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Weekly COVID deaths, cases, data in Nova Scotia (May 25 update)

Infographics of new infections, pandemic fatalities and COVID-19 patients in hospital, from the first wave in 2020 to omicron 2023.

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The omicron variant arrived in Nova Scotia at the end of 2021—Dec. 8 by the province's official count—making 2022 the first full year of the omicron COVID pandemic. 2023 will be the second, unless either the disease officially becomes endemic, or a new variant becomes dominant (Kraken is an omicron variant, but China's infection hotbed could conceivably produce a whole new strain). No matter what happens, this page will track Nova Scotia's 2023 pandemic numbers as reported at its COVID data dashboard.

The Coast created the following infographics to make the info more accessible—easy to find, easy to understand (hopefully), easy to see in the full pandemic context. We’ll update these charts and graphs when the dashboard updates, which is usually weekly on Thursdays. The page is broken into two sections: Graphs dating back only to the start of 2023, and graphs dating to March 2020 for the full pandemic picture. For further reference, click here for the 2022 version of this page and its charts.

2023 COVID statistics for Nova Scotia


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Nova Scotia’s entire pandemic by the numbers


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This chart doesn't go all the way back to 2020 because the province only started reporting the number of COVID patients admitted to hospital each week in 2022.

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