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  • There’s just one problem with this week’s monster of a cover by Coast art director Moon Hee Nam. Godzilla is blocking the sightlines from Citadel Hill, and that’s a heritage no-no.
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  • Jan 3-9, 2008
  • Vol. 15, No. 32

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  • Heavy metal

    After recovering from a serious illness, jewellery artist Dorothée Rosen reflects on a life re-evaluated through her new work.
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  • No-brainer

    Television documentary Zombiemania examines pop culture’s fascination with the undead.


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  • Ground control

    Folk-popsters Anew Airship have lift-off, thanks to a Los Angeles production deal for singer-songwriter Jeremy Francis

Love the way we bitch

  • Movie critic

    Mark Palermo is an idiot. He wouldn't know a good movie if it hit him in the face. Seriously, when I can read one of his reviews without laughing, I basically use it as an indication that I'll have the opposite opinion on any movie he writes about. c'mon
  • Sushi Nasty

    You are one asshole manager. I ordered sashimi appetizer, it was frozen solid. I know its supposed to be cold. I know how both sushi and sashimi are stored, prepared and served you idiot. You coming to my table to berate me/try to humiliate me publicly w
  • #1? #80? #42?

    don't say, "i've never been on a bus" with such content. you sound like ignorant, spoiled, narrow-minded jackasses. open your eyes and a book, grow some fucking common sense and brains. welcome to reality boys and girls.
  • Halifax Cab Drivers

    Alright, I know you drive all day/night, and have been doing it for several years, but you think that your driving skills would imrpove, not diminish. It seems like every cab driver in this city has completely forgotten everything they learned in drivers
  • ex friend blues

    your nothing but a manipulating abusive bitch. I'm tired of being slapped around You won't beat me again I refuse to ever be treated that way again. I won't participate. I don't know what to do when a girl beats a boy. I can't hit back so what. I swear t
  • Metro Transit drivers (#6 route)

    I am so sick and tired of hearing "this is the wrong side of the street" or "you need to cross the road and get on at that stop" Look, do you see a crosswalk ANYWHERE near Armdale Pizza? do you see the amount of cars on the road and ICE on the side walk?
  • Stupid effin' cattle on transit buses

    Here's my rant-If the bus is getting full why the fuck does the driver have to tell you idiots ALL of the time to move to the back? Why do you idiots insist on bunching up near the front?Also, why won't ANYONE make an effort to open a window when the
  • Snow Removal Discrimination?

    Ok this is a bitch about the fact that in Dartmouth we have our sidewalks cleared for us by the city (note: Dartmouth also has lower property taxes) but everyone across the harbor who pay a lot more in property taxes have to clear their walks. What is up
  • Media Feeding Frenzy

    If I have to see one more goddamn story on 'Britney in Crisis', I will fucking scream louder than Mayor Kelly getting it up the ass. Who the fuck cares about this little psycho attention whore? My Jesus, there are people hungry and cold in our province
  • Parents should parent!

    This goes out to the parents who attend school concerts or other public events and let them run all over the place and rudely disrupt others. Parent your kids! Model and instruct how to sit patiently, listen attentively, and show appreciation for the
  • Get on a plane

    I'm really sick of seeing hundreds of online groups, such as "Let's bring Ikea to Halifax, Let's bring Val Halen to Halifax, Let's bring Chucky Cheese to Dartmouth Crossing!" Stop defining this city based upon what it lacks and start enjoying the many qu
  • Is it just me

    or does anyone elses head want to explode if you pick up Feces or Faces magazine. Good god almighty can this city get anymore douche-tastic. Exclusive party pics from the Palace.....thank god now my day is complete.
  • Thanks fucker

    This is to the asshole(s) who broke into my mothers car. FUCK YOU. It was a brisk Wednesday January the 2nd and you mondo shitbags decided to try and steal my mothers purple Crystler by the waterfront ferry terminal in dartmouth. If you were actually men
  • going shopping?

    I work in the mall, I work in a clothing store, I'm going to ask you if you need any help. I can't read your minds. I know it's Christmas and you're stressed out. Don't act like such assholes when I ask you if you need any help. It's my job, I HAVE to as
  • Letter to my boss to let off steam before I quit!

    I do not have a barcode and a label "made in Japan" stamped on the back of my neck. Therefore I am not a robot that is programmed to do non-stop repetitive tasks for 9 hours a day, and to do them perfectly.I am going to screw up. I am a human being. I'
  • Missing my sweet, sweet alarm clock.

    To the assholes that live above me...why the fuck do you feel the urge to stomp around your apartment at 3 am with your fucking stilettos on? Seriously! I'd like to be woken up by my alarm clock for a change, not your stupid-ass heels. TAKE THEM OFF!
  • Slumlord

    A gigantic megacorp is buying up all these cheap properties and not repairing their messes. I moved in to my unit and three times the tub from upstairs flooded our basment unit not too mention the fact we had spiders as big as your thumb etc. I was told
  • Catholic Church Claptrap

    Recently, I heard that the current Pope stated that all non-Catholics are going to hell, that the only people who would go to heaven would be Catholics. Give me a fucking break.First, let me say that I think all religion is bullshit - most of the ills
  • You're people not a roadblock

    This is to all the assholes out there that feel it’s their personal duty to stand in groups in the middle of sidewalks, hallways, and entrances chatting it up with friends. You’re fucking people, not roadblocks, haul your ass to the side so that people t
  • Screaming Wolf

    To the morons (male and female) outside my downtown apartment window most weekend evenings on your way back from the bars, STOP SCREAMING. We have a crime problem in this city and we also have a problem with people looking the other way. I am sick of run
  • Love the Way We Bitch

    When you look at the lane in front of the Armoury do you see yellow lines, an attendant, or a sign indicating parking rates? No, you don't. Want to know why? Because it's not a FUCKING PARKING LOT. Listen, I get it - it's a great place to drop people off
  • Tis The Season

    I know it's a little past the season, but thinking back it's still pisses me off. I'm sick of all these anti-religious activists that are trying to get Christmas removed from everything. It might not be as bad in Canada as it is in the States, but seriou
  • New Year's Hit & Run

    To the drunk asshole who drove a grey truck with a 'Colonial Honda' license plate on New Year's Eve - you smashed into my car on Quinpool Road at around 2:30am, and drove away like a fucking coward. In case you were too drunk to remember, you put it in
  • Unholy pig of a boss

    My boss is a complete asshole. I can't think of a good enough word to describe how much of a dick this guy is. That lazy piece of crap, I swear I've never met someone who really fuckin grinds my gears like that man. Complains about the dumbest things, ne
  • Put it out or get out

    This is to all you ignorant, illiterate fuckheads that smoke in Metro Transit shelters. Can you NOT read the NO SMOKING sign printed along the glass? None of us that don't smoke want to breathe in your toxic fumes while we wait for a bus. Have a little c
  • the next guy....

    ...that i come across blocking traffic on akerley for a fucking coffee when i am on my way to work is going to get his fucking face broken. Stop at the one closest to your house moron, or fucking get out and go all you fucking assholes have to go

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