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Best Halifamous Person

Best Halifamous Person
Riley Smith

Gold Winner Agave Plant

Silver Winner Jeremie Saunders

Bronze Winner Rouge Fatale

Understandably, a once-in-a-lifetime blooming of a tropical plant was a fun little story in the slow summer news season. The agave’s apparent demise due to a colder-than-expected weather and its miraculous resurrection was an amusing bit of melodrama. Then some asshole started a Twitter account. The @AgavePlant’s cheap appropriation of whatever local news stories or trending memes it could thirstily wedge its fucking joke vomit into was the opposite of fun. Its continual flame “war” with CBC’s Brett Ruskin over this very award should take home gold for Most Insufferable Online Thing. This black hole of humour, this ham-fisted vaudeville act, this cultural detritus is what you all voted for? To hell with the lot of you.

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