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Best Sackville Restaurant


Kaiser's Sub & Sandwich Shoppes
799 Sackville Drive


Tom’s Family Restaurant
585 Sackville Drive


Beaver Bank Station
991 Windgate Drive

Despite having to close its dining room due to COVID lockdown restrictions, Kaiser’s Sub & Sandwich Shoppes remains committed to serving the good people of Lower Sackville their classic submarine sandwiches. “Since COVID we had to start taking orders over the phone,” says Rick Baker, the owner and founder of Kaiser’s. “I've got three cash registers in the store, two are in the back next to the phone so we can take orders.” Since 1976, Kaiser's has been serving made-to-order subs, loaf sandwiches and wraps using a myriad of fresh ingredients at its small, 500-square-foot location in Lower Sackville. Baker, who is now 73, is beginning the transition of the business to his daughter, Ellisha Baker. “I'll always be involved,” says Rick, “but I’ll be semi-retired within the next year or two. Whatever legacy we have will continue with her because she understands exactly what goes on and how to run things here.”

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