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Gideons release debut, Hymns for Hers

To be distributed in hotel rooms nationally. Plus: Exclusive Q&A inside!

The Gideons, two apples tall

Local heartbreakers The Gideons are readying themselves (and their livers) for the official release show for their debut record, Hymns For Hers (with The Stance and PEI's New Royalty. February 7 at Gus' Pub: "the place where they have honed their chops and drinking problems for the past year.") This momentous evening approximately marks The Gideons' one year anniversary—-their first show alongside The Got to Get Got, Brent Randall and his Pinecones and Matt Reid and Friends took place February 16, 2008 at Gus'. The band warn the attending public to "expect some possible combination of the following: face painting, balloons, psychexploitation films/pulsating oils playing over the band, a dispensation from the Pope, smoke machines, seizures (drug and otherwise), and more (or less)." Guitarist/bassist/vocalist Josh Salter revealed the album's classic theme, "Girls. Breaking up with, falling in love with, stealing, letting go of, marrying. It is a concept album for the dumb." As any Halifax concertgoer knows, The Gideons' live show involves a lot of partial nudity, beer and human pile-ups. All of which usually responds well to being taken on the road. "We are going to try and tour a bit on this album in the summer," says Salter. "No promises though. We want to see our friends in Montreal, garage capital of Canada." But all these petty facts are trivial when faced with the meaning of life, are they not? "I have always thought that Charles Baudelaire said it best: 'Don't be martyred slaves of Time, get drunk! Stay drunk! On wine, virtue, poetry, whatever!' We also agree with The Rutles that 'Love is the meaning of life, life is the meaning of love,'" Says Salter. "Alternatively the meaning of life is contained inside our record somewhere. "

Coming up: an exclusive S&H - Q&A...


Extra Q&A exclusive with Josh Salter of the Gideons (special focus on marriage and death).

Q: If forced, what member of your band would you kill?

A: Everyone would probably kill me because I break things the most often; strings, lights, pedals. I'd kill Cailean (Lewis, guitar/bass/keys/vocals). No question about it. We have a double suicide pact.

Q: If forced, what entire band would you kill? (anywhere in the world, alive or dead)

A: I'd like to say U2 but Bono's martyr complex would be fulfilled and he'd be billed as the new John Lennon. Nickelback would be pretty satisfying.

Q: f forced, what entire band would you marry? (anywhere in the world, alive or dead)

A: The Bangles as long as I got Susanna Hoffs. I feel like we'd fit along with the Shangri-las. They seem pretty tough and would make sure we weren't pussies. Have you heard the song "Out in the Streets"? Any girl that wants me to be dirty, bad, and messy haired is fine by me. Perhaps Plumtree.

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