank liquor and smoked your heart out. You enjoyed fast food and maybe even smoked wee
  • Piece of shit bus system

    I'm new to halifax, and never in my 28 years of life have i been late for work because of the bus as much as in the last 3 months! Halifax, your bus system is going to get me fired. Today i got up at 5am and RUSH RUSH RUSH only to have the god-damn bus d
  • Killing is cheap

    I can't quite figure out why the courts fine people $400+ if they litter. But if you kill someone at a crosswalk, you get fined less than $375. Go figure. I'm all for the family suing as stated in the paper this morning. The girl was in a marked cros
  • Negative Nelly in Sector 4!

    I've just finished reading a plethora of movie reviews. Ranging from horror to kids movies. One thing I've noticed is that in every article, it is always negative, or starts out somewhat positive, yet ends on a negative note. Instead of having critic
  • Masquerade Charade

    To the allegedly privedlegded crybaby demanding the unreserved booth for you and your (shocker) emaciated bimbo at the club last Saturday night after the tittie show... fuck you and your one horse carriage, princess. Futhermore, to the "manager" who told
  • Sunday Shopping Freaks

    Can we please put this ridiculous matter to rest now? After spending loads of money and wasting loads of time ho-humming about if it's somehow "right" or "moral" for people to be able to buy lettuce, diapers and pork chops on Sunday, finally the courts
  • Not-so-superintendent

    To our superintendent who thinks he can get away with stealing shit from his tenants’ apartments: You have been caught! That’s right! You’re reading this correctly: we’ve caught you. On film. Your boss knows. Your boss’s boss knows. And soon the whole da
  • Downtown Traffic

    A boot to the head to drivers who ignore red lights, especially northbound on Barrington Street during supper hour. I don't need you and your vehicle stuck in the middle of the intersection so that everyone coming up Prince is blocked when the light tur
  • Get Over It!!!!

    For christ sakes, I am so tired of hearing the people of Halifax bitch about Celine Dion coming to the Commons. We complain when no one comes, and we complain when they do. Im not a fan either, but that doesn't mean that others are not. Are we really tha

    To the stupid asshole on Kijji My ad is not spam I had over 50 replys to my car and could not respond to every god damn one. and I don't see how a YAHOO Internet email account could send you tons of spam get a filter you stupid hick
  • Tissue damage

    Who sneezes like Cindy-Lou Who? Silly little girls who think that it’s attractive to sound dumb, that’s who. Well, guess what? It’s not attractive. You sound like an idiot. Why is it that most gals propel the image of stupid, ditzy females by doing these
  • corporate cops

    while biking down south park street this past monday afternoon, i was passed by a squadron of halifax motorcycle cops who kindly gave me a siren squeal to clear the way, and perhaps steer my bike into a parked car. while i was slightly annoyed by this u
  • Jaywalking Jerks

    This is to all the stupid little fucks who think they're sooooo cool when crossing the street AGAINST the light with oncoming cars within feet of their sorry ass. You waltz across the street, impressing your stupid friends with your oh-so-brave smirky st
  • Crossing on Red

    To the stupid fat cow who ran out in front of my car last week, then shot me a pissed off look when I screeched to a halt - a red light does not give you permission to bolt in front of a line of traffic roaring up Prince Street. Who the fuck do you think
  • Dearest Dal

    My dearest Dalhousie University, I pay the highest tuition and receive the lowest student financial assitance in the country. I have to work two jobs in order to keep up, yet when I walk on your campus and see the brand new big screen TVs' (that are nev
  • Final Frustration

    To the girl who almost ruined the Final Fantasy concert: Do you have no consideration for those around you? Final Fantasy aka Owen Pallett is delivering this beautiful violin solo finale, the lights are all out, and you decide to pull out your camera pho
  • Bragging without rights

    Dude, it's great that you are working toward your Master's degree...and that you need it to get a job teaching English in Korea...but you clearly know nothing about the local society or you wouldn't be quite as excited...your landlord - in the admirably
  • You need a license for a dog, but anyone can have kids!

    This is to all the useless excuse for parents out there, who bring your children to the clothing store I manage: WATCH YOUR CHILDREN! ...I am NOT a babysitter! When you let your children stand on light boxes in the display window, pull on mannequins, cli
  • Relief For Squatters

    To Sitting Duck: Don't you think squatters would rather be sitters? Some of us squat because our right to sit is infringed by substandard conditions in public washrooms. While respect for fellow peeers is a given (there's no excuse for not even attemptin
  • Crackbook

    This is a sincere and heartfelt "FUCK YOU" to all the assholes in the SMU libraries and computer labs who spend hours on facebook. Next time you see people lingering behind you waiting to use the computer: don't just avert your eyes, get out of your seat

    I am sick and when I'm not sick... I'm sick and TIRED of hearing the retail workers bitch about having to work on Sundays. BOO FUCKING HOO. I work in a profession where we work weekends, evenings AND holidays. If you retail people aren't bitching about w
  • Bogus Racism

    Hey, Mr. MLA who thinks his colleagues, et al are racist - did it ever dawn on you that maybe THEY JUST DON'T LIKE YOU AS A HUMAN BEING AND IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH RACISM???? This looks like a sad attempt to get some press and belittle the people who
  • Well Meaning Kid Killers

    Jesus H. Mother of Christ, what is wrong with these 'environmental' types who insist on dragging their sprogs in those damn bike trailers? Don't they realize that their precious little angels are inhaling vehicle exhaust as they're peddling thru traffic
  • Gossips

    You stand in mothly clothes behind pulled curtains, peaking through cracks at the world. Or you listen with a smile on the phone hearing about the struggles of others. You an addict! You need something bad to spread about others people your own life i
  • bitch slapper

    so i'm driving by the Commons on Saturday afternoon, windows down and feelin good when i hear a yelping. i look over and see this blonde headed squeege bitch sitting on her dog and punching it in the head and yelling at it...all the while the rest of you
  • Haligonian Liquor Retention

    I live downtown. So every day I get up and go to work on foot through the streets of Halifax.Two things to get out of the way. Number one, I'm from Ontario. Number two, it is my lay understanding of Nova Scotia that Halifax has a rich drinking culture.
  • HSC Gripe

    In regards to your latest renovations.. I'd like to know who's bright idea it was to devote aprroximately 80% of the food court's seating, to 4-person tables! What were you thinking? Is the food court supposed to be Halifax's newest family dining experie
  • Feisted

    Hey scenesters. Thanks for rushing the stage and trampling anyone's personal space in your path on Saturday night. It was a long trip in for "one (shortened) evening". Too bad you don't have much respect for others, in your quest for hipster-hood, a bett
  • Please, Pick up After Your Dog at Long Lake Provincial Park

    Look, I know its not Point Pleasant Park with lots of garbage cans available (there is one at the main parking lot though) but would it be too much for people walking their dogs at Long Lake Provincial Park to pick up after their dogs and carry the poo b
  • Enough Already

    To all the loud, inconsiderate people that live in the apartment at 961 South Bland Street: Although you may find it hilarious when your cat gets loose in the hallway, and then you proceed to scream about it while in a drunken stupour for the next twenty
  • On Common Grounds

    To all those whiners that have nothing better to do than complain about the Rolling Stones concert, get a life and find a hobby. It's one day people. What are you more concerned about? All the money it will generate for the city or the fact that Halif
  • Celebrity Babies

    What is it with our society that people are so obsessed with celebrities and their offspring? I am so annoyed with "brangelina" and if I have to see one more article or show on them I am going to throw up! I can't believe that CNN would even report on t
  • Doggie bag

    I live on Agricola Street and my dog just shit on the sidewalk. I pick it up out of respect for my community, just like I shovel the municipality’s sidewalk every winter, just like I move my car across the street for the “street cleaners” that never come
  • Know smoking

    Thank you, city council, for once more proving you have the collective brain power of a 20-watt bulb. Throughout the downtown are spanking brand-new garbage bins. These cylinders include a very helpful ashtray for all us lower-than-goatshit smokers. So w
  • Just Give 'Er, but not in my back yard

    Wow, what a great Bluenose Marathon, well organized, well run. But to the two women who decided to evacutate their bladders in my driveway and back garden, couldn't you notice the public port-a-potties set up just across the street? Show some respect, I
  • Yet another transit bitch

    You know, you'd think that with the amount of bitches about the public transit system that I read in The Coast, someone somewhere would take a fucking clue and do something about the shitty transit system in this city. I love this city, but I hate the mo
  • Please tip

    When someone is cleaning your hotel room for a number of nights it's always nice to get a tip when you check out. People tip the coffee girl for doing a 30 second job and it takes me 30 minutes everyday to clean up after your slop day after fucking day.
  • Aisle ogle

    This is to the beer-bellied grey-haired asshole at the Joe Howe grocery store on Friday night wearing jeans and a leather jacket: I noticed you fucking stare at me. You looked me over like a piece of meat—while my husband was standing there—and then look
  • DAL on the rocks

    Dear DAL,I was looking forward to seeing Kos..and taking in a drink prior to the concert with my friends...that's right a drink..not get drunk....but that didn't happen...turns out the WET/DRY as listed on the ticket...well WET was for DAL Students/Alum
  • Light Polution

    About four months ago the Brunswick towers were sold and renovations have been ongoing. The beautification of the buildings is great for the city as a whole and the neighbourhood. What I could do without are the lighthouse strength lights shooting dow
  • Cleanin' In the Rain

    Can someone please explain the logic to me behind street-cleaning in the pouring rain? Seems like a waste of tax money?
  • How the Bus system Sucks

    1. How many routes do we really need servicing the same streets...2. I can leave my job no later than five thirty or I have to walk though burnside on a shoulder over an over pass until I reach Highfeild the dark...Fun TImes....I wonder how
  • Take the law into your own hands...sort of

    Hello Haligonians,This was intended for cyclists like myself, but it also applies to pedestrians, and I guess motorists (the good ones). I commute from Windsor Street, Halifax, to Main Street, Dartmouth, and back, 4 days a week. 19kms round-trip, 45-60
  • Cold as ice

    I live in an electrically heated apartment building. Electricity is included in my rent. I just read today that NSP will be raising rates yet again and may continue to do so annually. I have a feeling that my rent will not be so much of a bargain if thes
  • May you choke on your smoke

    To all the fuckers who feel that they have the right to light up a cigarette on the beach at Shubie Park. For fucks sake, look around you, all you see are tons of kids !!! The beach is too small for everyone to not be affected. Everyone knows what secon
  • The Company Store

    I just moved to Halifax from Toronto and I can not believe the state of affairs with regards to renting apartments in this fair city. The feudal process of 'applying' to rent an apartment in which you need to provide your previous landLORD's name and nu
  • Welcome to any movie theatre in the city!

