Best Food Blogger 2017 | Food + Drink

Best of Halifax

Best Food Blogger

Gold Winner Lindsay Nelson, Eat This Town

Silver Winner Josh Rankin, Life of Burgers

Bronze Winner Adam Rosenbaum and Colin McParland, The Starving Sailor

Lindsay Nelson’s love of food knows no boundaries. This year the blogger behind Eat This Town expanded her horizons far beyond this town and tackled towns across the country to round up a list of 150 Canadian foods for 150 years of confederation. “I embarked on an intensive series about Canadian food in which I partnered with bloggers from all across Canada to showcase the top 10 iconic foods from each province,” she says of the project. This year, Nelson is taking the blog to the next level, giving it a bit of a makeover before the new year and launching her latest city-wide quest—this time for ramen. “I'm almost ready to pump out some top 10 lists that have been years in the making, things like chowder, nachos and fish and chips.” Sounds tasty. 

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