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Sure, only Axl is left from the Guns N' Roses glory days, but who isn't stoked about the band's November 20 Halifax show? We're getting ready by collecting your GN'R memories, stories and pics for a special GN'R gallery. Did you see that Halifax show back in the '90s when GN'R opened for Iron Maiden? Remember the first time you heard "Welcome to the Jungle" or got "Paradise City" stuck in your head? Tell us about it. And if you've got a classic Guns N' Roses T-shirt, whether it's at the back of your closet or on your back right now, take a photo and send it in.

If it's about GN'R, submit a comment below, or send it to: [email protected]

It was 1988. I hadn’t bought a CD in years cuz most of the hideous 80’s music had pretty much beat the consumer out of me. Def Leppard was fun for pop music and Iron Maiden for my metal fix, but there wasn’t anything new on the radar. I remember working graveyard shift at one of my three crappy college jobs when I heard ‘GNR ’for the very first time. It was probably 2 or 3 in the morning when “Welcome to the Jungle” ripped through my coffee-soaked, nocturnal brain. I was stunned and just kept turning up the volume on the radio until my teeth rattled. I blew the speaker on the crappy work radio but I didn’t care. I bought “Appetite for Destruction’ the second it hit ‘Sam’s’ on Barrington Street. —Shelagh M. Edwards
I saw Guns n' Roses open for The Cult at the Moncton Coliseum in 198-whatever. It was supposedly their second ever concert, as they told the audience.

They got into a few arguments on stage over which tune to play next, Duff spent about five minutes trying to get directions to the nearest liquor store, they were weird, awful and occasionally brilliant.

My gang and I were sitting just over the entrance to the players benches in the Coliseum. Minutes after Guns finished the show, the entire band wandered out to the floor beneath us. They all kind of stood around for a while, totally unharassed, and then just kind of drifted off to all corners of the Coliseum.

I saw they when they opened for Maiden at the Metro Centre. Sweet Child was a hit by then. Slash tried to do the same thing, he popped out onto the arena floor right after their set, still wearing the same clothes. He was standing at the back drinking a beer, and people started to come up to him. He was surrounded by people in a couple of minutes, including a biker who had his girlfriend on a dog collar and long length of chain. Then a roadie came and grabbed him and escorted him to safety.

—Dave White

My live tribute, 'till death do us part...

     —Jayne Griffin (work courtesy of Jeff Wilson at Custom Creations, PEI)

Here's my tribute to G n' R. I got it on July 23 (Slash's Birthday), andlistened to Appetite for Destruction while the gave it to me; best day ever.

  —Ross Gowe

Coolest rock T shirt ever.

     —Nick Morris

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