    Come in and enjoy our high back seats that haven't been properly cleaned since they were installed! If you like expensive popcorn, feel free to spend your week's salary on the best stale popcorn the city has to offer!Our teenaged, sometimes stoned staf
  • Thank you for abusing MY lungs.

    To the four or five idiots that drove me out of a bus shelter on Barrington street this afternoon:It says right there on the side 'no smoking.' If you had have turned your head about 4 degrees, you probably would have seen that written on the wall behi
  • Customer Service has gone down the poop shoot

    My tiff is with a particular lingerie store in town. Being well endowed, I don’t really have a choice but to check out specialty shops for sizes that fit me and help me to feel comfortable in my skin. It sucks to have to go to these places because the pr
  • Bad reception

    To the bitch from Ontario who cut in front of me in line at the cell phone store on Spring Garden Road:walking around the store doesn’t actually mean you are in the line-up. We were there first, and we were pressed for time...because we have jobs, which
  • Not Proud of the Way I Bitched

    To the residents of South End Halifax, I have to apologize for the foul language you endured yesterday. I'm not proud of the way I bitched.
  • Ban Beach Whistles

    I was one of 130 volunteers who went to McNabs Island to clean up garbage that had washed on the beach. While it makes sense that we picked up fishing lines, styrofoam floats and the like, I just don't get why women continue to buy and flush plastic tam
  • Eww Tube

    Will the networks quit with the fucking reality shows already? Even clever editing can’t make this crap even remotely interesting. Who the hell gives a shit about the Gottis, Carters or that hideous Flava Flav? Do I really need to see screeching little b
  • World view

    When a president becomes a dictator, nothing good can become of it. If people actually thought about what was going on in the world, instead of just living in their own bubble…maybe, just maybe, the people of the world could actually have a say in how th
  • Cell block

    To the girl I saved from an accident two weeks ago on Allen Street, backing out of your driveway with your cellphone attached to your head. A car crossed onto Allen, unable to see you because of the trees. You would have been able to see them if you were
  • Saturday night fever

    To the Superstore checkout clerk who was rude to me Saturday night: I realize now you weren’t the person I should have spoken to about the lamp. I too have been in retail/cashier positions before, and have felt the effects of an annoying customer. I’m n
  • Open for bitchness

    To all people who eat out at 3pm: If the door is open, music and lights are on and I’m walking around in my uniform, then you can safely assume we are open. If it is quiet, that may be because it is 3pm, and everyone else is working or in school, except
  • Hip huggers on "men"

    Guys will you Please, PLEASE stop wearing those hideous hip hugger jeans and try to look a little bit less like a homely 12 year old girl!Gad they look terrible on 80% of the female population let alone on "men". I don't care who you think you're attr
  • Big biggot

    To the government employee on the bus:Please keep you fucking racial and immigrant comments to yourself. Nobody wants to hear it! It really hurt my black immigrant girlfriends feelings…..oh wait I’m a dirty faggot!
  • Bad Day

    To the asshole that stoled my back weel on monday knight of the only transportation i have THANKS!!! My day was bad enough that i had to leave work early to go see my dad that was just told he had lung canser so i left my bike at work out side on the bik
  • Proving their point

    As a cyclist, I want to thank those who have insisted on riding over the bridge during the construction. Thanks for confirming the opinion of everyone who thinks cyclists are a bunch of assholes who can't be bothered to follow the rules. It's no wonder
  • Bitch Bitch

    I offer for everyones disapproval a bitch about bitches. The kind on here, not the kind you meet. It saddens me off to no end that no matter what the topic, almost all replies to a bitch rapidly degenerate into a festival of insults, threats, vulgarity,
  • Robie St. rube

    To the balding, bearded asshat who crossed against the light at Robie and Jubliee at 8:15am on Tuesday morning—you are an unbelievable idiot. You walked right in front of my vehicle against the light, made the boulevard, then proceeded to walk in front o
  • Insane Woman at Aussie Floyd Show

    To the blond woman who went fucking crazy during the Australian Pink Floyd Show.....what the fuck is your problem. Smoke a joint,'s Floyd for God's sake.....relax. Alternatively you could give back your day pass and go back to the institution
  • To my fellow transit riders:

    I support your right to smoke. Really, I do. I even support your right to have smoking rooms in bars. I'm no anti-smoking Nazi. But for the love of Christ, why does EVERY SINGLE BUS PASSENGER light up at the Mumford terminal, lining the entire sidewalk f
  • Fur Shame

    While walking in the south end today, I saw a beautiful black and white cat on the sidewalk. A construction worker told me that its owners had dumped the cat when they moved. To the assholes who did this, you seriously suck to leave your pet—whose compan
  • Waverunner Meatheads

    To every one of the arseholes who are out on Grand Lake on their Sea-doos around Laurie Park, STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM THE SHORE. If I see any more of you ripping by the shore about 50 feet out, I will be doing one of two things. If I can reach you I wi
  • I'll get roasted for this...but...

    I am so so so sick of hearing people whine and bitch about not having Sunday shopping...suck it up, go for a walk, or a movie, go out to supper, spend time with your kids, DEAL WITH IT! I hate the comment 'We only have one day to shop' No you fucking do
  • Another Parking bitch

    Thank you so much you dumb dick for parking in the only lane to get out of the parking lot at Kit Kat pizza. You boxed me in and I hit your new over sized "work" truck and now I have a dent on my drivers side wheel well because your a self centered piece
  • Loud douchebags @ the Grawood

    I'm so glad that university students have the ability to loose all respect for others when they decide to go out drinking. Craig Cardiff is such an amazing musician and no one could find the time to shut up even when half the bar shouted SHUT THE FUCK UP
  • He's African, not Deaf!

    To the young guy on the Rt. 1 bus on the evening of Saturday 27th Oct talking to the guy from East Africa; why did you feel the need to speak so slowly - and worse, LOUDLY to the poor guy the whole time. His admirable command of the English language was
  • Bogus Causes

    Hey, lady, you've made the press with your sob story about not being included on your kid's birth certificate. Well, I've got news for you, sweetheart - YOU ARE NOT A BIOLOGICAL PART OF THAT CHILD so WHY SHOULD YOU BE ON THE FUCKING BIRTH CERTIFICATE??
  • Cats Cats Cats - so what?!

    I am a proud owner of 4 cats (that are strictly indoors -apartment) and a new addition - a dog. They're all well taken care of, loved and fixed.Now why is the HRM bitching that we can only have 3 cats/3 dogs in the home?!?!?! I understand completely i
  • Delusional Calgaria?

    Holy shit, can't this fucking fiddler from Mabou do something more constructive with his time?There's homeless people a block from your office, Mr. Premier, why don't you get your priorities straight.Oh, and by the way, Rodney, the many people I've
  • parking tickets!

    Seriously, as of this school year (starting in september) the parking tickets around Saint mary's are 50 DOLLARS EACH! These have gone up from 15 dollars, which was acceptable for a student to pay. Is this how they're collecting student loans back? If
  • Studity and Ignorance Have No Bounds

    This morning I came across this little gem in the paper....'A poll says 89 per cent of Canadian motorists are concerned about the dangers of driving while distracted.But the same survey found that 60 per cent of those surveyed are not willing to stop
  • Finders Keepers

    Yesterday (Sunday Nov 18) at around 1PM, my bus pass fell out of my purse while I was paying for my purchases at Walmart on Mumford Rd. In the approximately 30 seconds it took me to notice, someone had taken it. In fact, the person who picked it up and
  • Red Hand

    To the Asshole in the truck at Windsor and Robie this morning, thanks for yelling at us while we were crossing the intersection "Can't you see the red hand!". I am sure you must get a particular kick out of yelling at me and my 7.5 month pregnant wife (
  • Dog Do

    To the guy whose unleashed, unattended dog wandered out into the intersection of Robie and Cunard while he was waiting for a donair: "That's not like him" just doesn't cut it. And so I and another held onto your sweet dumb dog to keep it off the street
  • Cabin Fever

    Has anyone flying Air Canada lately noticed the long delays, lost baggage, and poor inflight service? I fly quite often and things are sliding down a slippery slope for this airline like never before. Every time I have flown into Toronto there are long w
  • Check Your Brain at the Car Door

    I've decided to get rid of my car after driving it around this city for the past year and a lot of you jackasses out there have made it an easy decision. What is wrong with you people? Do they just give licenses away these days? Here are some tips that m
  • Christmas Spirit in Clayton Park

    To the total piece of shit who snuck in the back door of Tim Horton's last Sunday and stole my wallet - I hope you choke on it. Did you really need my hard earned money that bad? You think I'm working at Hortons for fun? No, I work here on weekends ON TO
  • Incompetance Behind the Wheel

    Would it kill you asshats to use the turn signals that are standard equipment on your car? Not at the four way stop, not after the light turns green, not half way through a turn, but BEFORE. Its called a fuckin signal, which means you are to use it to "s
  • The coast

    Hey as much as I love the coast website could you guys make a PDF (or something) of the printed format available every week? I find myself wanting to save a tree but I find I forget to check sections and miss a lot of things by just sticking to the websi
  • Buffalo Butts

    I can't believe the number of grossly overweight women there are in this burg. They seem to be the norm, rather than the exception. I saw one girl last night that could have used her ass for a billboard and then some. I'm not talking about 20 or 30 ex
  • "Ssshhhhh" is for libraries, not bars.

