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Stumped on the Common

What happened to the mature trees lining the north side of Bell Road?

To the editor,

After the McCartney and KISS concerts, there will be an all-summer effort to repair the damage to the Common just in time for winter. We have not been doing very well getting event damage repaired, have we?

Witness the two- or three-time gap in the mature trees lining the north side of Bell Road. These trees were cut down for an ill-begotten experiment with car-racing on the city's streets about 15 years ago---it is not Hurricane Juan damage.

Trees were cut down on both Cogswell Street and Bell Road and asphalt laid across the Common to allow cars to make high-speed turns. Trees were replaced on Cogswell Street, but somehow Halifax---and now HRM---have not managed to take up a bit of the asphalt and close the gap on Bell Road with some new trees. Why is this? —Alan Ruffman, Halifax, the commoners

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