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Best Server

Mic Mac Bar & Grill

Best Server
lenny mullins

Gold Winner Marcus Manzoni, Mic Mac Bar and Grill

Silver Winner Kristin Vokes, enVie a vegan kitchen

Bronze Winner Leah O'Brien, Brooklyn Warehouse

“I only have a few minutes total of interaction time, so for me to be able to create any kind of experience for somebody and have them come back? That’s the greatest compliment a server can have.” Every table’s a new experience, and a new chance to connect, for Marcus Manzoni. With a knack for reading the vibes of strangers, and a light, genuine sense of humour, it’s no wonder there are Mic Mac regulars who specifically ask to be seated in his section. “I get to know people fairly quickly because I’m kind of an open book myself, and that’s one way I make connections,” says the service veteran, who serves anywhere from 100 to 150 people a day. “I even like going up to a table where I can tell the person’s in a bad mood. I’m like challenge accepted, you will leave here in a good mood.”

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