    The Josh Ritter show on Tuesday night was pretty packed, the show sold out. I'm sure Jenn Grant, who opened for Ritter, is talented and it's a shame that she wasn't well received by the crowd. But to the sound guy, whom I overheard telling her that "it w
  • You want a tip?

    Here’s a tip for ya…Get another job! I am so sick and tired of feeling compelled to give servers money for doing their jobs. Yeah, I get it, the pay is shitty, but you don’t have to be a waiter, waitress or bartender. Why is it that the job of server,
  • It's only one floor

    this is to anyone that is healthy and able, but still takes the stairs to go one fucking floor. ITS ONE FLOOR, take the god damn stairs if you can, and stop making people that have to go up 5 or more floors wait for your lazy ass.
  • Sea-don’t

    First of all, it’s a SEA-Doo, not a LAKE-Doo. Why not do us all a favour and take your rich-man’s, testosterone-y toy elsewhere and leave the canoers, paddlers, rowers, loons, fish and other wildlife to use the lake in peace. Haven’t you ever noticed tha
  • To the moronic parents that take their children to Seaview Park

    There are 2 off leash dog parks in the city: Seaview Park and parts of Point Pleasant Park. I have no idea how many regular parks where dogs have to be on leash there are but I know that there are many more than 2.WHY IN THE HELL DO YOU TAKE YOUR KIDS
  • Ass in the Rotary

    To the driver of the black Accord who rear-ended our gold Sentra in the Rotary last Wednesday during rush hour:Thanks so much for taking off after ramming my son into the car in front of him.This will be a lovely story to share with your child WHO WAS I
  • Saw Ads

    The ads for the 'Saw' movies you see fit to run are sick beyond belief, disturbing and have no place anywhere except a restricted viewing movie. It's only money--GET RID OF THEM THE LAST THING I WANT TO DO IS HAVE TO AVOID EXPLAINING ONE TO MY SIX YEAR O
  • Bitter litter

    To the asshat students who live in the concrete high-rise on South Bland Street: Stop throwing your fucking garbage all over the fucking neighbourhood!! I realize that you're probably immature little college students who are probably still hanging off
  • Sunday Shopping

    For christ's sake when did shopping on Sunday become a crime? I find it quite convenient actually, especially since I work most weekdays, don't have a car and still need to buy curtains for my house that I moved into 2 weeks ago! But everytime I turn aro
  • Indie indeed

    I,m a musician, not gifted or anything but I have one little suggestion for you (gulp) indie bands trying to make some go...get a singer that can f*cking sing! This melodramatic, off key caterwalling is not cool, it,s NOT ‘indie’, it,s shit and it stinks
  • Use of force

    To the Sackville cop who smashed my kid’s face on the hood of your car after he was handcuffed: You let the adult he was with get away, and you took your anger out on my son. Congratulations, by the way, on confiscating the sweatshirt of the adult who as
  • Clear a path

    When I’m riding my bike to work, I take the sidewalk. To all the tightwads who tell me to get on the road: I am always mindful of pedestrians. I have never hit anyone, and if I ever did, I’m sure they would not be splattered all over the place as I would
  • Paintball Pests

    To the obnoxious girls and guy who randomly shot me in the foot with a paintball when I was on my way to work Tuesday night, minding my own business at a bus stop outside the Barrington Street Superstore: thanks a lot you fucking morons, that milky crap
  • First time offender

    To HRM Environmental Management Service:As it turns out, the area between the curb and the street at my address is very slim. Solid waste is uniformly placed (very close to traffic) in this area after 7pm on the proper dates, however garbage day was o
  • Kiss my rear

    To the lady who rear-ended my car in late August on North Park Street: THANKS!  You didn’t even fucking stop before you rammed me, and then both you and your fucking passenger verbally assaulted me and made me freak out even more.  I was injured but did
  • Beware, Arse Grabber

    This is to the cowardly piece of swamp scum who has been terrorizing Central and West End women - I hope to fuck I never come across you, you cunt, because I will personally rip off your balls with my molars and spit them out in the gutter where they bel
  • Have some respect

    To all of the little skanks who get on the bus and practically yell to your friend sitting next to you about all the guys you've slept with, have some respect to others on the bus. Better yet, get some respect for yourself. YOU are the reason I don't wan
  • Tip for non-servers...

    To all those who have never worked as a server: Please stop stacking your plates when you are done eating! We know that you are trying to help, but it doesn't. Let us clear the plates, better for you, (much) better for us.
  • The love haters

    In last week’s Coast, someone suggested you should have a column dealing with the more positive aspects of life. I only have one response: BAHAWHA!!!!  Do I really want to read a column that looks like “Chicken Soup for the ‘Fill in The Blank’”?? No fuck
  • Pot Hole Parade

    Look, I know this is pothole season and there's not much that can be done to repair them in this weather BUT something has to be done about the ones that are deep enough to conceal a German Shepherd. They are downright dangerous for both car and driver.
  • Boiled over

    I would like to thank you for last saturday night. Normally I would have turned down the order you placed 25 minutes after the kitchen closed, but I thought I would already miss my bus and you seemed very nice, so I thought I would take 10 minutes out of
  • lookin' for a "lost" cat?

    Hey shit bag just because you own a cat why the fuck should I have to wash my car, clean up my backyard for my kids so they don't have to step in your gem infested cat shit. All because your fleabag is out roaming the street killing birds squirrels and
  • Taking a stand

    When older people and women with small kids or babies get on the bus, why do you just sit there? Get your ass up off your damn seat and let them sit down, for God’s sake---I do. Especially you shitheads who pretend to read your books and ignore the body
  • Cowardly Bastard

    So HONEY, you decide after six years of marriage that 'you're not happy' and 'you can't do it anymore'. That's fine. I can respect your feelings. But to fucking do it via a cocksucking TEXT MESSAGE? How fucking lame.Take your e-dick and go e-fuck yours
  • Old' Walt

    Lilo and Stitch, fro old' Walt Disney had an episode where a new creature had big floppy ears, and a speaker in his tail. They listened in on private conversations; confused the facts. Everything was misinterpreted and made a hell of a mess. An argument
  • Excruciating Xtina

    Hey, moron whose bedroom is set up right below my office, how about you stop playing that one Christina Aguilera tune and that other dancey tune you have over and over again (it’s been months, fuckwit) and I agree not to light your head on fire? You play
  • My achy breaky heart....

    Well, I just have to say it, I have been biting my tongue for so long and I know that there will be a million people bitching back at me but here is goes...I am starting to really get sick and tired of the Pirate that hangs out in front of Clyde St. Liq
  • TV Superstars

    To all you fucking people who just enjoy to complain about everything. While watching the evening news tonight, they interviewed numerous people who were complaining about the Rolling Stones concert and the fact that the surrounding streets will be close
  • Thanks for the local support

    Yo Poopsie! It's me... the local who pays your tips the OTHER 3 seasons of the year when flush tourist is NOT here. Me, who does not complain when you chop and price your menu WAY up on the waterfront for tourist season, me who doesn't complain when I ca
  • Love the Way We Bitch

    Those escalators are made for walking and that just what I'll do. One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you moronic holiday shoppers who seem to think they're there so you can take a 40 second break from your clearly exhausting schedule.
  • Fucking Metro Transit

    I am so sick of having to wait out in the cold and in the rain for my bus to arrive at its stop AT THE PROPER TIME. I'm tired of being late for lecture all the time, and I'm sick of having to run after busses only to have them drive off without me anyway
  • Spill on the hill

    I waited for 40 minutes in a French fry line-up at the Concert on the Hill for $21 worth of fries and pop. As I wandered back to my spot, I noticed a larger woman struggling to get her footing. I saw her step up and slip down three times on the same patc
  • unemployed blues

    Gov't Canada sucks. I was unemployed for 4 weeks, over 2 months ago. 2 of those weeks were a 'waiting period' and the other two I have received a grand total of $254.36. I only got the fucking money two days ago. It makes me sick to think that Gov't Cana
  • Licence to bill

    For the second time since I got my licence, I had to renew it. Not only did I have to pay $63, but in order to get the blue “N” off it, I have to take a course that costs $90! That’s a student loan payment! I have been driving for 10 freakin’ years with
  • Bike Snatcher!

