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  • Kelly Clark, photographer by day, Dice Champagne by night, shot Classified near his hometown of Enfield. See more of Clark’s work online at:
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  • Nov 9-15, 2006
  • Vol. 14, No. 24

News + Opinion

  • Savage Love
  • Savage Love Wextra

    We know you can’t get enough...even if AWOL’s girlfriend can. More letters, more solutions, more love.
  • Game theory
  • Environment
  • Game theory

    The Commonwealth Games bid is failing the environment, says Tim Bousquet.
  • Loan soldiers
  • Work
  • Loan soldiers

    Helping the world’s poorest citizens, one tiny loan at a time. Tim Bousquet lends his attention to this weekend’s international microcredit summit.
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Arts + Culture

  • Film + TV
  • Borat!

    Mark Palermo detects an idiot movie in disguise.
  • <i>Shut up</i> loud
  • Film + TV
  • Shut up loud

    In the new doc Shut Up and Sing, and to Tara Thorne, the Dixie Chicks talk (and talk) about their unexpected roles as political targets/martyrs.
  • You don’t know <i>Jack</i>
  • Film + TV
  • You don’t know Jack

    Montreal filmmaker Benjamin Paquette’s debut feature hits a Halifax screen. Hillary Titley tries to sort it out.


  • Pitching <i>Awoo</i>
  • Feature
  • Pitching Awoo

    Joel Gibb’s merry band of musicians returns to Halifax on its quest to glorify nonsense. Sue Carter Flinn happily joins the parade.
  • Hikin’ trail
  • Feature
  • Hikin’ trail

    After more than a decade in the local hip-hop game, renaissance man Classified—producer, beatmaker, MC—finally bursts out of his bedroom and into the nation’s consciousness. by Johnston Farrow
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