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  • Nov 20-26, 2008
  • Vol. 16, No. 26

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  • Downtown's missing buildings
  • City
  • Downtown's missing buildings

    City Council's rejection of the Waterside Centre is getting a lot of attention. But the real story of Halifax development involves lots of plans that have been approved--where re all those skyscrapers? And can we build a decent city without them?
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  • St. John's, 2.0
  • City
  • St. John's, 2.0

    Yet another old Halifax church is to be torn down, but the congregation vows to return to serve modern needs.
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  • Savage Love
  • Prop 8 hate

    Dan Savage says the numbers are on the good guy's side and they're working against uberbigots like Tony Perkins.
  • Present tension
  • Editorial
  • Present tension

    With 250 years of democracy under our kilts, does history hold the provincial Tories back?
  • Pants: on fire
  • Lowefiles
  • Pants: on fire

    Lie detector tests reveal more about the organization giving the test than the person being tested.

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Arts + Culture

  • Slam dunk
  • Theatre
  • Slam dunk

    Fresh off the win, Halifax's spoken word team is now the two-time champ of the National SLAM Competition.


  • Spoon country
  • Feature
  • Spoon country

    Alt-folker Rae Spoon sings of travelling through Canada's most isolated corners.

Love the way we bitch

  • An Open Letter to the Comically Horrid

    Thank you ever so much for your recent prize worthy journalism. In perhaps what is the greatest economic bust in recorded history, you have chosen to showcase those poor unfortunate souls who have two houses (but with debt!) and a tenured husband (so the

    To the jerky family who didn't leave me a tip on their $200 bill last night: FUCK YOU! You think being miserable is in my job description? You're the kind of people who make serving the shittiest job in existence. Next time I'm going to spill beer all ov
  • PicnicBitch

    Popular comedy person who will remain nameless: You've gotta cut down on the weed. Yeah, yeah, blah, blah "choices" bullshit, yeah, yeah "helps me focus/in bed/relax/write" bullshit. Whatever. LISTEN: I'm okay with the people blowing sunshine up your ass
  • Where's the fire?

    Why is everyone now complaining about the polygraph for the HRM employees? They've been using it for years and no one has complained. And then the media "scoops" it now. Well, why didn't they find out before? I am not impressed by your supposed investiga
  • Time for some sober reflection

    To loud drunk guy, floppy drunk girl, and puking drunk guy on the #1 last week: WHY? Why were you that drunk at 5:30 in the afternoon, why did you feel the need to keep chanting my school (and presumably yours)'s name really loudly, and why in god's name
  • what the...

    Ok Ok.. Parade of lights was wet, but fun none the less..What was with a certain radio stations float? Two 14 year old looking little girls dressed in a school girl uniform dancing around on a stage by themselves?? Looked like a float for a strip club..
  • Not # 1 in my books!

    I'm a day student who has to take a bus from my house and then transfer at Scotia square to catch the #1 bus just to get to class and though not all of the drivers are guilty of this, there are a sadistic few that will purposely make my trip harder, whe
  • Intentional self-humiliation?

    To the guy who repeatedly stared at me in the library and encouraged his friend to do the same:When I acknowledged you're looking at me like I'm an animal, shoot you an unsatisfactory look and then look away, it usually means you stop staring and get o
  • Stop the Stop

    Anyone working in the Burnside area will know exactly what I am talking about when I mention the rediculously long wait at the intersection leaving highfeild and entering Burside.Every morning I sit at the red light and count 30 or more cars coming from
  • Yes, There is a Problem.

    To the middle-aged yuppie bitch who thinks that the world revolves around her: I was wearing earphones as I walked up South Park St. on Friday. I thought I was walking in a straight line, and when I walked into your path I couldn't hear you behind me and
  • Media Vultures

    I am sick of the way papers and tv cover tragedies these days. It was capped by a picture run on the cover of a local paper this past Tuesday (Nov.18) about the horrible accident that occured downtown. Instead of printing a simple cops on scene or even a
  • Cheap Sunglasses

    To all you ladies who believe they look so hot with those incredibly oversized, hideous, laughable glasses, here to tell ya, u look fuckin ridiculous.
  • Not Cool Enough to Shop Here

    Dear Retail Salespeople;I am a middle aged woman. I am not fashionable. I am slightly overweight. I wear sensible shoes. I do not wear makeup. I am what you might call frumpy. I also have more disposable income than you will have for at least 20 y
  • Snowbank Troubles

    So I, like many others in Halifax, commute everywhere by bus. I'm in my 20's, wearing waterproof boots, and don't mind the odd 'climb over the snow bank' routine when HRM fails to remove snow from around the many bus stops in Halifax. But, this morning
  • Fuck Snow and the people who love it.

