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Robert Webber

Robert Webber isn’t your average yoga instructor. “I don’t teach people how to do the poses in terms of where their legs and arms are,” he says. “It’s more about what you do once you’re in that pose, a whole experience between the mind and body. I use language and metaphors and good specific instructions, that’s one of the things my students say they like.” His students are also going to like his fabulous new studio with exposed brick and lots of natural light, opening in January. Can you hold your pose that long? Sun salutations will be a welcome sight in the dark days of the new year. Yoga With Robert, 5663 Cornwallis, 423-3440

1st runner-up: Angie Birt, Vital Health Yoga, 1678 Barrington, 429-7285

2nd runner-up: Maxine Munroe, Therapeutic Approach Yoga Studio, 6156 Quinpool, 429-3303

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