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To my classmates: I’m sorry

A letter from one of Dalhousie’s “gentlemen.”

To my classmates: I’m sorry
The author, Ryan Millet, is part of the class of 2015 at Dalhousie’s school of dentistry. He gave The Coast permission to publish this letter after we received it from a third party.

Dear Class of DDS4,

I know that many of you will not be interested in reading this message and I don’t blame you. If that is the case please keep it for later.  

As a previous member of the DDS4 Gentlemen’s group (something I am not proud of and will regret for the rest of my life) I wanted to make a public apology to all those involved. In order to do so would require a message sent to the entire country, but I felt it was best to send it to you first as you—MY FAMILY—the entire class of 2015 deserve to hear it first.  

While I did not play a direct involvement in the hurtful comments brought forth, I apologize for being a bystander.

For those unaware, I was one of the people directly involved with bringing this forward. I know that waiting so long to take action will be among the largest regrets in my lifetime.

Seeing the recent posts had an immediate shock factor for me. I immediately realized that things had progressed within the group to a level that was beyond anyones control.  

Later that night, as I held my one-month-old daughter in my arms, I shed quite a few tears thinking about how I would feel if her name was among those in the post.  My two-year-old son also came to mind, as I imagined the hurt I would experience to have him voting on such an event.  

No father can stand idly by with this happening and consider himself a man. I knew it was time to step forward. My children deserve to know their father did the right thing.

The manner in which things came forth wasn’t the smoothest and I feel so bad for all of the damage that this will cause to the school, all members of the faculty of dentistry and the profession as a whole.

To those that were not direct victims: I apologize for the devaluation of your degree due to these events and the devaluation of the hard work we have all put in to get to this point in our education.

To the direct victims: I am eternally sorry for the damage caused by what has occurred. You deserve far more respect as daughters of god, and for the hard work you have devoted to getting to this point in your career.   

To the gentlemen: I cannot sincerely apologize enough for being so proud as to abandon my own convictions and allow our actions to carry on unchecked. I let you down as a brother for not stepping in sooner and stopping this.

I hope that you will all, with time, find the place in your hearts to forgive me. I know many of you may never, and that is something I completely understand.  Forgiveness and trust are the two things that are earned and I know it will take quite some time to mend this situation.

I have no hard feelings for any person in our class and wish nothing but the best for all of you as I consider you family. For those unaware I have found dental school to be the hardest thing I have ever done. I often compare it to the greatest battle I have ever fought. With that in mind, I am proud to have fought it side-by-side with each and every one of you.

I’m sorry.

Ryan Millet
Class of 2015

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