    To the scum who stole a precious, classic 60's bike....what were you thinking? It wasn't even mine, just locked behind my house! Thanks for forcing me to alert the the world! You won't be able to ride it in town you ass!
  • Great expectorations

    To the dipshit in the car who spit out his window at me: Rot in hell, you disgusting slime ball! And to all of you who spit saliva, snuff your snot and then spit or hack and spew your lungs’ contents into places where people are forced to side-step your
  • Run don't Walk!

    To the asshole driving a large Black van/truck on friday june22 on the corner of North and Robie streets at about 2pm; Is the exterior color of your car sucking the vision out of your ugly, getting nowhere fast face? It was a green light and I did not in
  • Distractions at the Oxford

    Someone needs to tell the projectionist at the Oxford theatre to stop coming and going during the movies - and here I am. The last few times I've attended a screening at the Oxford I've been annoyed and frustrated with the man walking around the theatre
  • Thanks so much for keeping me up all night

    To the 20-something girls outside of Bubbles Mansion on Saturday nights at 4 AM - why the fuck do you retarded idiots have to scream at the top of your lungs outside after the bar closes? Don't you have cabs to call, inept, horny boyfriends to go home wi
  • Somebody's got to drive the bus, assholes

    I am so tired of hearing the shit about bus drivers, what they make, how they act, for fucks sakes fuck off, your all just jealous that you dont make their money, The jobs are available , you want to make that money apply, for the fucking job, then see w
  • The fucking prize inside

    You know those frozen boneless skinless chicken breast that come in a 3 kg box? Why the hell do people open those? Do they think there might be something other than chicken in the box? Are they looking for the box with the fucking prize inside? What?

    To the Crazy Lady on bus 52, please do not ride the fuck transit if you can not stop thinking ppl are laughing at you. Your insane and bus drivers should not let you on the bus if you are going to sit there and yell at four year old kids coz you think th
  • Boss Hog of Metro Transit

    To the giant fucking ass hole, bus driver, Boss Hog wanna be, driving the metro transit bus on Saturday night......Thanks for not only humiliating me on a crowded bus, but your concern for my safety was you announced that I had only put i
  • Stop the noise

    Hey all you wingdings with windchimes: they may soothe your savage breasts (if you even notice them anymore) but they're driving the rest of us nuts. Take those nasty things down and stop contributing to noise pollution, for the love of peace and quiet!
  • Yuk Yuks loudmouth

    To the girl in the audience up front at the Yuk Yuks show on Saturday. The world does not revolve around you and making comments just to make them ruins entertainment for everyone. I didn't pay money to hear your idiot voice disagree with the comedian
  • Customer service goes a long way

    To the lady working at the Credit Union in the red shirt thursday night on Lady Hammond I understand that your bank needs to follow certian poilceys but you could be alot nicer when dealing with customers if you hate your job and don't feel like waiting
  • Alberta sucks

    I know Metro Transit SUCKS. I know the bouncers SUCK. I know the weather SUCKS. I know how much it SUCKS to see your favourite bar/ restaurant/ hair salon/ cafe/ grocery store/ florist/ book store etc shut down for whatever reason. I know servers SUCK, t
  • Blowing Smoke

    Here's to all you wonderful people who feel it's a-okay to smoke in public. I support your right to damage your body in any way you choose, but I get extremely pissed when I'm walking down the street with my son and some arrogant, oblivious jerk decides
  • Big Fat Turd Yacht Clogs Arm

    To the ugly giant fiberglass eyesore yacht parked in the middle of the Northwest Arm - please leave. It isn't enough that your fat yacht with helicopter and 3 engine speedboat is blighting the view in the Arm; it isn't enough that it is allowed to swivel
  • Bogus Boulevard Bum

    To the Conniving Bastard trolling the Bayers Road-Connaught Avenue boulevard looking for spare change. You're been outed, you twat, by a caller to Q104 on Tuesday morning, who claims that you not only have a car but also $11 grand in cash. I am sick of
  • Newsflash, idiot

    To the woman who nearly ran me over at the corner of Charles and Robie on Monday: Put down your newspaper and watch where you’re going! I realize that commuter traffic is slow and boring, but reading the paper while driving is not appropriate. I didn’t a
  • Dude in the Van

    Hey, jackass driving past me in the van when I was by the Firestation just off of Agricola -- thanks for the fucking slush off your wheels. I just don't get it. Do you think you look cool trying to speed up a deserted street with your wheels spinning in
  • What incentive

    So I, like many others, have a degree that doesn't seem to do much for me. So I decided to go back to school, while working full time at a job I hate. I am doing very well, actually I now have a GPA of 4.12 out of 4.3. What that means is two As for ever
  • Dear HRM municipal authorities:

    Get your collective heads out of your collective asses. First it was the cats (absurd), then the "study" to see if you can squeeze more money out of cyclists for the privilege of daily humiliation, and now I read today that your trying to get Freak Lunc
  • HRM Roadwork

    Why, oh why do road crews start working on the roads before 8 a.m. or after 4 p.m.? The traffic tieups on the Prospect Road and Rotary have been fucking ridiculous. What's worse is that the crews seem to let the smaller outbound traffic stream through w
  • Happy Mother’s Day

    This is to the rude piece of shit who yelled at my eight-year-old daughter as she walked her dog on our non-sidewalked street: There are no sidewalks on Melody Drive, therefore, where the hell do you expect people to walk? You yelled at her to get off th
  • Speeding Assholes

    What is your goddamn rush, you idiots?? Are we such an 'instant' society that we can't wait a few seconds for other drivers or pedestrians? Every day I encounter morons who are too impatient to wait a fucking minute, laying on the horn, pounding on the
  • Christmas tunes

    Can we please at least wait until it's December, hell maybe even the last week of November, until we are assaulted by holiday music piped into every damm store and public venue imaginable?!?It's fine to start playing the happy little x-mas tunes at so
  • Corporate Drones

    To all you bitchers coming out against the sunday shopping supporters, throwing up the fact that the courts have decided and it's over. This is when the rest of the population should be most riled up on the issue. we had a democratic vote and the governm
  • Rock Throwing Ass

    To the little punk who was throwing rocks at a teenage girl on Octerloney Street a week or so ago. At 17-18 you are a complete a-hole for even thinking about doing that to begin with but you also hit my pregnant wife and then followed her for three bloc
  • Haifax Needs Commuter Rail

    The city of Halifax has 400,000 people. Problem is, because of centuries of lackluster city planning, or the total lack of any planning whatsoever in many cases, Halifax has been built out and out, in the least dense fashion possible. What does this mean
  • Anarchists, unite

    To people who spray paint “A” in a circle: On a sidewalk, I don’t mind. On the facade of a church or other noble building, you disgust me. You want to save the planet but the only thing you’re looking at is your own little piece. Do you call yourself an
  • Taggers beware

    OK taggers, enough. We get it. You're young, full of testosterone, and you have nothing else to do with all that energy. Well stop writing your name all over this city! It's not funny anymore, it's not "art" (who remembers the "Meat is murder!" tag on Bl
  • Silly girl!

    A guest at a party that I'd helped to organize, you flirted with my husband (who was sitting next to me) all evening. He and I laughed off your ridiculous display but, c'mon hon', that's just rude!
  • Use the crosswalks

    To the jerk who crossed Wyse Rd near the bridge just now....WAKE THE HELL UP! Use the crosswalks thats what they are there for!!! If I had not been the curteous driver that I am, I would have run your sorry ass over! And you'd be paying the fine. Tha
  • Slice of the pie

    To pizza “organization” at pizza corner: At first I thought it was a simple error I could let go, but now I realize your scam after five mistakes in a row. You charge $3.85 for a slice and when I give you five bucks I get 15 cents change. It has happened
  • When does "indie" become "scene"?

    So I was at NSCAD the other day, and I had lunch at one of the cafes across the street. Honestly, I've always liked the style of dress that so called "indie" people throw together...don't get me wrong, but when I got enough awkward stares for not wearing
  • route number 87

    I leave work to catch a bus that is "scheduled to depart" in 10 minutes, thinking I'd have plenty of time to catch it. oops, from across the street I watch the bus pull up and leave, 5 minutes early. thanks a lot for doing your job, asshole. all you h
  • Professional beggars

    Im sick of being bothered by the Unicef and other dip shit organizations canvassing downtown. A) We all know you get paid to do that...don't act like you're volunteering with you self ritious smug attitude. B) Making people give thier time and money via
  • There is no God.

    To the group of conservative, god fearing, asshole pro-lifers (find them at who lined both sides of Barrington Street during Monday morning rush hour traffic (July 24): I understand that you think that abortion is murder, but thanks to yo
  • All rocked out

    I am sick and tired of all these cookie-cutter bands in Halifax. Each week I pick up the Coast I see the same shit 4 piece indie-rock group in some alluring pose some first year NSCAD student took with his/hers fathers old 35mm. What is up with this?
  • Don't Eat The Fucking Donuts!

