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The new location on Market Street has really worked out for Taz. With a larger collection of vinyl, both new (Feist, Sufjan Stevens), used (everything else), and reissues (The Zombies), the store is also seeing more new CDs too. “We don’t want to compete with HMV, we’re in a niche market,” said former co-owner Bob Lawrence when interviewed last fall, pointing out that Taz makes every effort to bring in mostly specialty artists. “We’re just trying to make the niche a little wider.” And for anyone who went by the Atlantic Jazz Festival tent in July will have noted the Taz booth, full of fresh and vintage jazz records on disc. Taz took over the location from the late, lamented Sam The Record Man store, with the encouragement of the big record labels and the festival. 1593 Market, 422-5976

First runner up: HMV, 5523 Spring Garden, 425-1084

Second runner up: CD Plus, 1592 Barrington, 422-1559

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