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Contrived, heavy meadows, The Remains of Brian Borcherdt

Friday, January 4 at The Marquee Club, Contrived are set to tear the lid off this mother with the help of The Remains of Brian Borcherdt and heavy meadows (10pm, $8 at the door). Contrived has kept a low profile lately—likely due to other musical commitments—but a new album is expected soon, which undoubtedly has fans salivating.

Comprised of Mike Bigelow, Loel Campbell, Tim D'Eon, Mike MacNeil (also in heavy meadows) and Jon Samuel, the group play five epic songs with a heavy appeal. Sharing band members isn't anything new for the Dependent crew; the line-up on many of the label's bands reads like an interconnected flow chart. Not only do Dependent bands often share members, the live shows usually feature bands from the label. But this closely knit group is not so hard to crack into, from a listeners' perspective, at the very least.

Seriously, I could find a Dependent album to suit every member of my family. Good job, gang. heavy meadows make another appearance this weekend on Saturday, January 5 at The Seahorse Tavern (10pm, $5) with Anew Airship and Luke Morris. I think everyone who goes should pester them to release a new album. I'm sure that would go over well.

It should be an evening of inspiring music, Anew Airship's goal cited as "connecting empowered communities with pop music to enact social change." Halifax is an empowered community, right? I'd like to think it is.

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