    A friend of mine just quit her job at a popular coffee chain and told me that when the donuts are dipped, the glaze is spread around with bare fingers even though all the personel out front wear plastic gloves. I am so totally fucking grossed out about
  • BUSted

    To the man on the number 1 bus yesterday around 11am:Where do you get off at calling 13 year old girls who did nothing to you except for accidentally stepping on your foot (and apologizing by the way) "SLUTS" and "NIGGERS?"I understand your old, frail,
  • A tip for tourists

    To all of you foreign visitors: In North America, individuals tip when they receive foodservice. They don’t do this in Europe or Australia, because the wages of the servers are SUBSIDISED BY THE PRICE OF THE FOOD. But in Halifax, we are paid MINIMUM WAGE
  • enoughs enough

    Ok i have "afrcian Canadian" family members and all my life my parents have taught me about slavery / oppression / the rights of the individual .... and i agree racism is totally and absolutely wrong. But to the freeking dip shitwho placed the add i
  • Dear NSCAD Guy

    I saw you on the bus today. Patiently riding the 1 Spring Garden to some unknown destination, stroking your strategically untrimmed beard. I sat quiet, unambitious, carefully observing you from across the aisle. Sitting, watching, and wanting so badly
  • Bar Dick

    To the guy who got thrown on his back while he was in the bar line. Serves to right for grabbing and pinching people! Grow up or get thrown down!
  • Save the children

    Jesus H. Christaroonie, here’s a ridiculous front- page headline: Make kids wear helmets while sledding. When is this total bullshit going to stop? I can see the sense of bike helmets, but just how many sled fatalities have you heard of...EVER??? Kids sh
  • Stupid men hater!

    I just found out that one of my good friends was followed from tacky 'ole "Liquor Dome" this past weekend and was brutally beaten in front of his building, apparently because he's gay. I think i should send some of my gay/straight friends for some "stup
  • Save your phoney Xmas smiles for when I really need them

    Call me Grinch. Call me an asshole....I don't really care. My bitch is about all the phonies who suddenly decide I'm worthy of a smile just because it's Christmas season. Guess what, I don't by it. Save them for when I really need them.
  • Waiting CAN hurt you!

    This evening (Oct24) a 72 yr. old woman slipped and fell while coming out of Zeller's at the Bayer's Rd. Shopping Ctr. She landed hard and couldn't get up. Myself and a co-worker went to her aid immediately, but we were afraid to move her so we gave her
  • We really couldn't afford the window

    We can't really understand why you'd want our truck. That took a lot of balls though, to smash the window out right in our driveway. In a residential area of Dartmouth. Sorry you didn't get it, we've made sure you never will. That hot for cassettes? You
  • Cross Walk Rules

    No disrespect concerning the recent cross walk accidents in the city...they are sad for all parties, and my heart goes out....however, driving down the road the other day at only 35kms/hr, a pedesrtian decides whithout so much as a head swivel, to jet ou
  • Suv Drivers

    To all of the suv and minivan driving jackasses you have no right to complain about gas prices. Its you fault for picking a inefficient, dangerous stupid vehicle don't bitch about how you need a minivan or a suv to drive little scottie to baseball. God p
  • Hello? It's winter!

    Driving to work this morning, before 7 a.m., coming up Chebucto Road... there you were, little red car, with every single window obscured by snow, with the tiny exception of the little bit of the windshield on the driver's side that was cleared so you co
  • Would you like some cheese with that whine?

    To the whiny, rude, condescending assholes who threatened to report the promoters of the Corb Lund show to the Better Business Bureau for not giving them a discount on their cover charge, here is what I'd expect the response to be: “Fuck off, no one care
  • Hot headed

    All these people are complaining about the avain flu that has been in the news and soon to be in a movie, but we are those to blame. If you consider the way we treat brids, its can be explained. One shed in a chicken or turkey farm can house tens of th
  • bikes and cars

    I don't know if this belongs in the bitch column, or in the long list of things to be addressed concerning transport and infrastructure in this crumbling city: 3 separate mornings in the past month I've seen very VERY close calls between large cars and b
  • Idiot Driver

    To the asshole who nearly hit me on the crosswalk at Mumford Terminal early Tuesday morning. Thanks for getting my day off to a heart-stopping start. If someone else had've been crossing IN THE CROSSWALK with me, you would have hit one of us. The light w
  • Disgusting in the dark

    To the middle-aged guy with the red jacket who went to see Underworld Evolution Sunday afternoon: Keep it in your pants! You are disgusting and you totally ruined the movie for me. I came to see vampires and action, not to see you grabbing your u
  • Get off the phone or get in the manhole!

    This bitch is to the utter fuck who nearly ran me down on the weekend. The reason i was stnding on the road waving traffic off was so that nobody else would drive into the open manhole 3 feet behind me. It had already happened, and while i waited for cit
  • Toxic emissions

    To the disgusting inconsiderate old man who chose to light up a smoke directly on the bike path at the bottom of the bridge: Did you know that smoking is actually BAD for you? Unlike exercise, which I was enjoying up to the point when I was forced to inh
  • Bus rage

    Concerning an incident on a metro transit bus this afternoon, the bus was late, we boarded and sat down, a woman got on and was asking for help, no problem, but it was taking a while, on behalf of myself and my partner and others who might need to make c
  • Oil addicts

    To all you people who drive around in those big SUVs, and then go tell a smoker how bad and disrespectful they are to those around them: Shut the fuck up. The exhaust from your car/van/truck/SUV is -worse- than second-hand smoke, and destroys the environ
  • No One Needs To Hear You

    To the self important bitch from New Brunswick who thinks evryone at China Town needed to hear your conversation, think again. We were 6 booth away from you, and we couldn't hold a romantic conversation because we had to shout over you. You talked to a
  • Dine to five

    On behalf of the serving staff of Halifax: PALEEEESE, do not come into our place of work 5 minutes before we close and ask us if we mind if you come in! You are asking a question that you know we cannot answer honestly. “Are you sure it’s OK? We’ll be qu
  • Mr. Attitude, is it so hard to get?

    To the dumbasses who call where I work and ask, "are you open?" and then show up and bitch because some of the store is unavailable for sale: Get a Life! So what if you can't pick up your photos or get that can of soup. You got your way, I am working so
  • magic

    can someone please fix the payphones in this city!? am i the last person in the world that doesn't own a cellphone?!?
  • Pick your poison

    So after a night of pitchers, my friends decide the next stop is some all-night dance place. Not 10 feet inside the club, some 50 Cent knockoff asks if I want any blow or pills. Before I reach the bar, the same thing happens twice more (the last guy sayi
  • It's all fun & Games

    So, after reading the fine article on the front concerning the CWG's, it's great to know that people finally came to their senses and killed the thing. The great publicity machine sure did its job in getting all the lemmings on board while they wined an
  • to a ugly blond hoe

    To a certain blond dipshit who stabbed me in the eye with a piece of paper and did not apologize about we all know your a big man eating slut bag but do you really have to be such a bitch I meen we all pityed you when you broke up with your boyfriend of
  • Busy signals

    Why is it that when I’m in line at the garage, the vet, clothing stores...and the phone rings that the person on the phone gets service before me? Does a caller take precedence over me actually being there? I am a living, breathing, money-spending machin
  • Halifax is full of douche bags

    Good job kicking the shit out of those two guys on Brunswick Street Friday night, you thugged-out fucking rejects. Four on two, very nice. This is the third time I've witnessed this kind of thing in that exact same area, including one time it happened to
  • HRM has Police?

    Enough is enough already, yet again I hear of an unprovoked attack in HRM... This seems to be a subject well discussed but rarely acted upon, the question is can the folk’s in town hall put some pressure on our local law enforcement to actually get some
  • Car bombed

    Twice in the last week I have been pelted with objects thrown by teenagers in moving cars. Once it was a water balloon—I didn’t mind that so much. But the second time it was a fucking milkshake. Then I read last week’s Bitch about some punks throwing a h
  • Butt Out!

    Attn smokers:I don’t mind if you want to perforate your esophagus or blacken your lungs, but when it comes to mine, well I would prefer if you would be considerate and butt out. To the older “gentleman” who was smoking in the bus shelter at the bridge
  • bike it or not

    Just read the bitches section in the latest Coast regarding bike committing. For those drivers out there who feel the need to be aggressive in your cars when you see cyclists, I bet you were bullied in school and now you wanna give back a little with 2 t
  • Bus folk

    this bus smells like ranka million different ppls nasty awful stank.a lady answers a call"Halloowww" she yellsin her nova scotian drawl.fucked if i can barely watchbut salt stained windows keep my eyes from the outsideswhile a man grabs his crotch
  • …Two wheels, bad-ass

    To the Anonymous Asshole who wrote in last week’s Bitch that he/she will give a cyclist “a little love tap” with a truck. Go right the fuck ahead and do it, it may hurt me more than it hurts your truck, but it sure as hell is going to hurt your insurance
  • Small Dog Owners

    To the lady at Sea View Park, Sunday afternoon...Yes you. The one with the little brown, cute Daschund. My dog is bigger than yours and didn't hurt your dog but moreso tried to HERD it. He's 1/2 border collie if you couldn't tell by looking at him.
  • PIGS!!

    After coming home today after a lovely walk downtown my happy mood was shattered upon seeing the garbage that was left in the driveway we share with another home on North. Its not the first time - and probably not the last but for the love of God people,
  • Handicapped parking isn't a waiting spot

    To the jackass in his new Suburu wagon with his kids in the back seat parked in the Handicap parking, waiting for his wife to come out of the Starbucks. When I told you it wasn't a waiting space, and you said you would move if you saw someone with a han
  • Citadel Hell

    It is 2:51AM Saturday morning, in the North End. Whichever band it is that's badly playing Pearl Jam covers on Citadel Hill, please die in a fire.
  • Crowd control

    Last week, I proudly attended my son’s graduation from NSCAD. My memory of that day, however, will forever include the morons who sat behind us, screeching and hooting after EVERY grad’s name was announced. Grow up, assholes. My parents endured this inan
  • Sick of pickin up shit!

