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Best Ribs

Boneheads BBQ

Gold Winner Boneheads BBQ, Halifax

Silver Winner Q Smokehouse & Southern Barbeque

Bronze Winner Bearly’s House of Blues, Burgers and Ribs

For the meat-loving carnivore, Bonehead’s is heaven on earth—and boy, do they know ribs. With BBQ made daily, this big ol’ rack of baby-back ribs will make your mouth water just looking at it (or inhaling its aroma). Cooked to perfection, these fall-off-the-bone beauties are definitely worthy of the number-one rib title. And not only that, if you weren’t already full from this hefty portion of meat, Bonehead’s gives you not one, but TWO sides with your meal. Needless to say, eat here and there’s no way you’re leaving hungry.
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