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Take that, construction zone, Penelope's is open

Open for business and handing out prizes

All signs point to the block of Cunard Street between Maynard and Agricola being closed—it's fenced in, barricaded and accessorized with neon orange signs and pylons. The second stage of the North Park roundabout roadwork is what's shut down the corner and part of Agricola Street, but behind the racket and the obstacle course Penelope's Boutique (5685 Cunard Street) is still open for business.

The north end source for vintage and consignment women's wear is grinning and bearing it through the next few weeks of work, and the city's put up three signs reminding pedestrians Penelope's is still welcoming customers. But owner Penny MacAuley has decided to give shoppers another reason to support local businesses affected by the roadwork. She's teamed up with her neighbour Top Notch Skin Care (5689 Cunard Street, and also open behind those barricades) to Combat the Construction—a weekly draw for a free pedicure that you can enter just by stopping into the shop or the spa to say hi. MacAuley's making the most of a difficult situation, and you'd be making her day by dropping by. Also...think of the foot scrub potential.

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