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Best of Halifax

Best Yoga Instructor

Moksha Yoga Halifax

Best Yoga Instructor
Alea Cude

Gold Winner Kelly Wadden (formerly Kelly Donald), Moksha Yoga Halifax

Silver Winner Stefanie Winters, Shanti Hot Yoga

Bronze Winner Laura Spencer, Moksha Yoga Bedford

Kelly Wadden has been an instructor at Moksha Yoga for four years, and although she’s been in the running before, this is her first time taking gold in Best of Halifax. “One of the main goals for me—for my students—is to make them feel comfortable and to create an ability for them to check in, I guess, inwardly, whether that’s physically or in their mind,” says Wadden. “Realizing that they do that in the yoga room and then that they can do it off their mat as well.” Wadden, who is also a massage therapist (see Best Massage Therapist), runs her clinic above the yoga studio.

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