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Where to find the best Caesars in Halifax

The area is known for its delicious, locally crafted food and beverage scene, and sometimes you just can’t decide which “best” place to go. So, while your friends are tossing up a coin, you can pull up this list and wow them with your expertise. 

Locals and tourists alike have boasted about these hot spots when they’re craving a Caesar, and they range from the classics to the “over-the-tops” to please whatever mood you’re in that day. 

Our favourites always surprise us in their little flavour nuances, but they never steer away from the good stuff: Mott’s® Clamato®, salty rims, intricate garnishes, and voila, we have the perfect summertime dining companion. 

Remember when visiting your favourite patio to be kind to your servers, respect each other, and drink responsibly!

Morris East
Who doesn’t love pizza? Usually the same folks who don’t love a saucy Caesar! Morris East serves up theirs with a chili rim for easy drinking (and dining) that everyone can agree on.

Kai Brady’s
Come on an empty stomach for Halifax’s ever extravagant, extra, extra fixings Caesar. Garnish your glass with a full meal (and this isn’t a comprehensive list): onion rings, mozza stix, deep fried pepperoni, chicken wings, or the classic maritime fixing: a lobster tail!

Brooklyn Warehouse
Don’t be fooled by the name, this “Pickle Rick” is our favourite Caesar in disguise. Dressed in lime, tabasco, and loads of pickle juice, you know you can’t go wrong with this previous “Best of Halifax” winner for Best Caesar…especially when they won a few years in a row!

Auction House
A long infamous Caesar spot, Auction House has spiced it up with a few different versions of the drink. Ask your bartender what their weekend special is or have them whip up their favourite concoction. Summertime is made for experimenting with Caesars.

Mic Mac Bar and Grill
“Munchie” baskets, surf & turf plates, and other seaside staples wouldn’t be complete without Canada’s signature drink. This Caesar was the Bronze Winner in 2019, so let’s see if they still have what it takes.

Mott’s® Clamato® is giving away $25,000 to a local establishment who makes the Best Caesar in Town®. Help them decide by taking part in the voting. The voting period is open until August 4th. Check out the competition here: https://mottsclamato.ca/bestcaesar/

In the meantime, tag Mott’s® Clamato® in your Caesar photos and let them know which patios you visited with the hashtag #SummerTimeCaesarTim and link them on IG or Facebook!


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