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Aboriginal Media Racism & Deserved Accountability

Dear Sir, this letter concerns the racist double standard existing in the Nova Scotia media.Nova Scotia media are failing to give Aboriginal people the same level of government accountability (via reporting) afforded the white community.

Chief Morley GooGoo of the waycobah first nation is charged and pleads guilty to abuse of prescription drugs, and assaulting his wife, no mention is made in the media. Morley continues to hold office. Morley has a tax free salary of $60,000, manages an electorate of only 800 people. For $60,000 tax free, the people of Waycobah get a wife beating drug addict as a role model. If Morley were a white politician, governing a white electorate, the media would be all over this. Why? Because any electorate deserves accountability from their government. If Ernie Fage had pled guilty to wife beating what would the response be?

This week Morley misappropriated $60,000 of band money to take a group of young people who recently become legal voting age on a vacation to the Dominican Republic. Money which should have been spent on single mothers and seniors. Coincidentally a band election is coming up. No fundraising was done what so ever, what does it teach aboriginal youth when they don’t have to work to raise money to go to Club Med? That the way to get ahead in life in not through hard work buy by graft, there is no stigma attached to beating your wife, or drug use.

Lastly, if Morley is a chief in Waycobah, why does he live in Halifax most of the time, and how can he afford to own so many houses in the south end of Halifax? Where is the money coming from?

Paul [email protected]

By paul gloade

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