Best Record Store 2017 | Shopping + Services

Best of Halifax

Best Record Store

Gold Winner Taz Records, Halifax

Silver Winner Taz Records, Dartmouth

Bronze Winner Obsolete Records

“We’re all music fiends,” James Donnelly, owner/manager at Taz Records, offers as an explanation of why the shop moves so much wax readers have voted it the city’s best. “Our selection is notable, but what’s perhaps more important is our staff. They’re full of music knowledge they share with the community,” he explains. A focus on local music—which Donnelly adds the store takes “pretty seriously, we’ve been taking unsigned local artists’ stuff for decades”—is part of what makes Taz still important in our new Spotify world. “We’re always grateful and surprised how much Taz means to people. Being in it everyday means you can take it for granted, but this gives us fresh eyes.”

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