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Jamming for Oxfam

Local volunteers round up a night of up-and-coming music for women's rights and poverty.

Jamming for Oxfam
Natasha Peach lends a hand,  and a voice.

Sure, International Women's Day was last week but the local contingent of Oxfam hasn't forgotten it. In the spirit of

celebrating women, and the good work the organization does for women's rights and poverty, Pacifico's stage will see a rare night of live, local music hosted by comedian Gerry Farmer. "Oxfam is such a great organization, it's present in 90 countries around the world," says Kayla Turpin, a public relations student and volunteer who organized the event along with her friend Emily MacMackin with the help of the wisdom Music for Good's Christopher Dawe. "You can see where the money goes, which is really important. That doesn't always happen." —Allison Saunders

Thursday March 15, Pacifico, Maritime Centre, 1505 Barrington Street,

7pm-1am, $7 suggested donation

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