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Best of Halifax

Best Server

Trendz Restaurant

Gold Winner Chris Haley, Trendz Cafe & Wine Bar

Silver Winner Alissa Maloney, Brooklyn Warehouse

Bronze Winner Josh Nordin, Field Guide

“I’ve been a server for 15 years and this is the best thing I’ve ever heard!” exclaims Chris Haley on his morning walk to work at Dartmouth Best Western’s Trendz, where he spends his days and evenings chatting with visiting diners, living vicariously through their travels and recommending what they do in Halifax. “Hearing stories from people I served made me go into journalism,” Haley says, but he left his career in broadcast and returned to the tables because he says, nothing makes him happier. “In this industry, not every place you work is great,” says Haley, extending thanks to both voters and the people her serves daily. “The recognition that means the most to me is from my guests”.

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