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Why are Halifax Transit buses always running late?

This video explainer looks at one of the biggest reasons.

click to enlarge Why are Halifax Transit buses always running late?
Byung Jun the Planning Dude spent a day tracking Halifax Transit buses so you don't have to.

One late bus can ruin your day, and your relationship with Halifax Transit. That long wait in the rain, the blown appointment, a bus that you missed because it went early—these are more powerful memories than the smooth trips, so it seems like the buses are always late. But are they really all that late, and if so, why? These are the questions PLANifax co-founder Byung Jun Kang had, and he slipped into his alter ego of Byung Jun the Planning Dude to get the answers.

This transformation is less super hero than "Super Boring Data Entry Experiment of Planning." In this first part of his late bus opus, Kang logged all the Route 1 arrivals and departures at two stops in front of the Central Library for a whole day, 6am to 1am, and crunched the numbers to make some observations. An interesting finding is that given Halifax Transit's definition of "on time" to include anywhere from three minutes before the scheduled departure to three minutes after, the buses were 93 percent on time. For that seven percent late, watch the video and find out how traffic congestion can especially screw up long routes.


PLANifax is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing awareness and educating the public to urban planning issues and principles.
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