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“It means more to me than any other type of fame, to be honest, being recognized from the place that you grew up,” says Alicia Mccarvell, this year’s Best Halifamous Person gold winner. The content creator (see also a variety of gold and silver wins for Best TikTok Account, Best Instagram Account and Best Comedian) has far surpassed Halifame. She’s internationally recognized, with 5.8 million followers on TikTok and 906K on Instagram. But she says winning the hearts of the people from home is the most important victory. “I hope that this means that people think I’m doing a good job representing where I'm from and who we are, you know, by being kind and funny and showcasing the beauty of the place that I live,” she says. “I am who I am because I’m from here. This city is a part of who I am. My favourite part about doing any interview is telling people that I'm from Halifax, Nova Scotia, because I don't think people truly realize the kindness and the way that people here champion those who are doing cool things. I mean, the minute my platform blew up, I was having people stop me on the street asking me to take photos and telling me how proud they are that someone from Halifax, Nova Scotia is doing cool things, and I think that even people who don't resonate with my platform still are proud of watching me do something cool being from here. So people have been absolutely amazing.”

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