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Gold Winner Eat Halifax

Silver Winner Feisty Chef

Bronze Winner Kelly Neil

You want to learn how to get creative with a menu? Try heading into the woods, and feeding a team of tree planters for months on end. Kathy Jollimore’s food obsession started there in the bush, but it was during her off months that she put down roots at, a lively food blog that’s been dishing out recipes, reviews and neighbourhood profiles since 2010. “I decided I needed a way to keep me connected with food. I had no idea what a blog was at the time,” she says. Since retiring from planting, her food love has fully bloomed—she’s gotten involved with Food Bloggers of Canada, helped jumpstart Halifax Food Bloggers and has some exciting writing opportunities on the horizon. “Your own voice is what will connect you with the reader,” that’s Jollimore’s recipe for blog success. “It's a lesson I'm learning more and more as I connect with other bloggers and make the blog more my own. Great food photography doesn't hurt either.”

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