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It was the Crown Diner and Atlantic Steak and Lobster, but now the space with the great harbour view at Salter and Granville is called Mix Fresh Kitchen (5171 Salter Street, 429-9571), the new lunch and dinner eatery from Ray Bear. And after having been open only a few weeks, it’s already buzzing at lunchtime. “We did not expect to get the overwhelmingly positive response from the public,” says a staffer. He reports that the concept is to do high quality food in a classy, gorgeous atmosphere, bringing in local and organic eats that customers will be able to enjoy without breaking the bank. Somewhere to go for lunch or business dinner, for coffee and dessert, or just a glass of wine, all influenced by what Bear has seen and tasted in New York, Montreal and Miami. “At this restaurant, there’s no ego,” says Bear. “We’re excited to get the customers’ feedback. We want to bring in great local food at a good volume and a great price.” He says the burger, ribs and pastas are already very popular, and as the place gets settled, to expect live music, local artists on the walls and a more diverse menu (dinner menu right now is limited), though they already are offering fresh catch-of-the-day, which one day last week was bluefin tuna from Pictou. Hours start at 11:30am on weekdays, 11am for weekend brunch, with closing hours variable at the moment, but not before 10pm.
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