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Best Activist Organization

Ecology Action Centre

Gold Winner and Hall of Fame inductee Ecology Action Centre

Silver Winner The Youth Project

Bronze Winner Autism Nova Scotia

Editor's note: With its 2017 Best Activist Organization win marking at least 10 golds in a row, the EAC joins the Best of Halifax Hall of Fame.

It’s hard to call the Ecology Action Centre activists when at this point the group’s efforts—their campaigns, research reports, their dedicated team of staff and hundreds of volunteers—are an institution of the Halifax ecosystem. The environmental non-profit was founded nearly 50 years ago and has been voted Best Activist Organization every year by Coast readers for just about as long. Policy director Mark Butler says all those wins, and all the centre has accomplished, are a result of the local collaboration and community the EAC thrives on. “On many issues, where we win, it’s because we’re not working alone,” he says. “Usually when we get things done in Nova Scotia, it’s because we team up with other groups—other sectors—and that’s how we make a difference.” In recognition of everything the organization has accomplished over the decades (and its ongoing undefeated streak), The Coast is proud to induct the Ecology Action Centre into our BOH Hall of Fame. But that doesn’t mean you can start taking things easy, EAC. Keep up the good work. We’re all counting on it.

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