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Someone stole Lindell Smith’s bike

City councillor undismayed by brazen metaphor of city's friendliness to cycling.

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Now he has an excuse to get that horse.

He might be getting interviewed by Peter Mansbridge on a national stage these days, but city councillor Lindell Smith is still a man of the people. Case in point: he just had his bike stolen.

“Yeah, no one's immune,” says Smith about the Halifax rite-of-passage.

The councillor’s grey Halfway folding bike was stolen from his garage over the weekend. Smith tweeted a photo of himself and the bike in happier times this morning, in hopes it would be returned.

“I feel, and this is maybe me being optimistic, but I feel like we’ll get it back,” he says. “It’s not a common type of bike, and if someone tries to sell it there'll be some flags.”

It’s the first time Smith says he’s had a bike stolen—at least, as an adult. As a kid, the concept of ownership was a little looser.

“I grew up around here, so bikes, you never actually owned your bike. It was always an item you shared with people.”

Hundreds of bikes are stolen every year in the city, with most thefts occurring in the summer months.

Halifax Regional Police advise cyclists to take photos and record their bike’s serial number so it can be reclaimed by the owner if recovered.

Smith, though, is hopeful he’ll get his transportation back through more informal means.

“I know enough people that are around, that if they see it they’ll be like, ‘Oh, shoot, that looks like the bike Lindell had,’” he says. “We’ll see what happens. It’s a part of life.”

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