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Kate Watson's Laramie Project review

DalTheatre's The Laramie Project is an interesting blend of theatre and investigative journalism. It was written collaboratively by a New York theatre group after its members conducted a series of interviews with people of Laramie, Wyoming, a town now infamous for the brutal murder of gay university student Matthew Shepard. The 16 actors play multiple roles, and it is a testament to the quality of the acting that it seems as if the stage is truly populated by dozens of distinct characters. Director Christian Barry brings his distinctive visual style to the play, leaving the audience with breath-taking images of angels, curtains of rain and ethereal lights. The play deals with a dark subject, but ultimately this powerful production beautifully exposes the potential for both evil and redemption that lies within the human heart. Runs until Saturday, Sir James Dunn Theatre, 6101 University, 8pm with 2pm Sat matinee, $12-$6 (stu), 494-3820.

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