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Edible Matters coming soon to Hammond Plains

Locavores get serious, yo

More and more of us are interested in where our food comes from and the new restaurant, Edible Matters (1345 Hammond Plains Road, 446-5588), is taking that interest to the next level. Not only are almost all of their products grown in Nova Scotia (and sometimes, from just down the street) their entire kitchen is also glassed-in.

“We’re proud of our product and we want to showcase it,” says one of the chefs, Chris Burton. “So while you’re perhaps waiting for your sandwich to be prepared you’re actually watching our staff put together your sandwich with care and pride.”

With an emphasis on variety, patrons choose their mains and side dishes separately, with side dishes changing depending on seasonal availability. A tiffin service will also be available, where patrons pay a deposit on metal containers which can be refilled again and again. Burton hopes to see the restaurant doors opening by June 1.
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