    Every year at this time I start to hear it from these fucking retarded assholes who just LOVE snow. Snow is fucking slippery, cold, wet, and DANGEROUS but to hear some people talk about it it's gold rained down from heaven. People who like Winter should
  • Graffiti

    Can someone explain to me why public/private property gets covered with graffiti? Riding to work, I see signs, fences, retaining walls, homes and businesses with spray-painted sheeite on them. A few people were cleaning or repainting over the damage ever
  • what's the difference?

    I understand there's a law against talking on a cell phone while driving, because you're suppose to have both hands on the wheel, and have as few distractions as possible. HOWEVER, can someone PLEASE explain to me the difference between holding the phone
  • spitting hats

    to the young men in halifax who all seem to dress with backwards hats, and mini thug clothing. please stop spitting every ten seconds. you spit on the bus, you lean out of your car to spit at red lights, you spit in class, you spit on the floor at the pu
  • spaghetti or bust.

    to the owner of a certain deli take out: Lady maybe if you take the permanent scowl off your face and stop being such a b_----people might buy something in your store/ restaurant. By the way your staff all hate you and your prices are too high.

    thank you for draining me of everything good. The person i used to be, the outgoing, funny, fun , witty guy. Thanks for sucking the good right out of me and making me think that life really isnt worth living. I tried to make shit work, but you sitting ho
  • Winter Tires

    I've read through some other bitches complaining that NS drivers need winter tires. I would like to point out, that in some cases winter tires are great. I MOST cases, it is the stupidity of the driver, not their tire condition. Nova Scotia has some p
  • Snowed Out-of-Business

    To all the businesses who decided against opening on Saturday after the roads had been plowed, way to go. You lost my business and money. Tell your employees to buy some fucking winter tires!
  • Ow

    Why the hell do paper cuts hurt so much
  • it's ALWAYS the driver's fault

    the driver is the one driving the godamn death machine. i'm so sick of the blame-the-pedestrian mentality that seems to flourish on these boards. if you're in a ton of metal, YOU have the responsibility.i am so sick of these stupid fucks who cannot be
  • Sidewalk Hogs

    To all you people waiting for the bus, hanging around outside stores, or otherwise just sitting around enjoying the weather: Please do not stand right in the middle of the sidewalk. There are very few things less frustrating than being in a rush and hav
  • Fuck security!

    To the honky tonk bitch that said I was giving her attitude for asking what time the show started, and the young blonde ass security hole outside that called me a bitch and let everybody in before me; Karma is a bitch and you two are fucked! Get off your
  • Eating on the bus?

    To the lady on the bus with the huge ass bag of McDonalds:Did you not see the sign on the bus that says NO FOOD? The rest of us aren't allowed on with food or drink, I would like to knowA) How you managed to get it past the bus driverB) Why you think
  • Dear Family Doctor

    Why are you still taking new patients when your current patients can't even get appointments? I've been trying to get an appointment for the past two weeks and nothing's available. What's the point of having a family doctor anyway when I'm constantly h
  • "Fashionistas"

    Do you have stance on the Israeli / Palestinian conflict?No?NO?THEN LOSE THE FUCKING KEFFIYEH.If I see one more trendy hooligan walking around in a colourful keffiyeh scarf from American Eagle or Urban.. wherever the hell it is that you get that sh
  • to the child puncher on the bus

    To the sick fucker who said that to his 6-8 year old grandkids on the #7 Robie at about 7:50PM (Thursday, Nov 20), and got off at Robie/North... I hope you get what is coming to you. I know who the kids parents are, and if I ever see them, you can be fuc
  • Too early, or late? Whichever one.