    I am a proud parent of 3 furballs, we've been taking advantage of the new off leash areas in metro, mostly Shubie park. This is a monitored probationary period of 12 months. After all the fighting with HRM to make this possible it's already being abuse
  • Bus Strike

    The drivers of metro transit are set to go on strike in the very near future. As a bus rider, I am pissed. After speaking to one of the drivers a week ago, I am behind them.The powers that be want to install microphones on buses so that supervisors can
  • Trashy hotel

    I work as a room attendant. Being environmentally friendly and struggling to make ends meet, I started pulling empties out of the trash and taking them home at the end of my shift to cash in. I did this for about four weeks until word spread to managemen
  • Parade Squared

    After years of waddling their taxpayer funded arses mere steps from car to office, ya'll finally decided to use one of the most attractive public spaces downtown as something OTHER than a parkade? Brilliant. But where to park those Passats now? Halifax b
  • Anger grande

    To the imbeciles who have been repeatedly egging a new Spring Garden coffee shop, do you really believe you are doing your noble part to resist corporate takeover? Have you any idea the positive changes that place has created for millions of low-wage wor
  • A is for artless

    I can only assume an enlightened north-end art aficionado is responsible for the recent tagging of Fred's. Great, you know a big word! Now why don't you grow up, do something useful for the community and quit punishing everything that doesn't conform to
  • PBBs(PUBLIC Bulletin Boards)

    To those who use the bulletin boards around town to advertise your whatevers. Just a few simple rules would make it better for all of us. 1) Good idea to bring your own tacks just in case instead of stealing mine2) Please don't completely cover some
  • Taxi Drivers Who ThinkThey Own The Road

    What is it with these cab drivers that speed around this city like it's their own personal Autobahn? I've seen so many of these bastards break every driving law in the book. But do you ever see them get stopped by the cops? Nope. The cops are too busy
  • Roger Wilco

    Finally, a band comes to town that is worth leaving my fortress of solitude to see and it took all my superpower patience not to let the incredible number of ignorant no-manners idiots ruin, what is now on my top ten best concerts ever seen to date list,
  • call centers

    I work in a call center. I'm not thrilled about that, but you do what you have to do to pay the rent. And before anyone gets all snarky and superior, let me say that a year ago I was a decently paid professional in a highly specialized field. So let u
  • Fried Kitten

    Who are these people who are so violently opposed to the proposed "cat bylaw"? Anyone who scoffs at the idea that roaming cats are a nuisance has obviously never tried to grow a garden in the city. Granted, it's not a life altering issue like the war i
  • Pissed about Pilferage

    Sunday afternoon I'm waiting for the bus on Barrington Street across from St. Matthews church. There's a mom with 4 little boys and one of her kids noticed a vehicle with a SMASHED in rear window.I decided to call the cops since the owners didn't seem
  • Vicious cycle

    To the person that stole my blue CCM Excel bike that was secured with a “sturdy” lock: thanks. I, as a student, really appreciate that you stole my bike right out of my backyard. Now I have nothing to get around on! You’re AWESOME!! Steal more bikes, why
  • We are so lame

    It’s 2007—Nova Scotia should catch up with the times. Teens are getting pregnant only to have their babies taken away or given up for adoption. Why do we not have abortion clinics in Halifax? Why is abortion not an accessible option for young women? Beca
  • Red Fridays

    OMFG this thing is stupid.It isn't bad enough that we have a government led by "I don't understand world politics" Harper, much like ole W down south but now we have these puffed up "support the troops" red Friday garbage days dreamt up by some suburba
  • Manage yourself

    Just because you manage an establishment downtown doesn't give you the right to get completely fucked up and start grabbing girls on the dance floor by the hair and holding their arms behind their backs. And to think that no one did anything because of
  • Your So Hard

    To the 4-5 "thugs" who jumped 1 guy outside of the Seahorse on Wednesday night, chanting "That's how we roll" once you finished jumping on this guys head, I bet it made you feel like "men" for doing it too, but to everybody who witnessed what you guys di
  • Geezer Handholding Couples

    I suppose you old geezers think it's cute walking downtown holding hands, taking up the whole fucking sidewalk. I've been behind too many of these cutsie boomer couples, strolling around like 13 year olds instead of the wrinkly old farts they really are
  • Bus Nazi

    To the driver of the 7 gottingen on Saturday mornings: You are the biggest fucking asshole I have ever come across. All other bus drivers are SO easy going.. you are fucking crazy. You've made me put in more money, put in an extra bus ticket because I ha
  • metro transit asshole bus driver

    To the miserable asshole who was driving the # 6 Downtown bus today, and wanted to make my life miserable just for the sheer joy of it, I hope your bus hits a dump truck head-on.
  • Akron/Family concert @ Stage Nine

    This letter is directed at the fucking asshole towards the back of the room (@ Stage Nine) who thought it was OK to loudly pontificate with his friends, during most of Akron/Family’s set. Sure there were many other assholes, who thought it was acceptabl
  • One IP address???

    So the only vote for the 'best of' contest that can register from my home is that of (one of) my jerkbag roomates? This is a guy who hasn't left his room except to piss on the toilet seat in 4 weeks and he gets my one shot from this IP address and steal
  • Pucking Politicians

    Just when I thought my contempt and disgust for Canadian politicians couldn't get any greater...most parties have agreed to debate the naming of Shane Doan captain of Team Canada during the World Hockey Championship in Russia. This is such a non-issue it
  • Ignorant-outspoken cab driver!!

    To the low life disgusting cab driver that picked me up at Speedy Muffler the other day. You were one of the most outspoken, rude people I have ever met! I tried to be nice and friendly and strike up a conversation with you, but you argued with every p
  • Disgusting School

    To my piece of shit school. This is disgusting. There are mice running around the school during classes and its disgusting. The kids were in the room during exams which are stressful enough yet there were two mice running around. I know "Oh we are buildi
  • T’isn’t the season

    Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas. It is my favourite time of year and every year I look forward to seeing all the lights on people’s houses…but COME ON people. For the love of Christ, turn the lights off already. I understand the whole 12 days of Chr
  • Sound advice

    I know patio season is over and thank fuck. I'm sick of listening to nasty beats bouncing off every building in the north end. Get some good talent or shut the fuck up. This is a warning for you to rip those speakers off your patio and do some soundproof
  • Why do libraries attract so many stupid people?

    Every time I go to the library I can't concentrate. I can't because a lot of people bring their babies to the library, a lot of people blare their diskmen and talk loudly, laughing. It doesnt seem like anyone comes here to read quietly or use the compute
  • Bus bimbos

    I'll keep this simple: if you are riding the bus and you are using your cellphone, STOP IT. You brainless fucking twits have zero consideration for the mental wellbeing of your fellow passengers. No one wants to sit there and listen to you blather on in

    This is to the stupid brunette with a backpack who darted across the street across from King's College this afternoon. HELLO a fucking crosswalk was 10 feet down the street, you just walked out into the street....TRAFFIC COMING AT YOU BOTH di
  • Harmed By Hollywood

    To the cold-hearted, money-grubbing (oops, isn't that the job definition?) producers on the schlockbuster, Outlander: So it's just fine for you to tell people they have work as extras on your movie, require them to drop everything for six weeks, and to l
  • Bite your tongue

    To the stupid, old, gross asshole who said, “Nice tongue, baby,” to me at the Rolling Stones concert Saturday night: Mick Jagger is the only man in the world who could get away with saying that to me. The only man. In the world. I mean, give me a break.
  • To Dartmouth's errrr... Finest

    When the police are called nightly to "tha corner" of Kennedy & Churchill it is because the 15-25 year old crackhead pushers & skank ho's voices ECHO through ALL neighbouring buildings. It makes me sick to see you sit in your vehicle watching - fearful t
  • It's Getting Worse....

    Between Barrington Street and Spring Garden Road, while on lunch, I encountered, at least, seven or eight bums looking for loot. The jig is up, you lazy bastards, I wouldn't give you a smell of two cents let alone one penny of my own money. I cannot
  • Ripping off the Hospital

    Ok, it's cool if you come up from your regular panning at the Willow tree to get warmed up or get coffee at the Tim's in the hospital off of Robie. It is NOT cool to wander around like a rat inside the hospital looking for shit to rip off, especially wit
  • HRM, I don't like you.

