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Meet the Factory (Plastic Factory)

Young but mighty, Montreal label Plastic Factory Records has staked its claim in the east coast weirdo-pop scene with this double LP collection of goodness. Featuring new songs from some of your favourite local bands—Monomyth, Each Other, Museum Pieces and Nap Eyes, whose Whine of the Mystic was Plastic Factory's inaugural release earlier this year—as well as a heap of sure-to-be new discoveries, this cool compilation is the perfect antidote to sweat-soaked August days. These 20 tracks run the geographic gamut from Montreal to Toronto to Halifax, a diverse handful of artists united by a few stylistic throughlines: playful melodies, short song lengths and reverb abound. Still, among this mostly consistent set there sit a few welcome outliers: "Girl Behind the Counter" from experimental popster Mozart's Sister and "Median" by the sludgy Montreal post-punk group Gashrat both offer a welcome change of pace. The trite buffet metaphor truly does apply here. And hey, who doesn't love a good buffet?

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