    Hey, buddy in the bobcat that keeps coming back every few hours to idle at the entrance to Stadacona: No matter how small your itty bitty machine is, it still makes enough noise to wake me up from across the street. You've been coming around for two da
  • Economic Gangbang

    Here’s what has been really going on with the economy over the past several months:A critical mass of individuals has assembled a trading block that appears on the surface to be unrelated. In fact it is a highly integrated and coordinated effort. Colle
  • Palermo the Terrible

    Almost every review I've ever read is negative, even for the movies he likes. Do us all a favour and stop printing his crap it wastes valuable ink. Go to to read reviews of some respectable critics.
  • Bus bitch

    To the douchebags that are responsible for having me wait for the bus in the freezing rain today, I say this:If your forecasting of bus routes and daily usage is equal to that of a weatherman/woman...may I recomend to you a new line of work. Playing "p
  • Snow Snow Everywhere!!!

    I've just been wondering why at 9:30pm on Monday night after the snowstorm on Friday night.... STILL ROAD'S ARE NOT PLOWED!!!!!!! My street and a few more that I've driven on in the city have not even been touched by a plow. I am outraged. Last year when
  • Snow Plow Manifesto

    People of HRM hereby declare that...1. All plow operators must pass and IQ test before being allowed on HRM streets. 2. All people leaving their vehicles parked on the street after a snow storm will be publicly flogged daily on the Grand Parade.
  • no respect for life

    as most of us know there was a woman killed on barrington street on monday outside a time hortons, but what the hell is wrong with tim's?? they may have closed the blinds to distract customers from the fact that someone just lost their life, but you don
  • Trying to get sleep, Don't wanna hear human mating!

    About 2 weeks ago one morning I woke up in my bed and I planned to keep sleeping. As I was drifting back to sleep, I started hearing loud moans, both from a man and woman, along with bed-squeaking noises coming from next-door...geez I wonder what THEY we
  • Stop with the Bus Bitches........

    1) “someone was eating on the bus” ...Food Bus Nazi2) “I had to stand out in the rain”... Purchase an Umbrella 3) “you either come too early or late”.Didn’t you know? Metro Transit Controls Traffic4) “strollers, blah blah blah” Umm, perhap try moving
  • Off with their heads

    I’m shocked that Nova Scotians are not more outraged about the hundreds of motorists being stranded on the Cobequid Pass. I cannot believe that Nova Scotians are so laid back, that they would let the Minister of Transportation use this as “a learning ex
  • Unplowed Sidewalks

    What hell is this city thinking?! Over 12 hours after the majority of the snow fell and most of the sidewalks haven't been plowed. I went out to pick up some food and nearly got killed for my trouble as I walked along Willett street. I've never understoo
  • Adding to the Metro Transit Etiquette

    I agree with everything ever posted about Metro Trasnit. I would just like to add my bitch as well. If there is no room to sit, why do all the people standing crowd towards the front of the bus? Why does the bus driver HAVE to tell you to move back?I jus
  • Halifax "Live" Music

    Why does the coast advertise dj's and karaoke under the heading of "Live" music. Live music is delivered by a person or person's performing music. Karaoke and dj's do provide a sort of entertainment, but it's not "Live MUSIC"
  • Hey Sexist Superficial Assholes!

    This is to the 2 regulars at the restaurant I work at:Hey! You have been coming in every day for lunch lately. I served you like 20 times. Four other girls have served you about that many times. I always wondered why you were so fucking cheap. I bent o
  • Jim Nunn It's Time to Retire You Cranky Fuck

    Okay Jim you stodgy old koot, I think it's time you fuck off to bed or the backwoods out of the public eye. Your cantankerous manner of idiot attack journalism-sum-public flogging isn't wanted anymore, and sure as hell not needed by anyone. You do noth
  • Bubbles would be ashamed...

    Why do you even bother to get a cat while you're in university if you have to put it down two years later when you go back to home to mommy and daddy? There are other options you know (the easiest being not to get a cat in the first place!) And I'm sur
  • Metro Bus Drivers

    Is there a rule that says Bus Drivers always have the right of way? It seems to me that they think as soon as their blinker comes on traffic besides them disappears....
  • Metro Transit Etiquette

    To all you Metro passengers who feel that your bag/napsack/oversized purses need a seat for themselves, I am here to tell you put them on your fuckin lap when there are people attempting to find a seat. When you get in a seat here`s a suggestion, don`t s
  • Grocery Shopping for dummies:

    For the past year I have worked as a cashier at my "super" job at a certain grocery store in Halifax. I’m sure everyone has their horror stories of cashiers bruising their bananas, or god forbid squishing their bread and I’d be willing to bet that you ma

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