    Alright, so you fixed up the roads and highway on and off Kearney Lake Road. Why in name of God would you put a second set of lights (nearest to the highway) where you did? You jack-offs need to put a 4-way off broadholm. The only time the light changes
  • Gimmie shelter

    To the dumb fuck who was in the red hoodie and pants half down his ass at Scotia Square bus shelter: learn how to fuckin’ read. It says “NO SMOKING”---that includes your fuckin’ weed, pal. If you want to go smoke a joint, at least smoke it in your home o
  • goodbye city

    to a certain band of 5 douch-bags from Scarborough: why are you here? take notes asshats: if you're going to pledge never to come back to this city, and then write a song in your album (hello city) about how much you hate the place, you better not show y
  • Scandalous

    What is it with people who do their weekly grocery shopping and go through the SELF-SCAN with FULL CARTS? The self-scan is meant to be a quick alternative to standing in line for a cashier. I’m so sick of going to pick up lunch on my 30-minute lunch brea
  • Phoning it in

    Dear bleached-blonde woman at Neptune’s Pay-What-You-Can night: Hey, did you enjoy the play? Remember before the show when the theatre director came on stage to ask people to please turn off their cell phones? Maybe you don’t remember, Ms. Stirrup
  • Screw NSPC

    What the hell is it with that monopoly??? They put on their bills "Contact us to make payment arrangements" and then they refuse to make any kind of arrangements whatsoever!!! F*cking Corporate Mafiosas!!! Here's to living off the grid! F*ck Nova Scot
  • Failed The Test

    May4-11 issue of The Coast-Fat Halagonians (# of bus stops) and In honour (lowering the flag). I am the writer of both, and this was a test to see if we really like to "bitch" or really have an opinion. Bus stops received 17 responses and lowering the f
  • Rich Guy in Lexus

    Mr. Rich guy who recently sold his marine business I have met you before and I have always felt you to be one of the good guys. However saturday morning when there were already two cars parked outside of the marked parking lines you parked your large Le
  • Rental Increases

    So you move in into an apartment, the landlord says they will do things, they don't so you do. It's now a nicer place because of the work you put in, so the landlord asks for a big rent increase. Guess what you lose in Nova Scotia. If you are the rente
  • rough criminal

    Ok, so let me get this straight! So you have this guy robbing stores and people, racing through Halifax to Dartmouth requiring a police chase and now he's suing the police for shooting him in the leg?? Give me a break!!! Assuming he actually did rob thos
  • Biking a Line

    To the assholes who insist on flying down sidewalks on their bicycles. They're sidewalks, not sidebikes. I have news for you: legally, you're a motor vehicle. You agree to ride on the fine roads of Halifax when you hop on your pretty ten-speed and (some

    10:11 - August 6th 2007To the asshole driving the souped up red honda accord blaring your music. you were turning left from south to south park street and decided to chuck out your time hortons cup. I passed it back to saying you dropped something and
  • This is not idle chit chat

    For the love of god turn off your fucking engine when you are waiting for some one. Idling for more than 10 seconds wastes more fuel than starting your car up again. So turn it the fuck off. I see this all the time, everywhere. The most despicable wa
  • OH NO.. Crocks are back....

    Spring's in the air.. birds are singing.. flowers blooming and then there's crocks.. yes they'ree back on the freaky flat footed ffreaky feet of the crock wearing freaks of halifax!... and take noticed that you who wear them have an ass as big as your cr
  • Sewage

    To the unhelpful staff member of the downtown bar-whether it is only 11pm on a Saturday night, or not, over-flowing toilets are not a non-issue. I paid $6 bucks to walk in your shit! Thanks a bunch for the fantabulous night!
  • Keep off the grass

    To the group of obnoxious drunken frat boys waking up my neighbourhood late Saturday night: I hope you learn two lessons. Number one is that you should not ramble on loudly to awaken sleeping citizens. Number two, you should not pee on the awakened citiz
  • uni-green-amnesty

    to the amnesty international beggar who gave me shit for being able to afford university but not their charity: go fuck yourself. if you really cared about your charity you'd be volunteering, instead of being paid almost double minimum wage to harass me
  • Spray Paint tag'r

    To the two loosers who taged my vehicle on Quinpool Rd Nov 17 at 355am, you were caught on videotape, It is obvious why you tag, your so ugly you figure making other things ugly will make you feel better. Get therapy, and remember about kharma, you will
  • Thanksgiving hangover

    To the person who dumped leftover turkey in my garbage can on Vernon on Monday night: I have left the lid off my garbage can on Vernon for as long as I have lived here. It is typically filled by coffee cups, dog litter etc, and as a family of four, we st
  • Un$%#&ing Patriotic Guns N Roses Fans

    I am disgusted at the number of people who stood for songs like "Welcome to the Jungle," during the Guns N Roses concert and then stayed in their seats for the National Anthem! Kudos to those of you who realized 4 or 5 minutes in what they were playing
  • crosswalk parkers

    You know, just because you're in YOUR CAR pretending you can't see me, while you're idling ON TOP of the crosswalk, doesn't mean that I can't see you, you pointy headed, inconsiderate road hog. I'm so sorry that while you're SITTING inside your climate
  • Way to go, Vandals

    I'm so sick of the fuckwads who regularly vandalize the bus shelters at Victoria and Primrose Sts. in the North end of Dartmouth. You jackasses obviously don't take the bus, otherwise you'd know that waiting in the rain and snow with no shelter really S
  • Cell Phone Shitheads

    Those fucking specialized rings drive me nuts - especially when you have three or four of them going off in an crowded elevator or bus - if I hear the 'Sex in the City' theme song one more time, someone's lung is going to get pulled through their fucking
  • Don't hurt the kitty!!!

    I know that the must have received lots of emails from people enraged over the kitty cover- "Hey city council..." I personally thought the cover to be a classic...I had a co-worker of mine tell me that she normally reads The Coast, but tossed this one in
  • Lost & delirious at clothing store

    I have a simple question: are the people who work at clothing stores supposed to help you when you shop there? Now, I'm not trying to be funny or facetious when I ask that but everytime I've been in a certain outlet store in Hfx or Dart, no one has ever
  • signal indicaters

    My bitch is for all those drivers that signal as they make a turn in their car.For any one thats had to slow down behind someone on icy roads knows a liitle more notice that your turning helps alot.If you signal as you turn ,da thats a no brainer we can
  • 9/11 Conspiracy Sticker Vandalism

    I thought that all the vandals weilding stickers that say "9/11 Was an Inside Job" had disappeared, but as I continue to see new ones popping up here and there, apparently that is not the case.I am opposed to all forms of sticker vandalism, but these p
  • Tired of Demonization

    When the fuck are they going to legalize pot in this country? They're proven that cigarettes kill your ass but THERE IS NOT ONE RECORDED CASE OF ANYONE DYING FROM JUST POT ALONE!!!! Doesn't this stupid government realize that we could clear our nationa
  • Rainy Days Must Make You Blind

    To the guy driving the light colored car who nearly ran me down in the crosswalk on Saturday October 14, at 7:10 pm, as you turned left onto Dunbrack: You nearly killed me. Do you even understand that you nearly took my life in an intersection!? Did you
  • There's a City Beyond the Peninsula People!

    People need to get it through their heads that "Halifax" is actually much more than that just within the old city coundaries of 10+ years ago. There's a lot outside of the peninsula that is so often disregarded and forgotten in favour of obsessing over
  • Bully for you

    There is this guy I see around the city—on the bus, at the malls, etc.—and he has to be one of the most aggressive, angry individuals I have ever seen. I had a run in with him once and just put it down to him having a bad day. Last night he was crossing
  • Kitty cruelty

    To the sub-sub-sub-sub-sub (I can’t say sub enough) human that recently castrated that eight-week-old dear angel of a kitten with a pair of scissors (RIP, little one): I pride myself on being an extremely non-violent person. However, because of what you
  • Dirty Ernie Fage

    So voting to give tax dollars for your family isn’t bad enough. Drinking and driving, still not bad enough. Fleeing the accident caused by that drinking and driving is still not bad enough for you Mr. Fage. You decided your best hope was to smearing t
  • Congradulations, Asshole.

    To whoever kicked my door in and stole my laptop: Congratulations. You've got a two-year-old hunk of junk, and MY ENTIRE LIFE'S WORK. Just back up the hardrive and send me a disk, would you? Yeah, I'll get a new computer, but it's not much good to me wit
  • Grow Up, Halifax

    After being away for 4 years and returning to Halifax, I feel like I've grown up a bit, and I was hoping Halifax would have done the same. In some ways it has, but in some ways, we're still the laughing stock of other Canadian "cities"-here are three of
  • Capital Bullying

    Finally someone has stood up and said no more. To the housekeeper that was forced from her job crying because she was bullied by not only nurses but her supervisor, we say GOOD FOR YOU! I am a housekeeper as well and have tolerated this type of abuse onl
  • Come Back Crash & Mars!!

    To the stupid morons that got rid of Crash & Mars at HAL 89.9 - DO YOU HAVE A BRAIN IN YOUR HEAD!! Crash and Mars were the BEST radio hosts I have heard in this town in a long time! Sorry but the new gal and guy are just boring and stupid. I know I am
  • Gangstas on the bus

    To the guys dressed like they were from "The Hood," on the 52 that threatened to beat me up. I turned you down because I'm a lot smarter then that. But I wanted to give you some advice. Your "friends" are quite a lot younger then you. And they obviously
  • Not a bitch but a compliment

    People in the North End of Halifax might have noticed or heard about the changes implemented by the new manager of the Needs Convenience store on Gottingen. He's cleaned up the place and gotten rid of the crackwhores and thugs who kept people like me fro
  • Subhuman nature

    To the subhuman who dragged his dog across the Common on Saturday afternoon, hoisted it onto his shoulders—causing the dog to yelp in pain—and then eventually slammed the dog on the ground so hard that it couldn’t move for several seconds: you are one mi
  • The Vote???

