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Best of Halifax

Best Halifamous Person

Gold Winner Ellen Page

Silver Winner Fat Apollo

Bronze Winner Sidney Crosby

It’s a fact universally acknowledged that if Ellen Page makes a movie, Haligonians will see it. We still get a little thrill watching one of our own trot it out with the Hollywood household names, and Page never disappoints. But fame casts a long shadow, and this year the sexiest person in Halifax---as voted by Coast readers in our latest sex survey---has been lurking, ready to pounce. While Page has been off getting six degrees closer to Kevin Bacon, Michael McCluskey AKA Fat Apollo has been here in Halifax using his geek powers for good. A sort of nerdy superhero, Fat Apollo swoops down in boxing gloves, a shirt crafted from Battlestar Galactica sheets and a red cape to save parties, look handsome and fight crimes against awesomeness everywhere! But what of being second best? Our humble hero preaches a message of positivity: “I’m like the drunk-dial of Halifamous,” Fat Apollo says. “I’m not your first choice, but you know I’ll put out!

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