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Lenny Mullins

Gold Winner and Hall of Fame Inductee Boneheads BBQ

Silver Winner Mic Mac Bar & Grill

Bronze Winner Upstreet BBQ Brewhouse

After Eve in the Garden of Eden, it’s hard to think of somebody who’s made as much out of ribs as Cindy Wheatley. In 2010, she quietly opened the doors of Boneheads BBQ, a restaurant barely bigger than a crumb, located at the curved Barrington-meets-Inglis corner where cars scarcely have to slow down on their way to other places. Her restaurant was devoted to southern US-style barbecue—think pulled pork, brisket, cornbread and ribs—which was a culinary stretch akin to opening a donair shop in Memphis. It could well have been an inauspicious start—except for the wonderful food itself. And the crowds. And the sense of a miracle unfolding. Within that same year, Boneheads had won its first Best of Halifax gold, and has never stopped winning since. Slowly and patiently, like smoking a rack of ribs, Wheatley’s passion for barbecue excellence transformed a forgettable part of downtown’s outskirts into a unique dining destination known to people far beyond the city. And now, with a slow-roasted tenth straight win, those golden ribs are heading to the Best of Halifax Hall of Fame.
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