    Every vote counts, the problem is we can not vote for what counts. NDP, PC, Liberal, Green... blah blah blah.. Who ever is elected in does not count, what counts is what the corporations want. What the rich elite who run our western world want. Building
  • Grand theft auto

    This is for the asshole who keeps breaking into my car: Looks like you took the small gift of a power drill and all the bits to go with it. Now we need to go out and spend $300 on a new drill so my husband can work! That was money we had allocated for re
  • dearest Christopher:)

    this is a friendly remark from the writer of the pedestrian bitch. just so you know I wouldnt actually run people over dumbass. I was just frustrasted at the time thanks to an idiot ped who walked in front of my car instead going around back which would
  • Windsor Street Deathtrap

    WTF is up with the two lanes on the Windsor Street exchange that turn left onto the Bedford Highway and merge immediately into one lane? I live on Windsor Street right by the exchange and drive through there 2-3 times a day. I am beginning to have anxiet
  • Get the connection?

    To the owners and operations of the business on the corner of South and Barrington. You guys must open up at about 830am. I know this because the old crank and his slo-mo' sidekick sit in the bus shelter EVERY MORNING smoking cigarette after cigarette (s
  • Sackville Street Disgrace

    The sidewalks in front of Reflections and across the street are covered with wads of gum, hundreds of them. It's sickening to look at and I do not, for the life of me, understand why the city tolerates such unsanitary conditions. However, judging from
  • Dear Smokers of HRM

    I am not one of the anti-smoking nazis. I don't support the blanket ban on the use of a legal product in public places. If I walk past you on the street and catch a whiff of your cigarette smoke, it really doesn't bother me. But when I see you flick
  • Pet stores

    Last weekend I went to a pet store and wanted to cry. I saw animals with fucking filthy, pooped in water bowls, puppies with weepy, crusty eyes, birds with big chunks of feathers missing off their bodies, and 2 full grown Affrician Grey parrots stuffed i
  • Barrington Street Blues

    So what's driving all the businesses out of Barrington Street? Could it be that some of these specialty shops have bitten off more than they can chew? Or that the rents are too fucking high? What's going to attract the tourists now? The bums on every
  • Smoking and the Powers That Be

    Those government idiots might as well make smoking illegal. You can't smoke anywhere in public - cars will be next, then apartments and condos. Soon, the only place it'll be safe to smoke is in a lead lined shed on Sable Island.The government claims
  • Pet Population

    While on Kijiji today I noticed a women giving away 11 kittens. WTF is wrong with you?! Do you not read the papers? The world is full of horrible people who will take your kittens simply to torture them. Fuck off and get your cat spayed. If you can't aff
  • Be real.

    Hey neighbour. Yeah, you who lives in the apartment right beside mine: next time you think the conversation coming from my unit is too loud, here's a tip for you: COME OVER AND TELL ME. You'll see it works much better than ringing up the property manager
  • smellin good

    ya know i've been ridin the bus (80) for 4 years now. and there are some stikin, smelly people on that bus.Oh! u got beer, cig, resteraunt, b.o., dog and cat piss smellin people. so excuse me for smellin GOOD.
  • Hail To the Bus Driver

    Thanks to the grouchy mother fucker Metro Transit driver Monday afternoon around 2:30 going to SMU. I got on your bus in a great mood, ipod on & some rocking beats to amuse me on my ride to work...when you decided to stop the bus before a stop & get up t
  • Charitible Driver Spares Pedestrian

    I'm crossing at the pedestrian crosswalk -- with the signal -- at the willow tree Monday at rush hour. You want to turn right and you honk your horn at me. I gesture at the walking signal to point out that I have the right of way and continue walking. Yo
  • University isn't daycare!

    To the bright student who brought her infant to class: look, I understand it's hard to be a student/parent, but don't bring your noisy baby to lectures! On top of the lecture material being difficult, your kid was crying, whining and banging things while
  • Music scene is dead in halifax

    Halifax is a city that loves to boast about its music scene and its many fine musicians, however i have found that no one goes to shows anymore. venues have closed or changed to non-live music. it seams no one has an interest in live music, rather go to
  • Urban panic

    Dear Bridge Commission, Seriously. It should not take me 2 hours to get to Dal from Cole Harbour. And getting home? I should not be able to get off the bus and walk from Staples on Gottingen, across the bridge and almost to the ferry terminal faster tha
  • Decent Dad

    Sunday; you were walking through our Soccer game on the commons wearing the kind of clothes and walking with the kind of swagger that said "don't F### with me" loud and clear. One of the players was chasing a ball and nearly barelled over the 8-year old
  • Glass smash be-trash

    To the shitty little arseholes who busted all the glass out of the bus shelter on Herring Cove Road: what the hell are you thinking? You got a problem with the nasty transit users who stand in the shelter to get out of the rain? Maybe you hate dogs. I ha
  • Per-fuming

    What is it with you bus riders who feel you can’t go to work without spritzing gallons of perfume or cologne all over your bodies? I’m allergic to perfumes and scents. When you sit near me my lungs burn, my sinuses fill up, and I start to cough. Then you
  • Real men don't slash tires

    Why did my right rear tire get slashed and two tires on my other car along with over a dozen more cars in the Millwood area some time on Wednesday night? Where do these lowlifes come from?Who ever the fuck you are, I can only hope that karma pays atten
  • Negative actions

    To the ignorant "newspaper photographer" at the January 15th Feist show, thanks a lot jerk. If you wanted to get decent photographs, maybe you should have arrived an hour before the doors opened, like some people who wanted a good spot did. But no, inste
  • Pink Floyd Piss Off

    To the miserable hag at the Pink Floyd show who was wearing earplugs, grimacing, and pointing out those of us partaking in the smoking of our joints to the police in the stadium. Thanks for getting us kicked out of one of the coolest shows I'd seen in th
  • yucky ducky!

    These bitches are sooo lame. I could write a better bitch with my eyes closed. Infact, Im doing It right now.Ok so heres my bitch: Im out at the Sulivans pond, which is usually beautiful, there are usually swans swimming and people getting married and h
  • Child Labour

    A certain downtown lunch spot has taken to employing children, the owner's kid, who is all of eleven or twelve. Well, no goddamn wonder there's no jobs out there - cheapskate owners would rather 'employ' their spawn than pay minimum wage to an ADULT wh
  • Bus Driving Bozo

    Yesterday, I almost got creamed by one of those fugly big accordian buses turning on to Rainne Drive by the Red Cross building. The stupid driver didn't even look to see if any traffic was coming before she turned. I had to screech to a halt, only a fe
  • Tim Horton's

    How can people drink and eat their wretched swill? The coffee tastes like bitter dishwater and I won't even want to think of all the chemicals there are in their pastries. Their soup is blander than Steven Harper and the sandwiches have the texture of
  • Raising hellions

    To the little shit bragging about all the clothes he’s stolen while he and his buddies ate lunch in the Quinpool Road grocery store: I could say all sorts of things to you, but you’re young and learning. Clearly you have no positive adult influences in y
  • Why do libraries suck so bad?

    They charge too much for fines. Most of their shit is broken. Their books are extremely outdated. And to top it all off most of the libraries, the librariens are fucking assholes. After the library fines I ussually buy my own danm books.. because the a
  • cart confusion

    So you were green and walked (instead of drove) your groceries home in a shopping cart "borrowed' from the store. Well here's a tip for you. You are healthy enough to take the cart home, for chissakes take the friggin' cart BACK! How hard is that you laz
  • A walk to dismember

    What does it take to get some fucking sidewalks in Bayers Lake? If the government won’t pony up for it, the businesses should have to. Your customers should be able to walk to your store without almost getting smoked by a fucking idiot driver. There are
  • Beer rip offs

    Is beer a poor man's drink or what? Why the fuck is my local tavern charging 4.25 for a beer. That's disgusting. And their draft is 4.00. I use to go there all the time when their prices were reasonable but they can go fuck themselves now. And as fo
  • Repressed City?

    Less a bitch than an inquiry.Maybe one exists but outside of a few aging drag queens at Reflections and the quite excellent sex shop Venus Envy, there doesn't seem to be much of a sex "scene" in Halifax at all. As far as I can tell, there're no fet pa
  • Not a punk!

    I am so sick and tired of being treated like a criminal by what sadly seems to be a majority of older people. I was yelled at by a bus driver today for wearing headphones simply because I was unaware that the 14 that I was on didn't turn into the 61. D
  • Put on a Costume!

    In the spirit of Halloween, to all those "kids" out there who will soon be begging for candy in their neighbourhoods, if you voice is deeper than the guy giving it to you, get lost and while you're at it, try putting on an actual costume if you're going
  • Backstage at NOFX

    To the greasy haired, big ass glassed bitch who kicked me out from the backstage of the NOFX concert. I had a fuckin back stage pass in hand (that was legit) and because you had to play this high and mighty dumb bitch, I didnt get to fullfill one of my d
  • Why we have rush hour traffic

    Out there somewhere in this city there is some guy (or woman) who is in charge of making rush hour go smoother; I submit this, in the hopes of him somehow getting wind of this. If you’re that guy, or know that guy, tell him this: “Build a frikkin’ pedest
  • Quiet riot

    What's with the librarians who don't have in-door voices? In the King's library, it's the librarians I want to SHHH---. I don't get it, shouldn't they know better than anyone to keep it down?
  • Rotten Food

    To the very rude people at the restaurant on Quinpool Road. It was not the waitress's fault that your sausages were rotten. Check the dates on your products and please have the decency of coming to talk to the customer instead of sending the waitress to
  • Joint effort

    I have to snort every time I see devoted joggers doing their little dances down the sidewalks in Halifax. How long do you think your knees will take the