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Gold Winner Chris Haley

Silver Winner Cora Tudor, EDNA

Bronze Winner Amy Faulkner, 2 Doors Down Food + Wine

Chris Haley’s third consecutive win marks a new chapter in his career and his run as Halifax’s Best Server, as he leaves his post at The Wooden Monkey to bring Grade A service to fellow Dartmouthian, The Watch That Ends the Night. “I’m looking forward to this style of service and type of dining. And the fact that I get to work with one of the best chefs, Mark Grey, is such a cool experience,” he says. “This is a big step in my career as a server, I’m going another level up.” Haley says success lies in channeling his inner chameleon at work, paying close attention to each table’s vibe and navigating what it is they need from him. “I want you to be as comfortable as possible, without me being there too much and lurking around. You’ve really gotta test the waters to see where people are.”

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