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Best of Halifax

Best Hairstylist

Kara's Urban Day Spa

Gold Winner Andrew Quinn Chapman, AQC Beauty Salon

Silver Winner Sarah Lawlor, Kara’s Urban Day Spa

Bronze Winner Meg Ryan, Bowtique Hair & Makeup

When Andrew Quinn Chapman got the news he’d won Best Hairstylist, he quickly called his mom. “She told me she was so proud of me,” he says. “For a time my family wasn’t sure how I was going to turn out.” In this (happy) case, the kid turned out more than alright—he left what he describes as “factory salons” four years ago to launch his own space. “If people aren’t happy with their cut, they can call me and we’ll figure it out together,” he adds. It’s this collaborative attitude that’s earned him families of clients—and invitations to Sunday dinners where all the ’dos at the table are done by him.

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